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SECRETS of COFFEE. Part 2. BOTANY (Coffee Expert in 4 hours)

How to UNDERSTAND COFFEE (40 lessons) - for COFFEE LOVERS and BARISTAS - The Most Complete Course (Simple + Interesting)
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Hello, dear friends, and welcome to my second course of the «Coffee Basics» series – «The BOTANY of COFFEE.»
It is intended for Coffee Lovers and Baristas who want to know more about their favorite drink and understand all its diversity and versatility.
I will introduce myself to those who are not yet familiar with my first course – «The HISTORY of COFFEE.» By the way, I strongly recommend that you take it, because, together with the «COFFEE BOTANY», it will help you form a COMPLETE picture of basic coffee knowledge.
My name is Sergio Reminny, I am a coffee expert with 25 years of experience in the coffee industry, a businessman, a writer, and the first Coordinator of the European Speciality Coffee Association (SCAE) in Ukraine (2003-2008).
After thousands of articles on my Coffee Blog, hundreds of videos on my YouTube channel, and a series of coffee books, I created this online course.
The main task that I set for myself in the course was to translate the complex coffee world knowledge into SIMPLE and INTERESTING lessons for both ordinary coffee lovers and baristas. And also to teach you to UNDERSTAND the relationship between different coffee categories and, to help you use this knowledge in your life.
In general, my coffee botany course consists of 5 main blocks, including:
The LIFE CYCLES section, where we will figure out how the coffee beans are made up and what happens to coffee in its early days, youth, and old age.
We will find out who are «Soldiers» and «Butterflies», how many chromosomes coffee has, and how global warming threatens this plant.
In the CLASSIFICATION block, we will study the main groups and botanical species of coffee in the global trade.
We will figure out what is «Coffee Grown in the Shade» and how the coffee tree conquered our planet.
In the VARIETIES block, we will discuss the relationship between Arabica and Robusta, will study Liberica and coffee hybrids, and familiarize ourselves with such varieties as Polysperma and Arabusta.
The PROCESSES section – here we will understand the complex, but incredibly important details of moisture and drying of coffee, the secrets of fermentation, and will also talk about «Honey coffee» and «Monsooned» (or, «Aged») coffee.
In the BEAN section, we will talk about all the nuances of the density and sizes of the coffee beans and will understand such important aspects as the caffeine content.
We will review the defects of the coffee beans in detail and will understand the specifics of the «Coffee Caviar» – peaberry, and we will try to understand why «Coffee Rust» is a tragedy of the world of coffee.
In the last block, entitled CERTIFICATIONS, you will learn what different certification programs can tell the consumer about the taste of coffee. In this section, we will speak about Fair Trade, birds, and the «Cup of Excellence.»
And for dessert, we will figure out what the real Speciality coffee is.
Despite the scientific-sounding of the term «Botany», the course, in my opinion, turned out to be simple, interesting, and entertaining – it contains a lot of illustrations and videos.
The materials presented here are unique, and you will not find them on the Internet. All the lessons of the course are based on my many years of experience studying coffee and my personal system of compiling this knowledge.
Believe me, it took me decades of work and thousands of hours of detailed study of a huge amount of data.
I assure you that after completing this course, your level of coffee knowledge will rise to new heights.
And I promise that it will be interesting.
Well, my friends, we have a lot of work to do, so let’s get down to business right away!

You will learn

✓ How coffee bean is structured.
✓ Who are the «Soldiers» and «Butterflies».
✓ Shade-grown coffee vs. Sun-grown.
✓ Why other tress are needed on plantations.
✓ Can coffee trees live up to 100 years?
✓ How the coffee hybrids are produced.
✓ Arabica and Robusta: the role of blends.
✓ How many chromosomes does coffee have?
✓ «White coffee» and mysterious Liberica.
✓ Unusual Polysperma and exotic Arabusta.
✓ What is «Honey» coffee: Yellow, Red, Black.
✓ Monsooned coffee: Aged or Tempered?
✓ Typica line vs. Bourbon line.
✓ Coffee harvesting: Picking vs. Stripping.
✓ Coffee classification: Variety & Cultivar.
✓ Brazilian Naturals vs. Colombian Milds.
✓ Region of growing: biology or marketing?
✓ Where the Earth’s «Coffee Belt» is situated?
✓ From altitude to bean size and density.
✓ Magic 12%: why drying is so important.
✓ Coffee processing methods: Dry vs. Wet.
✓ Secrets of coffee fermentation.
✓ The major defects of coffee beans.
✓ «Foxy» bean vs. «Amber» bean.
✓ How the bean size is related to taste?
✓ Why coffee husks cost more than beans.
✓ Peaberry: a defect or a «Coffee Caviar»?
✓ How global warming threatens coffee.
✓ «Coffee Rust»: the biggest tragedy of coffee.
✓ Why coffee tree needs caffeine?
✓ The role of certifications in coffee.
✓ Fair Trade, Organic, RA and Utz.
✓ Why «Cup of Excelence» is N1 certificate?
✓ What is true Specialty coffee?


• Note: The first videos (“CONTENT”, “IINTRODUCTION” and initial LESSONS) are in OPEN ACCESS, so you can review them freely.
• Subtitles in ENGLISH + en ESPAÑOL are available.
• No special skills required.

This course is for

• COFFEE LOVERS Who Want to Know More about their Favourite Drink
• BARISTAS Seeking New Knowledge
• COFFEE ENTREPRENEURS Learning Coffee Professionally
Hi, Sergio Reminny is here, I am a coffee expert with 25 years of experience in the professional coffee industry.
I have my own company IONIA il Caffè and TM COFFEE EXPERT.
The 1st Coordinator of the European Specialty Coffee Association (SCAE) in Ukraine (2003-2008).
Traveler and writer, author of the books “Secrets of Coffee”, “Travels over the World of Coffee” and “Coffee Letters from Italy”.
I created the most complete Coffee Blog in the former Soviet Union countries, and today I have more than 500,000 followers on my Facebook page.
Studied business and marketing in the UK, USA, France, Netherlands, Sweden. For 20 years, I collaborated with Italy, where I was lucky to live and work for many years, and where I learned the ins and outs of espresso – one of today’s leading coffee cultures on our planet.
My fascination with coffee has taken me to over 100 countries: I have visited coffee farms in Ethiopia and Yemen, Panama and India, Costa Rica and Hawaii, Colombia and Rwanda, Nepal, Indonesia, Brazil, and many other countries.
And today I bring all my experience to you through my coffee lectures here on Udemy, where I have the largest number of courses among all instructors working in coffee theme.
A linguist and translator by education, a maximalist by life, and an optimist by spirit.
My Dear Coffee Lovers and Baristas, I am at your full disposal.
Get a cup of your tasty coffee, and let’s begin!
Platform: Udemy
Video: 4h 6m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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