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Sound Therapy for Children

Interactive, Relaxing and Educational Fun for Kids, Mums at Home & Early Childhood Educators
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Welcome to this course on Sound Therapy for Children, where you will learn how to use techniques to create enjoyable, interactive, educational, and relaxing experiences for children from 2.5 years and upwards.
In this Course I will guide you in how to introduce children to techniques used in Sound Therapy.
Doing so from an early age teaches children how to calm their minds and bodies so that they can relax more easily, sleep better and manage stressful situations in a more positive manner.
I will also guide you through educational exercises based on the Montessori Method, which perfectly compliment the Sound Therapy techniques, and, which you can easily do at home with your child. These are designed to optimise your child’s brain development while being fun and exciting for the child who is encouraged to discover and understand the world around them with greater joy and confidence.
I wrote this Course during the Lockdown of 2020, primarily in the hope of helping mothers at home with young children, but the material in this course is suitable for use in Early Childhood Education settings eg. Montessori classrooms, Playgroups, as well as in Primary or Elementary Schools. It is also suitable for use in Child Therapy sessions and may be found particularly beneficial for children with Special Needs eg. varying degrees of autism, ADHD and other cognitive and emotional spectrum disorders.
I have based this course on my extensive years of experience as a Montessori Teacher and Sound Therapy Tutor. I hope you will enjoy this Course with the children you love.
Please note that completing this course will not certify you as being qualified to work with children. You will need to comply with whatever rules and regulations apply in relation to Child Protection, Education and Welfare in your jurisdiction. Further training in Sound Therapy to Practitioner level will be required in order to use the course content professionally.

Bonus Materials:
This course includes two high quality MP3 studio recordings:
• Journey Through the Rainbow, an enjoyable guided meditation through the colours of the rainbow. 16.05 mins
• Healing Sounds, An immersion in the healing sounds of Himalayan Singing Bowls, Solfeggio Frequencies and Koshi Chimes. Ideal for relaxation and bedtime. 28.34 mins.
Rainbow CD was published in 2014 (C) Carmel Diviney. All Rights Reserved.

You will learn

✓ Introduction to Sound Therapy for Children
✓ Benefits of Sound Therapy for Children
✓ Sound Therapy for Children with Special Needs, ADHD, Autism etc
✓ Contraindications of Sound Therapy in Children
✓ How does Sound Therapy for Children Work?
✓ Sound Therapy Tools
✓ Video: How to Select your Healing Tools
✓ Playing Techniques
✓ Video: Playing Techniques
✓ Grounding Tools plus Video on Children’s Instruments
✓ Video: Introducing Children to your Sound Therapy Tools and Other Instruments
✓ Promoting Healthy Brain Development, Introductory Video.
✓ Sound Therapy and the Senses
✓ Conscious Breathing and Grounding Techniques
✓ Promoting the Visual Sense
✓ Promoting the Auditory Sense
✓ Promoting the Tactile Senses
✓ Promoting Mathematical and Musical Understanding
✓ Promoting Language and Emotional Development
✓ Exploring Sound and Colour through Music and Art
✓ Voice as Therapy
✓ Benefits of Toning and Humming
✓ Releasing Pent Up Emotions through Sound and Movement
✓ Rhythm and Rhyme
✓ Sound Therapy TreatmentTechniques for Children
✓ Disclaimer
✓ How to Introduce Sound Therapy Techniques to your Child
✓ Video: Sound Therapy Treatments for Children
✓ How to Give a Sound Therapy Treatment to your Child
✓ Thank you, PDF DOC of Course Content and Contact Details


• Interest in Early Childhood Education and Development
• Sound Therapy Tools eg Himalayan Singing Bowls and Percussion Instruments such as Rainstick and Chimes.

This course is for

• Parents
• Anyone with an interest in Early Childhood Education
• Special Needs Assistants
• Primary/Elementary School Teachers
• Child Therapists
• Beginners in Sound Therapy
• Sound Therapy Practitioners
Sound Therapist
Carmel Diviney lives in Dublin and ran her own busy Montessori School for the last 17 years having worked in Early Childhood Education for over 30 years.
Carmel has been working in the field of holistic health for over 25 years, starting her journey with Reiki and adding other healing modalities such as crystals, earth healing, aromatherapy, shamanism and most importantly Sound Therapy as her journey progressed.
She is a Sound Therapist and Tutor teaching Sound Therapy from Foundation to Advanced Diploma Awards. Carmel is a Reiki Master, Indigenous Herbalist, Celtic Shamanic Practitioner, Shamanic Counsellor, Bandraoí and Banfile, Author and Recording Artist.
Carmel Diviney T/A Celtic School of Sound Healing, is an approved training provider by the Complimentary Medicine Association CMA and the Sound Healing Association of Ireland.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 11m
Language: English
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