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Sequential Circuit-Digital Electronics

Digital Electronics
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Table of contents


section 1:
.sequential circuit block diagram.
section 2:
Flip Flop -SR,JK,T,D,Master slave
Truth table,characteristic table,excitation table.
conversion of flip flop.
section 3:
sequential circuit design ,state table,state diagram.
problems(solved step by step procedure) .
section 4:
asynchronous counter
section 5:
concept of ASM chart
melay ASM
moore ASM
End of the course students will known the working operation of flip flop using truth table ,able to implement the characteristic and excitation table using k-maps,draw the state table and state diagram,can implement  sequential circuit using flip flop,can implement  the ASM chart.
** New lectures will be added based on request.

You will learn

✓ flip flops,characteristic table ,excitation table
✓ sequential circuit design,state table,state diagram.
✓ counter design
✓ concept of ASM chart


• knowledge of K-maps

This course is for

• Students of computer science,IT,Electronics(EEE,ECE, EI)
• Prepare for competitive entrance exam requiring Digital Electronics knowledge
A talented professional who has superb teaching skills developed as a result of over 11 years of extensive experience in teaching Electronics/Computer science-related subjects and concepts to Engineering college students; has excellent communication and rapport with students which makes learning easier for them and much more fun; has the ability to resolve issues in the university through diplomatic approach; has excellent time management skills; can amicably coordinate with co-professors in order to develop new programs to enhance the abilities of the students in the computer courses.
Excellent knowledge in embedded system, electronics, verilog coding, assembly language programming,digital electronics….
. Online Certifications NPTEL
1.Machine Learning
2.switching Logic
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 22m
Language: English
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