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Snowflake : The Native Data Warehouse of Cloud

Hands On Based Learning Of Snowflake
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Platform: Udemy
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Snowflake has the best UX out of all the cloud-hosted options, with a fast and responsive UI console and great JSON handling. This makes it easy to get started and transition to structured tables later, or just stick with JSON for flexibility.Snowflake  offers a unique blend of features that sit between all of these existing options. It stores data in cloud storage for easy cloning, replication, and time-travel/snapshot queries unlike the others. It separates compute from storage like BigQuery for faster scaling and unlimited concurrency. It still has a concept of a cluster of servers like Redshift/Azure SQL DW but simplifies management to just size. It supports low-latency queries similar to an always running cluster like Redshift while scaling up to unlimited datasets like BigQuery

Lesson 1 : Snowflake – Course Introduction
Lesson 2 : Snowflake – Data warehouse The Home for your
Lesson 3: What Is Snowflake ?
Lesson  4: Snowflake – Fact Sheet For What Is Snowflake ?
Lesson 5: Snowflake – Getting Free Account To Learn
Lesson 6: Snowflake – Web interface And Working With Warehouse
Lesson 7: Snowflake – Fact Sheet For Data warehouse
Lesson 8: Snowflake – Creation Of  A Database
Lesson 9: Snowflake – Creation Of A  Table
Lesson 10: Snowflake – Fact Sheet For Database & Table
Lesson 11: Snowflake – SnowSQL CLI
Lesson 12: Snowflake – Data Sharing
Lesson 13: Snowflake – Fact Sheet For Data Sharing
Lesson 14: Snowflake – Zero Copy Cloning
Lesson 15: Snowflake – Fact Sheet For Data Cloning
Lesson 16: Snowflake – Snowpipe
Lesson 17: Snowflake – Fact Sheet For SnowPipe
Lesson 18: Snowflake -Time Travel
Lesson 19: Snowflake – Fact Sheet For Time Travel
Lecture 20: What Is Python?
Lecture 21: Jupyter Notebook & Python
Lecture 22: Python Variables & Data Types
Lecture 23: Operators & Functions In Python
Lecture 24: Loops In Python
Lecture 25: Exception Handling In Python
Lecture 26: Snowflake – Snowflake using Python Insert & Fetch
Lecture 27: Snowflake – Bulk Load (CSV) Using Python

You will learn

✓ Learning Snowflake and its features step by step
✓ What is snowflake and its advantages
✓ Cloud is aggressively replacing internal data centers and due to this an effective and acceptable data warehouse system for clod is the need of the hour . Snowflake is available on all the three major cloud providers Azure,AWS and Google Cloud. As a matter of fact Snowflake is the first data warehouse system designed for cloud .


• Basic understanding of DWH
• basic understanding of data warehouse and how it is being used in snowflake

This course is for

• Developers,Architect, Delivery Head, Delivery manager , Marketing personnel
Technical Architect
Mukund is a highly skilled software professional having more than 20 years of experience in Big Data , Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence . Mukund has unique combination of trainer/technical architect/ writer and technical architect .
What makes Mukund’s skill unique is his strong development skills indifferent technologies such as .NET , Java,Big Data Hadoop echo system (HDFS, Flume, Sqoop, Hive, Pig , Hbase & Apache Spark, Scala) along with Strong programming skills in relational database technologies (MSQQL, Sybase, Oracle, MySql & Teradata).
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 24m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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