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Shell Scripting for Oracle DBA

Automation Shell script for Oracle DBA
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I have designed shell scripting course specially for the Oracle DBA. There are many jobs can be automated in the Oracle DBA field.
Shell scripting is the language to automate the jobs.
What you will learn here
•Automate Oracle DBA task
•Shell Scripting Fundamentals
•Course is good for freshers as well as senior recourses
•Course will get updated in future too
Now a days there is lot of demand to the candidate who have very good knowledge about automation. Automation help you to save the cost of the project. you can expect good package along with oracle dba knowledge.

Why Use Shell Scripts?
Depending on your background, you may not see any immediate value to shell scripting as it relates to the DBA’s work. If you do not have experience with UNIX or UNIX-like systems, the myriad of cryptic commands might be cause for concern. Besides, in addition to being a relational database, Oracle 10g provides a robust platform for processing data within the database as well as several methods of interacting with the OS outside of the database.
However, there are several reasons you might find yourself delving into the world of shell scripting, including the following:
•You are in a situation in which you must support already existing scripts.
•You want to automate system setup that occurs prior to the installation of the Oracle software. For instance, you could write a script to check the initial state of the OS and report any prerequisites that must be met before installation of the software. The script might also create relevant OS users and groups and set environmental variables for the users.
•A running Oracle database can be used to execute manual or scheduled tasks. However, some tasks need to be run when the database is not running. You can use a script to stop or start a database (as well as a listener or a related database process). Such an action cannot be initiated from within the database itself.
•You need a mechanism for monitoring the state of a database (i.e. if it is running and available to process queries). Such a script could also monitor other processes and resources that are not Oracle-specific to provide a fuller picture of what is occurring in the system.
•You need to automate backups. Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) is a utility that allows you to develop backup scripts that can run on any platform. You can call Oracle Recovery Manager from a shell script and use it to perform a wide range of backup and recovery activities.
•You might have a requirement that is not specific to a single database. Perhaps you have several databases on a single machine. It may not be advisable to fulfill the requirement by using a single database, and it introduces potential security issues as well. Under such circumstances, shell scripting provides a means for fulfilling the requirement in a manner that does not associate the process with a single database.

You will learn

✓ Shell Scripting for Oracle DBA
✓ Automation for Oracle DBA
✓ Fresher Oracle DBA
✓ Will help to crack interview for Oracle DBA


• Basic knowledge of Oracle DBA
• Basic Knowledge of SQL and UNIX

This course is for

• Oracle DBA
• Beginner Shell Scripting
Oracle Database Administrator
I am oracle certified DBA and having experience working with Bank,finance,Healthcare,Retail domain.I have knowledge on RAC,ASM,Golden gate,Core DBA,Shell scripting. I have also working experince as Web Developer.
I have tried to cover all important topic by providing the real time example.
I have trained many students and keep going the same. I am working with multinational company and got exposure to work on many technology.

Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 45m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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