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Selenium WebDriver,Appium&Protractor using JAVA for beginner

Selenium IDE,core JAVA,Selenium webdriver,Appium(Mobile Automation Testing),Protractor(Protractor automation framework)
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Table of contents


•Updated course with latest framework concepts(Selenium POM framework), JENKINS, GIT on Jan 18th 2020         
                                      Selenium Content
Demo session:

•Introduction to Automation
•Why and when will we go for Automation
•What is the use of Automation
•What is the difference between Selenium and QTP
•About Selenium:
•What is Selenium
•Advantages of Selenium
•Different flavors of Selenium:
·         Selenium IDE 
·         Selenium RC 
·         Selenium Grid                                                                                      
·         Selenium Web Driver/Selenium 2.0 
·         Selendroid 
Selenium IDE Overview: 
•Downloading and Installing Selenium IDE
•Features of  Selenium IDE
•Selenium IDE Icons
•Recording your first test with Selenium IDE
•Save and playback first script
•Mode of execution
•What is command , target, value
•Asserting the elements
•Verifying the elements
•WaitFor elements
•Storing the elements
•Synchronization commands
•Adding Selenium IDE comments
•goBack, refresh, Enterkey simulation, highlight ..etc.
•IDE Context Menu
•Building Test cases using Selenium IDE
•Capturing screenshots in IDE
•Start & break points with example, limitations of ide
•How to use looping statements like IF, while  in IDE with few examples
•Usage of goto commands in IDE
•Delete all cookies 
•Multiple user creation using if condition
•Generating Dynamic values using JS functions
•Usage of JS functions with IDE
•Creating test suites
•Framework in IDE
Core Java  concepts:

• Introduction To Core Java
•What is jre, jdk, jvm
•Install java
• Environment variable configuration
• Datatypes
• variables
• What is a class and object?
• various data types
•Download eclipse
•How to create java project
•What is object
•How to create object to  a class
•What are method parameters with examples
•How to add return type to a method with examples
•Inheritance and examples on parent child relationship
•What is abstraction and abstract class
•Overview on interface
Web Driver Concepts :

•Introduction & Architecture
•How to identify elements in webpage using Selenium
•Tools to identify elements/objects
•IE Developer tools
•Google Chrome Developer tools
•Locating elements by ID
•Comparissions between RC and WebDriver
•Downloading and configuring  web driver in Eclipse
•Setup required for webdriver
•configuring  webdriver
•How your browser will be launched
•comparison b/w selenium java 2.48 & 3.5 versions with example
• Finding elements by name
•Finding elements by link text
•Finding elements by XPath
•Finding Elements by using CSS
•Overview of method chaining in java
• How to open an application using GET N NAVIGATETO COMMANDS
•Firefox browser n selenium java issue
• How to maximize  the window
• How to use sendkeys command in webdriver
• Various commands close, quit, click command in webdriver with examples
• scenarios and login to sales force ,
•Handling checkboxes
• How to use isselected,
•How to perform  uncheck operation
•How to handle radio buttons :
• Overview on webdriver select class with examples
• Diff between findElement and findElements commands
•findElements examples,
•How can we perform tab operation
•Identify all links  a webpage with examples
•working on chrome browser
•working on IE browser
•html unit drivers,
•What is frames and overview on frames
•How to handle alerts
•overview on robot class and examples
•overview on autoIT and examples
•How to handle multiple windows with examples
•Actions class
•Handling of webtables
• Introduction to java script executor
• Usage of Java script executor
• Javascript Executor
• Implicit wait, Explicit wait, Fluent wait
• What is a Firefox Profile
• Handling Certificate issuer using FF profile 
• Handling proxy server and file downloading using FF profile
•Datadriven testing 
•Keyword driven testing
•Datadriven testing 
•Text file
•properties file
•CSV file
•Read content from a PDF file
•Read content from an image file
•Introduction about TestNG
 How to Install TestNG plugin in Eclipse
• TestNG sample script 
• Writing Selenium testing script from scratch
• Creating Test suites using TestNG Reports generation using TestNG
•overview on JUNIT
•Introduction to Framework
•components in framework
•Discussing about base framework
•Creating a POM framework
                                         APPIUM (Mobile Automation testing tool) Content has 2 parts which covers both Android & iOS

Chapter 1: Introduction to Appium 
•Introduction to Appium 
•Overview of Open Source Mobile Test Automation tools: 
•Open source Mobile Automation tool Evaluation docs 
•Limitations of APPIUM 
•Appium architecture 
Chapter 2: Appium- Prerequisites & Installation for Windows 
•Appium Prerequisites 
•Java Installation & Configuring System Environmental variables 
•Maven Configuration 
•Android SDK configuration 
•Eclipse IDE configuration 
•Appium installation on windows 
•What is an APK file 
•Various sources to get APK files 
•Installing application on real device using these APK files 
•Automating INDIAMART-Login 
•Automating Facebook- Post Status 
•Automating Facebook- Delete Post & User Logout 
•UI Automator Component 
•Element Locators 
Chapter 3: Installation for APK Files
•What is an APK file 
•Various sources to get APK files 
•Installing application on real device using these APK files 
•Automating INDIAMART-Login 
•Automating Facebook- Post Status 
•Automating Facebook- Delete Post & User Logout
Chapter 4: Object identification 
•Locating elements by resource ID 
•Locating elements by name 
•Locating elements by classname 
•Locating elements by xpath
 Chapter 5: Basics of Android
•Share & Control Real Android Device screen from PC 
•Download Android Platforms using SDK Manager 
•CreateVirtual Devices/Emulators using AVD Manager
Chapter 6: APPIUM basic concepts 
•Settingup a basic project  
•Appium API Reference 
•What are DesiredCapabilities 
•Knowing AppPackage and Launcher Activity of Android App 
Chapter 7: APPIUM commands
•quit ..etc
 Chapter 8: Mobile Touch Gestures-DragDrop, MultiTouch, Swipe,Scroll
•Performing Drag and Drop using TouchAction class 
•Performing Click and Swipe using TouchAction class 
•Performing MultiTouch and Drop using MultiTouchAction class 
•Performing Swipe using screen coordinates(x,y) 
•Performing Long press using TouchAction class
Chapter 9: Android MobileBrowser-Automating Mobile Web Application 
•Introduction to Mobile Web Automation 
•How to get Useragent from Android Browser 
•Identifying the objects on Mobile browser 
•Automating mobile specific websites 
 Chapter 10 : Android- Automating Built in Apps(Phone, contact,Settings)
•Android BuiltIn App(Phone) : Dial phone number 
•Android BuiltIn App(Message) : Sending a message 
•Android BuiltIn App(Clock) : Setup Recurring Alarm
Chapter 11: Appium- Prerequisites & Installation for Mac 
•Appium Prerequisites 
•Java Installation & Configuring System Environmental variables 
•Maven Configuration 
•Android SDK configuration 
•Xcode Configuration 
•Eclipse IDE configuration 
•Appium installation on Mac
Chapter 12: Appium- iOS App download 
•Emulators Vs Simulators 
•iOS App download 
•Share IOS Device Screen on Mac 
•Provisioning Development Build on Real IOS Device 
•Using Appium inspector to identify the element properties 
Chapter 13: Working with Safari browser on IOS Device
•Running ios first automation test case 
•Launch Safari browser on IOS Simulator 
•Launch Safari Browser on Real IOS Device 
Chapter 14: Working with IOS Controls on Real IOS Device 
•Working with Steppers(UIAStepper) 
•Working with Switches(UIASwitches) 
•Working with Sliders(UIASlider) 
•Working with PickerWheel(UIAPickerWheel) 
•Working with Date Picker 
•Working with Segmented Controls(UIASegementedControl) 
•Working with Page Indicator(UIAPageIndicator) 
•Handling alerts
Chapter 15: Jenkins-Continous Integration with Appium 
•Parametrizing DesiredCapabilities using Maven 
•Integrating Appium with CI tool Jenkins 
•Dynamic Parametrization of DesiredCapabilities using Jenkins 
•Scheduling the framework to run at specific time
Chapter 16: SauceLabs-Cloud Integration with Appium 
•Integrate Appium IOS Tests with SauceLabs 
•Integrate Android Appium Tests with SauceLabs
Chapter 17: Programmatically Launch Appium on Mac & Windows 
•Programmatically launch Appium using AppiumServiceBuilder 
•Programmatically Launch Appium on Windows 
•Programmatically Launch Appium on Mac
Chapter 18: PageFactory Model- Automating IOS App 
•PageObject Pattern & PageFactory Introduction 
•Developing PageObject Model and extending PageFactory support 
•Creating AbstractTest & AbstractPage 
•Writing Tests in PageFactory Model 
•Using @iOSFindBy and @AndroidFindBy Annotations 
Chapter 19: Appium Tests Parallel Execution 
•Run Appium Test Cases Across Multiple Devices Using Grid
Chapter 20: Capture Video and Screenshots for iOS & Android test runs 
•Android: Record Video Screen during test execution 
•iOS: Video Record Screen during Test Execution
•Eclipse IDE- Fix for ADB Path error during Video Capture on Android 
                                                 Protractor Content/Protractor on a real project/
•Protractor Overview: Protractor Tutorials on End-to-End testing on AngularJS websites. A wrapper over Selenium WebDriverJS library
•Prerequisites to install Protractor
•Protractor Installation
•Architecture and Process communication of Protractor
•Overview on Jasmine: Covering Jasmine Framework that needed for Angular JS automtion using Protractor
•various editors and folder structure
•overview on spec.js
•introduction to global variables: 
•created a simple example
•execute the script 
•overview on conf.js
•locators with examples
•Overview on ng-repeat with examples
•Introduction to Multiple It and Before Each in Jasmine
•Basic script in handling calculator
•verifiaction points in jasmine using expect
•How to work on non angular JS applications
•Sample script to login to SF application
•Introduction to Page Object Modle  framework
•converting spec file to a page object mondel
•creating and executing scripts in Paga Object Model
•How to handle Protractor using JAVA programming language
•Creating JProtractor jar file and adding to JAVA Project in eclipse editor
•Creating basic scripts for Protractor using JAVA programming language
•Handling text fields
•Handling dropdown
•various identification mechanism for NgBy. with examples
***********************************End of Protractor****************************************************


You will learn

✓ You can work on any project on Selenium, Appium and Protractor tools
✓ Crack interviews


• Basic idea on testing tools is morethan enough

This course is for

• Anyone who wants to start their career in automation testing

How much does the Selenium WebDriver,Appium&Protractor using JAVA for beginner course cost? Is it worth it?

The course costs $14.99. And currently there is a 50% discount on the original price of the course, which was $29.99. So you save $15 if you enroll the course now.
The average price is $14.4 of 62 Selenium WebDriver courses on Udemy.

Does the Selenium WebDriver,Appium&Protractor using JAVA for beginner course have a money back guarantee or refund policy?

YES, Selenium WebDriver,Appium&Protractor using JAVA for beginner has a 30-day money back guarantee. The 30-day refund policy is designed to allow students to study without risk.

Are there any SCHOLARSHIPS for this course?

Currently we could not find a scholarship for the Selenium WebDriver,Appium&Protractor using JAVA for beginner course, but there is a $15 discount from the original price ($29.99). So the current price is just $14.99.

Who is the instructor? Is Lucky Trainings a SCAM or a TRUSTED instructor?

Lucky Trainings has created 13 courses that got 218 reviews which are generally positive. Lucky Trainings has taught 2,522 students and received a 4.1 average review out of 218 reviews. Depending on the information available, Lucky Trainings is a TRUSTED instructor.
Selenium trainer
I am Surendra having 9+ years of experience in software testing and 5+ years of experience as a trainer in handling online, offline and corporate training’s.

We designed this course which covers 3 different automation testing tools Selenium, Appium, Protractor. within a single package from basics which will be helpful for all learners to start implementing these tools on their projects.


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Platform: Udemy
Video: 37h 11m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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