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Sit Less Move More – Office Desk Exercise To Improve Posture

Helping people and the organizations they work for – engage, flourish and thrive with daily office-based body movement!
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Well over 10,000 Students already enrolled!
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What students are saying…

“I’m loving the awesome information we’re being given – and I’m even further convinced I want to share this with my children who have sedentary jobs. Thank you so much, Dr. Paula!!” Connie Nikkel

“Course very much teaches what it advertises. Very accessible exercises that can be incorporated with relative ease into one’s day. Nothing too difficult or strenuous, and most ideal for use in the office.” Julia Read

“Dr. Paula is soo motivating! I am already excited to do this course. She is an excellent instructor! I am also a teacher and a trainer, and I recognize a quality instructor when I see Dr. Paula.” Kathryn Carron

“Another superb course from Dr Paula. The exercises are demonstrated clearly, videos are of good quality, with Pdf chart for self-accountability, doable number of exercises. Overall, I am very pleased with the course because it is something that I can actually do! No info overload!” Maria Shellyn Chua

“Great video for people who need to sit for their jobs or studies. I can’t recommend Dr Paula’s videos highly enough. If you are in an environment where you need to sit a lot and are feeling the effects of this (remember we are not meant to sit for hours at a time!) then this course is definitely for you. Dr Paula is also very open to suggestions and questions.” Monika Newman

“Wow! A Simple Yet Energizing Workout. Paula said the program she teaches is so simple you can’t fail. And she really delivers on that promise. This course is fun, engaging, and truly energizing. The routines are short, easy to follow, and you do not need to purchase any special equipment. There is a printout of the different routines, which helps you remember the steps in each one. After taking this course, I now understand how to increase my energy and comfort levels while I am working for hours at my computer. I highly recommend this course for anyone who has a job that requires a great deal of sitting.” Autumn Gal


Course Description

This online office exercise course will teach you how to sit less and move more, using active sitting.

This course is designed to undo the damaging effects of prolonged sitting, even if you have little to no experience with exercise, and will help you feel more energetic, confident and attractive, and even more successful at work!

While there are plenty of fitness and/or posture courses that focus on specific styles or how to get rid of pain, it’s hard to find a practical, usable course like this one, which specifically targets the needs of any desk-based office worker.

This course is designed for all levels – those who want to address their sedentary lifestyles and improve their posture while they work.

I invite you to join me now – go ahead and click on the red button that says: ADD TO CART.  Thank you and I really look forward to seeing you inside the course.

Your posture doc,
Paula Moore

You will learn

✓ Learn active sitting techniques
✓ Incorporate 5 office exercise routines
✓ Release nagging neck tension
✓ Restore spinal flexibility
✓ Understand and implement good office ergonomics
✓ Improve attractiveness and self image
✓ Achieve more success at work


• Not for you? No problem. 30 day money back guarantee
• Forever yours. Lifetime access
• No fancy equipment needed
• You will need motivation to exercise at work
• Expect work colleagues to notice YOU!

This course is for

• Anyone who sits for prolonged periods each day
• Anyone who wants to sit less and move more
• Desk-bound office workers
• Anyone who worries about the effects of prolonged sitting
• Anyone who wants more energy, attractiveness and success!
Good posture is a lifestyle.
Maybe you are tired of looking in the mirror and not liking what you see – round shoulders, forward head and slouch back. You’ve tried everything, but when you sit up straight with good posture, you slump right back down again. It’s frustrating.
If you’ve had chronic pain for months or even years, and suspect your posture is the cause, we are glad you found us. Posture Videos is Youtube’s favorite source for everything posture related.
With over 25,000 enrolled students in 90+ countries worldwide, you are joining a movement of posture pupils committed to their posture and health.
Dr. Paula Moore is the founding posture doctor, behind Posture Videos, and has authored many of the courses on this platform. Paula has made a difference in the lives of thousands of people worldwide. She left a successful career as a Chiropractor to take her posture tips and advice online. Her videos have become the next big thing in online digital healthcare.
We hope you love our posture school! We know that once you experience the vitality and well-being of good posture, you’ll never want to revert back to your old ways.
Thanks for stopping by!
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 33m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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