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Simplified Magento 2: Video Course – From Beginner To Expert

Master Magento development: Learn how to create module, API, CRUD, custom theme & much more. (English Subtitle)
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 12h 22m
Language: English
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Magento is a trusted open-source e-commerce software and platforms offering  a full-featured website with little effort used by over 250,000 stores. According to pay-scale, an Magento developer salary is over $100,000. As a PHP developer, you can start your Magento career with this course
This course goes from beginner to advanced in Magento development. Since Magento 2 is a robust framework, concept are well explained with appropriate coding examples to reinforce it. Also we made sure the examples are real world scenarios.
After this course, you will not only be able to create Magento 2 module, you will also understand the framework thereby debugging Magento 2 better and faster.
in this 12 hours video course you will learn
– Architecture & Design pattern in Magento 2
– Request Flow Processing
– Database & Setup Scripts including building custom APiI
– Entity Attribute Value
– Presentation Layer
– Customizing Adminhtml.
This course is also vey useful for Magento 2 certified associate and  professional developer certification
Whether you’re new to Magento or have some experience but are looking for a course to fill in the gaps, you’ll love this course cos you will understand how Magento really works. It will also improve your programming skills cos you will be learning about some design patterns in PHP. Don’t look further. Enroll in the course now to learn Magento 2 development.
In order to take this course, you should know be able to write OOP code in PHP

You will learn

✓ Learn the core Magento skills needed to apply for Magento developer positions in just 12 hours.
✓ Understand Magento 2 Architecture & Design Patterns
✓ Be able to demonstrate your understanding of Magento 2 to future employers.
✓ Debug Magento 2 Website with Ease
✓ Be Able To Pass Magento 2 Certified Associate Developer
✓ Learn how to Create Magento 2 Module From Scratch



This course is for

• PHP developers willing to Learn Magento
• Magento Developers
Magento Developer
I am a Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer and Magento 1 Certified Developer with over 7+ years experience .
I have work in creating various magento modules – both easy and complex. I created this magento course cos there is a dearth of good magento course online that teaches both the concept and coding.
I have been training students on web development since 2014 and love impacting my knowledge.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 12h 22m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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