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Self Defense for Badass Women: Strike to Injure and Escape

The only way to stop an attacker in their tracks, is to make them pay dearly for trying to do so in the first place.
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This course is designed for women, by a woman.  Coach Elle Beyer (co-founder of Free Flow Academy – The Largest and Most Diversified Parkour Gym on the West Coast) explains the importance of creating space between you and your attacker, and learning how to escape and flee a dangerous situation.  With over 15 years of Martial Arts experience and 7 years of Parkour training, Elle understand what it’s like to be physically vulnerable.  To be matched against a 225 lb. MMA fighter, and to have to endure tackles, body slams, body crushing squeezes, mounts, and strikes to the face, head, and body.  Learn how to disable someone 2x your size with 10% more muscle mass.  Learn how to counter strike and defend, leaving your attacker blind, or even dead.  Learn how to take a hit.  Learn how to free yourself from bonds like rope, cords, or chains.  Learn how to flee up and over obstacles (such as furniture or fences).  Learn how to defend against multiple attackers.  Learn how to conserve energy and plan your escape if you are raped and held in captivity. Learn how to make your attacker suffer and pay the ultimate price for messing with you. 

You will learn

✓ Toss a 225 lb. attacker on his ass for trying to put his hands on you. Send a clear message that you are a dangerous liability.
✓ Understand and use threat analysis, and let your attacker know you will not go down without a fight! You have an 80% chance of surviving and escaping an assault if you resist your attacker verbally and physically.
✓ Learn close quarter combat and escape some of the most common attacks used on women. Leave your attacker blind, or even dead.
✓ Throw a man 2x your size off of you from a mounted (rape) position and stomp his face out while you make a run for it.
✓ Learn how to fend off multiple attackers and position yourself to an advantage while you rail brutal knee strikes into the attackers face.
✓ Fight to end the fight. Learn how to strike to injure, debilitate, and ultimately be completely ruthless in your defense tactics.
✓ Learn how to dissipate and minimize a dangerous situation from escalating, BUT also know how to play the same mind games predators use on their victims. Know the “Dark Triad” and make certain your attacker becomes the “fool”.
✓ Get access to badass conditioning regimes that will make you a ridiculously tough target.


• Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and are in a safe open space before starting class.

This course is for

• Women ages 12-34
Martial Arts Instructor
Coach Elle Beyer (Miss Elle) has been teaching and sharing her methods of fighting and fending off bigger and multiple attackers for over 10 years.  The harsh reality is that women are preyed upon generally by men who are physically stronger or have prepared to have a physical advantage. Almost all self defense systems on the market are designed by men, who have no idea what it’s like to be tackled by someone 2x their size with 10% more muscle mass.  Elle has escaped attempted kidnapping and rape on two separate occasions.  The first time was when she was 16 years old, she was followed by a man who attempted to kidnap her in a Walmart parking lot.  The second time, while walking to work, a group of 5 men tried to force her into their car.  A competitive athlete most of her life (including wrestling on her High School Varsity Team), she decided Martial Arts was the rightful path for her to pursue.  15 years of fight training became the catalyst for the Survival Science program, a self defense program co-created and developed by Elle, for the sole purpose of helping women and young girls escape sexual assault.  After learning her home city was #2 ranked in the nation for human trafficking, she decided enough was enough.  At 125 lbs, Elle understands what it’s like to be physically vulnerable to larger, stronger attackers.  She put her training to the literal test, by going out into public places, and taking on 230 lb MMA fighters, to find out if her techniques actually worked.  You can see some of her field testing videos in this series.  
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 53m
Language: English
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