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Selenium WebDriver with Java -Basics to Advanced+Frameworks

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Course last updated on June 2nd with Latest Selenium 4.0 Version +Framework Interview questions
•Have a Passion of learning Selenium but have no coding knowledge ? I will fulfill your wish with my easy teaching and life time query support  through QA Forum , Skype and Teamviewer
•The one and only Selenium course (350+Lectures) in Udemy which conferred with the ** official BEST SELLER Tag *** and Highest Ratings -30,000+ 5 star Ratings)/ /
•*******Watchout Lecture 2 which depicts our roaring Success in Udemy with Success stories  *****
–Includes: 50+ Hours     lectures with real time projects + OnDemand Skype, Teamviewer sessions  (Life time support)  including Job Assistance    + 5 Million Students learning forum and 100 Pages detailed Material which you will not find in any other online course 
This course covers Java Basics core + Selenium Webdriver + Advanced Selenium + Interview Preparation + Framework design ( TestNG, ANT, Pageobject, Maven, Jenkins, Excel Datadriven, Cucumber, log4j ) + Selenium Grid + DataBase Testing + Performance Testing on Selenium scripts + Mobile testing Basics + Resume Preparation including       ” Life Time Support (On Demand skype sessions) + Material + Job Assistance- (US, India, Canada

***** One stop to become an Expert in Selenium from scratch *****
I noticed other courses using the same content as our course. Please be aware of them
On course completion You will be Mastered in Selenium Automation Testing and implementing Successfully in your work place or you will land on High Paying Job 
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    So what makes this course Unique in the Market?
We assume that students have no experience in automation / coding and start every topic from scratch and basics.
Examples are taken from  REAL TIME HOSTED WEB APPLICATIONS  to understand how different components can be automated.
  Topics includes: 
Complete Core java
•Selenium Webdriver- Major focus (20 hours+ content)
• Live Examples in Automating Web applications in all supported Browsers
• Strategy to handle Rich Web UI using Advanced WebDriver
• Real time challenges we face in WebDriver and solutions to handle it
•Selenium Grid
•Live projects on Selenium 
•Interview questions discussion with solutions
•Test Execution reports
•Data driven framework
•Hybrid Framework
•Page object Model Framework
•DataBase testing with Selenium
•Performance testing with Selenium
•Mobile Automation basics only!
•CLoud Automation with Sauce labs
•Framework Design from scratch (       TestNG, ANT, PageObject, Maven, Jenkins, Excel , Datadriven, Cucumber, log4j ,Client html reports) 
All the Best! Happy Testing 🙂

You will learn

✓ *****By the end of this course,You will be Mastered on Selenium Webdriver with strong Core JAVA basics
✓ ****You will gain the ability to design PAGEOBJECT, DATADRIVEN&HYBRID Automation FRAMEWORKS from scratch
✓ *** InDepth understanding of real time Selenium CHALLENGES with 100 + examples
✓ *We have 5 dedicated TRAINERS who can help in answering students queries along with resume,Interview preparation with Job assistance
✓ “Additional knowledge to understand Mobile Testing Database testing and Performance testing with Selenium
✓ You will be in a position to pick any website over internet and can automate it with all the possible test cases
✓ You will improve your coding skills in writing best optmized code for Automating testcases
✓ “Last but not least” you can clear any Interview and can Lead Entire Selenium Automation Project from Design Stage
✓ You should be able to verify Data Integrity with the GUI of the application
✓ You will be able to create GREAT LOOKING REPORTS to impress Clients
✓ Deeper understanding of Automation guidelines and code quality standards
✓ Includes a Practice Website to play around with all available Web driver functions to automate


• ******You need NOT have java coding experience to start this course********* Even non Programming candidates can follow this course comfortably
• You will have Life Time instructor support to get solved all your queries.You can post your doubts in discussion board and we will get back with answer in less than 12 hours
• All Installation setup including Java knowledge is taken care as part of course
• Course includes real time projects with practical Solutions for the Robust Selenium Framework building
• Theoretical Material,Code dump and Interview Guide are available for download
• New : JOB ASSISTANCE after completion of course to make your Profile reach to Hundreds of Recruiters in my network.******
• Join in our Selenium Training community with (350 + lectures, 5 Million Students) Learning Together which you will not see in any other Selenium online course on Udemy.
• We have 5 dedicated Trainers who can help in answering students queries along with resume preparation , Interview preparation and Job assistance
• ***Honored with BEST SELLER Tag by Udemy for our most trusted commitment to students***
• **”40,000+ ratings with an average 4.6/5″** which you will never see for any other course in Udemy

This course is for

• Manual testers, Non-programming aware testers interested in learning Automation
• Freshers/Graudates who want to kick start their Carrier in IT World
Founder of RahulShettyAcademy.com|500K+ QA Students
Nothing is Impossible. It all depends on how we are Trained on it.
Teaching is my Passion. And it’s my Profession. The only Business I know is Spreading the Knowledge.
“Every QA Professional have a wish of learning trending Automation courses but somehow 90% of them are giving up their thoughts
It’s not due to the lack of courses available in the Market, but it’s about finding the right Mentor who can guide, teach and understand student’s pulse with their background education”

So, to full fill all these Gaps, I have established “Rahul Shetty Academy” few years ago to help all my QA Colleagues for smooth Transition to QA Automation Career. As of 2021, I have successfully taught more than 500k+ Students world wide from various platforms with overwhelming response from every country.

As of today, Rahul Shetty Emerged as #1 Popular Instructor in the Udemy with the student count of 500K+ Students.
And I am expanding my mission of helping others with many other QA Services like Mentorship for Career Guidance, QA Consulting etc from my official WebSite “RahulShettyAcademy”

Below are the courses I teach in RahulShettyAcademy &Udemy platform and this list keep expands every other month.

For Web Automation Testing :

1.Selenium Tutorial – In Java and Python

2. Cypress Automation – JavaScript

3. Protractor Automation – Java Script

4. WebDriverIO /Node.js – Java Script

5.Selenium- Frameworks ( Java – TestNG & Cucumber)

6. Selenium- Frameworks ( Python – PyTest & Robot)

7. Selenium- Frameworks ( Java Script – Node.js)

Mobile Automation Testing

8. Appium Mobile Testing Tutorial

For API Automation Testing :

9. SoapUI API Automation with Groovy

10. Rest API Automation with Java ( Rest Assured)

11. Back end /API Testing with Python

12 Postman Automation with JavaScript.

For Performance Testing:

13. Jmeter Tutorial

For complete QA Process:

14. Software Testing comprehensive Tutorial

For Security and Data Base Testing :

15. Web Security Testing tutorial

16. SQL-Data Base Testing Tutorial

For Devops/Test Architect –

17. Azure Devops fundamentals with CI/CD

18. Devops fundamentals with AWS &Jenkins & Ansible

19. Java Design Patterns for Automation Framework Design

White Box Testing

20.Spring Boot Unit Testing (Mockito &MVC)

21. Angular Unit Testing

For Core Java-
22. Complete Java for Automation Tutorial

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 56h 10m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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