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Shamanic Life Coach Certification (Accredited)

Become a Certified Shamanic Life Coach Using Shamanic Wisdom, Tools, Rituals and Art Therapy for Harmony & Alignment
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Students who complete this course will receive an official life coach CERTIFICATION from Transformation Academy. This course is also accredited by internationally recognized Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency (Provider No: 50134), and 15 CPD/CEU credits are available upon request. Details for how to request the official certification and optional 15 CPD/CEU credits will be provided at the end of the course.
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<<<<If you would prefer to take a version of this course that is meant for individuals, not life coaches, check out the “Shamanic Art and Tools for Healing and Spiritual Development” course.>>>

Do you want to help your clients create more harmony, balance and joy in their daily lives?
Do you want to help your clients heal and reach their potential by reconnecting to their roots and awakening their higher selves?

Then become a Certified Shamanic Life Coach and learn how to combine Shamanic wisdom with therapeutic art and life coaching techniques. (You can use what you learn to run WORKSHOPS too!)

As a Shamanic Art Life Coach you will guide your clients on a journey into themselves using creative art and rituals that have been used for thousands of years to create greater harmony, health and wellbeing.
Shamanism is based on ancient indigenous cultures and tribes from around the world, including medicine people, healers, herbalists, storytellers and artisans. Apply this powerful ancient wisdom in your own life using creative therapeutic art exercises, sound healing and movement that restores your connection to nature and your higher self.
In this course, you will receive over 20 powerful step-by-step exercises, tools and techniques that you can use to enhance to your life coaching, healing, therapy, or spiritual practice or to offer as a complete Shamanic Art Life Coaching package.
You will help your clients integrate their whole selves—mind, body and spirit—restoring balance and remembering their birth song, which is calling them to live life fully as their true, authentic selves.
You’ll learn therapeutic art activities, including visual, meditative, sacred, and manifestation art that pull from the ancient wisdom of Shamanism.
You’ll learn how to create Shamanic tools and practice Shamanic rituals with your clients that will support their continued growth and evolution.
You will learn how to use sound healing, mantras and Shamanic dance to help your clients shift emotional energy and raise their frequency.
You’ll learn how to create sacred space for your coaching sessions and office environment so you can work at your best and create an environment for clarity, peace and success. You’ll also learn how to share this powerful
You’ll help your life coaching clients restore their connection to nature through developing an understanding of the cycles of nature, as well as the elements, the chakra system, animal wisdom, stones and crystals, and more.
You’ll develop and understanding of the power of symbolism to unlock the potential of the human mind and use these tools and rituals you learn to help yourself and your clients to surrender limiting beliefs and create a vibrant life that is filled with gratitude and purpose.
This course teaches everything you need to use ancient Shamanism and therapeutic art with your adult life coaching clients, however the techniques in this program work for seekers of any age and can be used for facilitating group coaching or workshops. Plus, NO ARTISTIC ABILITY IS REQUIRED! And, the tools and techniques taught in this course use simple, inexpensive materials that you can easily grab from around your house and get started using Shamanic wisdom and therapeutic art with your clients to create more joy, peace, and harmony right away!
As a life coach or an aspiring life coach this course will provide:
· A proven life coaching blueprint to help your life coaching clients.
· A life coaching program that you can implement as a stand alone niche life coaching service or life coaching tools and skills that you can add and incorporate to any life coaching niche.
· Access to a private life coaching network community with over 7,000 active life coaches from all over the world. These are life coaches that have completed or are completing one of our life coaching certification. This support group of life coaches is invaluable as you have a range of life coaches with past experience that share their experience and provide feedback and insights.
· Made for you handouts, exercises, and activities that you can give to your life coaching clients.
· Access to our Transformation Life Coaching Magazine
· Free listing in Transformation Life Coaching Directory
· Official Life Coaching Certification from Transformation Academy

This course is brought to you by Transformation Academy. Instructors Joeel & Natalie are life coach trainers with over 300,000+ students and they’re collaborating with Victoria Hawkins to bring you this Shamanic Coaching Course!
Victoria Hawkins, or the Suburban Shaman, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, psychotherapist, artist, yoga and dance instructor, and workshop facilitator. She has been working with students and clients of all ages for over 20 years; incorporating art, creative movement, Shamanic wisdom teachings, creative writing, psychotherapy and mindfulness meditation.

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You will learn

✓ Learn shamanic art therapy activities, tools and meditations including creating a totem card deck, smudging, sacred scrolls, and a surrender box.
✓ Use shamanic art therapy techniques, tools and rituals to help your life coaching clients restore their connection to nature and their higher self.
✓ Use Shamanic art therapy techniques to help your life coaching clients to create greater harmony, health and wellbeing
✓ Understand the meaning behind rituals and tools, such as animal totems, sound healing, mantras, dance, the cycles of nature, the 4 elements, the chakra system,


• Some art supplies will be needed (supplies list provided)

This course is for

• Life coaches, healers, therapists or spiritual practitioners who want to add the wisdom of Shamanism and Shamanic art therapy techniques to their practice.
• You want to help your clients express themselves and create more harmony, balance and joy in their daily lives
• You are (or want to be) a LIFE COACH
• You like to have a structure to follow and step-by-step system with proven results
• You want to facilitate workshops on life coaching, spirituality, Shamanism, or art therapy.
• You want to expand your credibility through being a Certified Shamanic Life Coach
Top instructor with over 700,000 students
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They are serial entrepreneurs who challenge and inspire others to take their  power back through self-employment as INDIEpreneurs, (self-employed  freedom junkies). Between the two of them, they’ve started over a dozen  businesses, from photography to a non-profit teen coaching center, and  from an import business to a holistic virtual office.
They became INFOpreneurs in 2014 when they fully transitioned their print  magazine into digital format because they found they could reach an  exponential, worldwide market at a fraction of the time and cost. They  closed their physical offices and began converting their in-person  workshops and speeches into information products and online courses.  Then, in 2015 they received a proverbial “kick in the pants” to go  “all-in” when Joeel fell ill after traveling overseas. Unable to leave the house, they continued to reach and inspire their market by digitizing their popular workshops, life coach training programs and certifications, making them available worldwide at a fraction of the cost.
Today, they have served over 700,000 students from 200 countries and territories.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 9h 25m
Language: English
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