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Small Business Goal Setting, Strategy & Planning for Success

Learn goal setting for entrepreneurs and small business along with strategy and planning techniques to achieve success
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Use these Simple, Fast and Effective Strategies to Meet your Goalsfor your Home or Small Business.

Some recent reviews:
Henry Requiz  5 STARS
Excellent, straight to the point, this course helped me think about my goals and the future of my business; how daily routine can have a long-term impact. Thanks Matthew.
Michael Ruddock 5 STARS

Fantastic course, this guy clearly knows his stuff. He conveys the information in an easy to digest format.I highly recommend this course.

Maria Galindo 5 STARS

This course is punchy and offers what I need. The ideas are simple but effective. The resources with each lesson are very useful too. 


 What Will I Learn?

•Understand how toset inspiring goals that work with your entire strategy

•See the “CrownJewels” of your strategy, and harness the few drivers of long-termout-performance that most strategists miss

•Use both your long-term goals and your sources of competitive advantage to gain total clarity on how TODAY can power you towards your Vision for your business

Would you like aFAST, EASY way to raise your potential?

How would you liketo learn this from a top strategy instructor – who has published many books,articles and developed award-winning courses?

If you’ve decidedthat you want to enjoy all the benefits that come with strong strategy, such as:

·       Getting the best out of yourself

·       Building successful new businesses

·       Enjoying meeting your long-term goals

…then you’ve cometo the right Udemy course!

I’ve been teachingfor over 25 years, and in that time, I’ve discovered and created a variety ofways to streamline the strategy creation process…

And now, in thisUdemy course, I will show you, step-by-step, how to use these streamlinedmethods so YOU can quickly and effectively craft your strategy and begin makingmoney with your business ideas as soon as possible.

In this course, youwill get the following:

* Why strategyoffers the vital answers to many of the hardest problems that business throwsat you

* We look at some ofthe causes of long-term success for businesses like yours

* How firms benefitfrom specialized skills and how you can too

* A rapid way to integrate your best strategy ideas into one powerful model

* Mysuper-streamlined approach to strategy creation (this is how I birthed threesuccessful businesses over the last few years)

* I walk youthrough strategy, step-by-step, so that you understand every stage of the strategicprocess, and how to maximize your success.

In short, if youwant the fastest possible route to strategic success, this is the coursefor you.

Your enrolment isbacked by Udemy’s 30-day, money-back guarantee, so you risk nothing by trying,and you stand to gain a whole new way of working towards long-term success –creating and strategizing ambitious businesses.

Enrol today and getlifetime access as well as lifetime updates; as I make updates to the course,you will be notified.

As a course member,you can ask questions at any time; I’m excited to help you as you venturethrough your strategy creation process!

Who would this course suit?

·       Any aspiring strategist – especially if you want some proven shortcutsto rapidly improved strategy for a small or home business.

·       Anyone who wants to learn how to rethink strategy for any strugglingbusiness

·       Anyone who believes they can learn from a specialist strategy instructorwho has a lifetime’s experience of award-winning course creation and delivery

Try the Rules of Success, risk free, now.

You will learn

✓ Set inspiring business goals
✓ Understand and control the drivers of success
✓ Create productive routines to meet goals rapidly


• Basics of business

This course is for

• Anyone who wants to give their business ideas the best chance possible
Top rated instructor for strategy and learning skills
Top rated instructor for strategy and cognitive skills. Over 17k students. Average rating 4.3 STARS. Featured on Bloomberg TV and Money Channel. Award-winning University professor.
CEO at MIndiverse
My obsession is human intelligence; improving ways to apply and build acumen. I’ve long held a conviction that if we can enhance both individual and collective intelligence, then many – perhaps all – of life’s challenges get much easier. With a smarter approach to our own learning, problem solving, decisions, interactions, and culture, we are empowered to solve problems, big and small.
I am an award-winning instructor and University Professor, who has also worked in consulting, investment banking, and entrepreneurship. I hold a PhD in network science and strategy, and have appeared on Bloomberg TV and The Money Channel. I have published a couple of books on strategy and many peer-reviewed research articles.
Sadly, much traditional school and University education fails to build “meta-skills”; enhanced abilities to deepen specific skills and understanding, faster. Most formal education is also fundamentally impractical. Our courses, at Mindiverse – while touching on some established themes in strategy, commerce, and learning – are designed specifically to offer what traditional education doesn’t; practical skills for almost-immediate application. Our content rapidly empowers you. We aim to replace traditional training with something both theoretically-sound and more useful. Ambitious, yes, but also achievable.
We employ several strategies to enrich your skills. We boost your meta-skills, such as accelerated learning and stronger decision-making processes. We can lift your IQ with cutting-edge brain training technologies. We can also build smarter teams and organizations by applying the best of recent research in psychology and organizational strategy. And finally, we humans specialize in “cognitive tools” – such as language, computers, databases, routines, networks, AI, and all of culture – to empower our collective smarts. Harnessing the best of these potent tools is another vital component of enriched intelligence.
My work, at Mindiverse, brings you these strategies to support your success. We provide speedy and condensed delivery, with no fluff or filler. All of our courses are backed by research, experience and evidence. We want you to get the best tools and techniques quickly, in a practical form, so you can start using them immediately. Moreover, we believe in innovation. Therefore, we endeavour to bring you the best of recent research and cutting-edge ideas.
All our courses have several minutes of free previews available to you, so you can rapidly find the courses that are right for your needs!
I am honored to be your mentor and guide. I’m looking forward to helping YOU achieve your goals through great strategy and cognitive skills development. 
CEO Mindiverse
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 49m
Language: English
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