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Simple Methods for Drawing Hands | Easy, Effective Lessons

Simple, Effective Drawing Methods for Hands | No Complex Lessons, Draw Hands the Easy Way
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In this class, we’ll draw hands.
The most difficult subject to draw and we are going to tackle it. I am not going to bog you down with useless details, unnecessary features and boring step-by-steps. We are going to draw hands. Simple, great-to-look at hands.
We’re not about hyper-realism, we’re about drawing simple hands.
You have seen enough tutorials where too many instructors try their best to teach you how to draw unnecessary details, taking you on a long journey that you really aren’t looking for. What you want is to draw a hand where the fingers aren’t twisted out of proportion or a chunk of the hand is out of place.
Have no fear, my fellow artists, I have what you need in this course.
We are going to draw hands, practical lessons galore. We will sketch, work with some shapes here and there, but to put it simply, you will know what goes where. By the end of this course you can finally draw your subject with their beautiful hands for all to see, instead of shoved in their pockets or behind their back!
Here is a list of lessons we will cover:
•Skeletal structure to get structure
•Tissue and tendons to give shape
•Necessary details to make your hand stand out
•Some fun and simple shading
•A tip or two or more along the way!
Join me in this practical course, where we cut out the unnecessary and draw some great hands. Artists, grab your weapons of choice and let us create!

You will learn

✓ Simple, effective methods for drawing hands
✓ Shape hands realistically
✓ Shade important details


• This course is practical, so grab a pencil and paper

This course is for

• Anyone who wants to draw a hand
• Art Students
• Illustrators
Artist, Writer and Creative Mind
My name is Matthew Dewey. I am an art and writing instructor.
My first experience with art was of course in the early stages of my life where finger-painting a house was the equivalent of creating the Mona Lisa. With time I realized that my finger-painting prowess was nothing compared to my fathers oil painting. As the years passed my doodles became more detailed and my subjects more complex. I eventually struck upon portraiture in my last years of school. Never had I once considered doing portraiture, but upon trying it in class I had a knack for keeping the proportions of ones face as well as including plenty of detail. I found my passion through painting and drawing portraits. Some classical, through oil painting and some realistic, through graphic design and pencil drawings. It was a wonderful experience that I wish to share through my courses.
Secondly, my writing. My writing was truly a fantastic change in my life. Once again, in my later years of school I wrote my first novel. It was a spark that started a literary forest fire within my mind and short stories and concepts follows in step. I wrote more novels, competed in the NaNo WriMo, receiving an award for completing the task of writing a full novel within a month. My writing improved in quality and soon I was writing countless short stories almost every day upon writing a more novels, creating a series in which my style truly shined. I help beginner and experienced authors take the necessary steps to becoming fully fledged authors.
That is the story behind me and the courses I have created. If you are interested in seeing my works you can check Amazon for my books or social media for my creations. I have also created a podcast of reading my popular novels and short stories that you can listen to on my YouTube channel. I hope to see you soon!

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 20m
Language: English
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