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Scrum Master Complete – Basics to Advanced for 2022

A journey from Agile and Scrum fundamentals to certification and on to advanced Scrum Master and Agile topics
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This course leads the student on a journey starting with the Scrum basics and leading to more advanced Scrum thinking and practices.
Part 1 focuses on complete beginners and is comprehensive in covering all areas of Scrum basics, starting with the history of Scrum, moving onto definitions, theory and values, before a deep dive into the the 3 Scrum roles, the 5 Scrum events and the 3 Scrum Artifacts.
This section will also help you in your journey to Agile Scrum certification and I have cross referenced this course with a number of the popular Scrum master certifications like the PSM1 and the CSM to make sure it covers all the areas needed.

Part 2 focuses on more advanced topics. It focuses beyond the Scrum guide and into topics that are referenced in the Scrum guide but not elaborated on. User stories, value, prioritization, release management and estimation are each discussed
It not only dives into the theory but also gives specific focus to some of the more widely used techniques / practices in Scrum today, giving the student a more practical grounding, moving away from the question of “what is Scum?” onto the question of “how do we use Scrum?”
We also designed two practices tests which not only help you in your revision but the format and difficulty give you a preview into the types of questions that you will need to answer in your Scrum Master certification
And beyond this, we have added a section focusing on the background to Scrum. Focusing on agile project management with topics like Agile, Lean and Waterfall, to help you with context on Scrum and how it evolved.
And finally, we are continually adding more clips and webinars covering practical topics like “what to do on Day one of a new Scrum team?” and many more. This section is regularly added to!

So, if this is what you need, I hope you enjoy it!

You will learn

✓ Part 1 – Scrum Fundamentals
✓ Learn how to get a Certification in Scrum without paying out thousands of dollars
✓ Part 2 – Advanced Scrum
✓ Advanced Agile / Scrum topics focusing on Value, User Stories and Release Management
✓ Part 3 – Agile, Lean and Waterfall
✓ A deep dive into the background and history of Scrum focusing on topics like Lean, Waterfall and the emergence of Agile
✓ A fundamental understanding of Scrum theory, definitions and the Scrum Values as per the Scrum guide moving onto a deep dive into the 3 roles, the 5 events and the 3 artifacts that make up Scrum
✓ An A to Z of Scrum and the role of the Scrum Master, 100% focused on the current version of the Scrum Guide . The perfect learning tool for certifications like the CSM and PSM1
✓ Upskill on the core Prioritization and Estimation tools and techniques like Planning Poker and the Kano Model for Prioritization
✓ 2 Deep Dive Practice Quizzes to help you to review your understanding of the core concepts
✓ This is a new course, developed in 2019. We use a combination of animated videos (not just power-point with voice-overs), audio, fact-sheets and quizzes to breakdown Scrum and the Scrum Master role and present it in a way that helps you to fully understand Scrum


• No Prerequisites or requirements

This course is for

• For any Scrum student who is entering an agile environment for the first time, this course will help you in understanding both the basics and and more advanced, practical tools for working within an agile environment.
• Perfect preparation course for students who are preparing to take their initial Scrum Master certification exams
• Part 1 helps Scrum Masters and for agile practitioners who want to have a thorough grounding of the Scrum guide, the scrum body of knowledge
• For any student who does not wish to spend a thousand plus of dollars to get up to speed in Scrum, then this is the course for you
• Part 2 is more advanced, helping those who want to go beyond the Scrum guide and understand more advanced practices that are used by successful Scrum teams
• NB: Though this course will help to prepare you for certification like the PSM1 from Scrum,org, it is not affiliated to this organisation
Agile Lead Designer
My name is Dave Keenan. I first came across agile about 12 years ago, which is really only a few years after it all began. To be honest, from the first time I started to learn about it, I was hooked. I thought it could really evolve how we work together.
It was logical, simple and dare I say it, focused on people instead of treating people like cogs in the machine
I have worked as a project manager, a Scrum master, a product owner and now as a lead agile coach, for some of the larger companies, from Amazon to Accenture and I continually work on evolving to more agile practices.
My special area of focus is in human centered approaches to creating better work environments.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 19m
Language: English
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