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Self-Publishing Around the World

Help you to write a book!
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More and more writers are self-publishing. Learn how to publish your work in a cost-effective way that stands up to the rigor of traditional publishing. This course will expose you to the various online and print shop resources that will make self-publishing your work simple and profitable. Each participant receives a free eBook that the teacher has written.
Opening scene: It’s Cindy’s last year of high school at Stephen Leacock Collegiate in Scarborough, Ontario. Her friend Gino and Cindy sit on a bus on our way to downtown Toronto. A man boards the bus and immediately screams at the passengers standing in the bus aisle who he thinks deliberately blocks his path.
Gino: “He’s nine-nine-nine. He’s nine-nine-nine.
Cindy: What does that mean?”
Gino: “It means he’s crazy. He’s from 999 Queen Street (a psychiatric hospital at the time) and he’s a loon!”
Cindy sits quietly and fidgets with my hands. Cindy stares at the man’s facial tics and listens intently to his babble about “spies” and “the devil coming” and “the end of the world.”
The above is a sample of my writing. Here is a sample of a chapter-by-chapter outline that I wrote that will help you to get started with your book:
-psychiatric floor setting
-another inmate on the floor finds out that they can do customer service work inside the psychiatric hospital and build a business together doing this
-they work on it through two different companies
-one of these companies is known as ExCalls Inc. and the other one is known as Complete Calls with a longer training time and all of these companies that they work for need to pay for the training
-their families help them to get the money to pay for the customer service training
-they also do some cleaning on the side with a local company called Maid Delight to earn extra money
-it’s the kind of psychiatric hospital that is trying to train these two women to become independent and keep off drugs because both of them have addiction problems with crack and cocaine, as well as marijuana
-they figure getting the jobs is better than sitting around and watching TV and having their lives be eaten up by the past year that they spent in the hospital
-both of them have natural hair and they both know their hair is their crowning glory and the best thing about themselves
-while one of the women is connecting cords in the psychiatric hospital to boot her old and rusty computer, she did not know not to connect two three-pronged extension cords together and all of the nurses were sleeping
-the woman electrocutes herself and she could have died if she were not wearing the hospital-issued shoes because she had a penchant for wearing high heels because she was an extremely petite woman
-there was a scar on her left hand that made it difficult for her to maneuver at first with her customer service calling, but the first thing she said when saw the boil on her hand was: “it will heal.”
-the nurses provided her with antibiotics which her parents paid for
-both of the women’s parents were paying to keep the women in the hospital until they stopped their addictions to drugs
-the antibiotic helped to heal the pale bruise and grow one of the woman’s brown skin back
-as she saw her hand getting normal, she began to love herself, love the customer service work she was doing with her friend, as well as encourage her friend to love herself
-there was a new development of a drug that came out that would stop people who were addicted to drugs to stop taking drugs
-both of the women’s parents agreed to pay for the drugs and the women left the psychiatric hospital one month later and continued working together with their businesses and thriving living at their parents’ homes, plus helping to keep their parents’ homes in good shape with the benefits that had learned in staying in the expensive, but good psychiatric hospital which was privately owned
  Assignment Deadline  Weight 
      Self-Publishing Online Debate  Week Two  10 percent 
      Book Outline (optional)  Week Three  10 percent 
      Online Consulting on Your Project  Each Week  20 percent 
      Twenty Pages  Week Four  15 percent 
      Self-Publishing Marketing Plan (optional)  Week Five  30 percent 
  References (optional) 
  How To Talk To Crazy People by Donna Kakonge: 
  Chicago Manual of Style – latest edition 
      Also online at OWL Purdue. 
  How to Write Creative Non-fiction by Donna Kakonge

You will learn

✓ To learn how to self-edit your work
✓ To learn how to self-publish your unpublished manuscript
✓ To learn how to better market your self-publishing
✓ To find out the various resources available to bring your book to a wide audience of readers
✓ Finding out inexpensive and cost-effective ways to produce a book of quality
✓ By end of class should have two hundred pages written
✓ You can have less pages written, but you will publish your book


• You will need to have a computer, Internet access, a story you want published, plus the time to write twenty pages per week.
• You can also come with just a story idea.

This course is for

• Creative people.
• People who want to write books.
Media and Writing Instructor
  Multiple award-winning author/teacher/journalist/online lawyer/retired college professor/videographer/podcaster with over 30 years of writing expertise. Produced 15 daily articles for the Toronto Star and Young People’s Press. Six stories hourly for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) for the radio and television news. There are three current daily affairs radio stories 5 days a week in English and French for Radio Canada International (RCI). Owner of Donna Magazine since October 1, 2007. The magazine has more than 8,900 multi-media articles and an audience of more than a billion people. The magazine is free. More than 42 years of experience teaching multi-platform writing at the college level worldwide, plus journalism, legal, and communications experience. Author of more than 241 books, mainly self-published. Expertise in audio and video editing with industry-standard software. Expert editor with Grammarly Premium possession. With 155,183 books sold so far—six books in the Toronto Public Library and 29 other libraries throughout North America. With 90 of her titles in the online library, BIBLIOBOARD connected with the Toronto Public Library. Highest level of education a doctorate from the best university in Canada. Expert knowledge of both British and American written and spoken English.
Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 38m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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