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Save Money! Homemade Spice Blends And Seasoning Recipes

Home Made Seasoning Mixes to Spice Up Your Meals, Give As Gifts, and Make Your Meals Taste Incredible.
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Seasoning and spices are a way to bring cultures from around the world right to your very own kitchen.  They are an essential part of bring family and friends together and making a bland meal into a great meal.  
Creating savory and sweet combinations at a fraction of the cost of the commercially made spice mixes. 
Try Out The Blackened Seasoning In the FREE preview.  It taste amazing and one of my favorites.
Read the back of a table and you’ll notice some commercially-produced seasoning mixes are often full of fillers, preservatives, coloring agents and allergens ( to those sensitive).  I like to know what I am eating.  I’d rather just have the spice and not have to deal with silicon dioxide, yellow #5, annatto which I am allergic too, Soy filler, natural and artificial flavors (Unknown allergens) or spices (also unknown allergens).

Some seasoning blends I can’t even find in the store, which makes giving them as gifts to family, friends, and coworkers all the more special.  They get to bring home the taste of another country that they might have never visited or food they may have never tried all because of you.
In this course I show you how to make seasoning like you would find at the store that in my opinion taste fresher and better.  
As well as seasoning that you might never find in any store ever.  It’s easy and fun.
Great As Unique One Of A Kind Gifts!
One thing I remember as a child was making spice blends with my grandmother.  She was a professional baker for years, as well as a great cook.  
Imagine if your a mommy, a grandmother, father, uncle, just sitting down with your kids and making a seasoning mix together, bottling it up and then   hearing about how they gave it to their teacher for christmas.
How about cooking with that seasoning blend you two spend time making together for tonight’s dinner and watching how proud they are to have helped.  You can even make them in charge of creating the seasoning and they can just follow along with the video.
One of the great things I loved as a child was just trying new foods.  Trying new restaurants.  I loved food, still do.  Though I try to be healthier now.  And look out for my health 
I love the adventure of trying something new. I hope you do too.
 I bet your wondering Will it be good?  Will I like it? Try the free Preview for Blackened Seasoning for dinner. 
If you like it come back Get The Course Today.
So what can you learn inside:

•Learn mixing and measuring techniques for delicious food•Bring your family into the mix for making seasoings•How to properly cook herbs and spices to bring out authentic flavors from around the world.•Easy to follow along videos•How to package it•And RecipesTry Out The Blackened Seasoning In the FREE preview.  It taste amazing and one of my favorites.
Let me share with you a personal story about myself and why making home made seasonings is so important to me…
For about 3 years I was always sick.  My stomach hurt.  I would randomly get bloated. I couldn’t concentrate very well.  Always tired.  I would have random fevers.  I actually thought I had a really bad flu at one point and went to an urgent care.  They pushed on my belly and ouch I cried.  They had me rush to the Emergency room.  My appendix had burst they said.  I was put in surgery and actually my intestines had enlarged and were covering up my appendix that was already leaking and gangrene.  They said it must have been doing that for a period of months.  The surgeon said it literally disintegrated in his hand.  Along with my appendix they had to remove 15 pounds of intestinal mush and she my good intestine parts back together.  Most intestines only weigh about 11 pounds.  Anyway I spent 9 days in a hospital room on antibiotics, almost put on oxygen permanently, at one point I was getting worse.  
The unit I was in was the telemetry unit for patients that need constant monitoring.  Every four hours a new iv, shots, blood taken every morning and night.  When I was there like 10 patients in the 20 room until had died.  I had to walk the hallways with my Iv to get my intestines to work again, watching code reds randomly happen and people not coming back from it.
I was told many times I am lucky to be alive and I am.  I’ll take the giant scar on my stomach that they used to cut me open any day.
So I recovered over several weeks when I got home, sleeping in a recliner, taking all the pills, pain killers, etc… But I even after I still wasn’t feeling right.  I went to my Surgeon, Went to my primary Doctor and this is what happened….
Without knowing it I had been poisoning myself.  I am allergic to legumes (soy, peanut butter, beans, etc, tree nuts, and nuts.  Things I ate on a regular basis.
So why did I tell you this story….?
•Well ONE In case this is you and like me you had no idea…..•And Two To encourage you to read the back of labels for yourself and your families healthFor example The word spices, artificial and natural flavor, can mean anything like soy, nuts, gluten egg, coloring agents, you don’t know.

More and more kids are developing allergies.  So please pay attention to how your children react to food as well as yourself.
Even if you don’t buy this course thats ok….check out the FREE preview for Blackened Seasoning.
 Give it a try and enjoy…
All the Best and with love,

John Thomas Mattison.

You will learn

✓ After taking this course you will be able to make spice mixes that taste amazing and are FREE of added allergens and preservatives.


• Be able to use basic kitchen measuring equipment id (teaspoon, tablespoon, cups)

This course is for

• DIY fanatics
• Anyone that doesn’t want weird preservatives like silicon dioxide in their spice mixes.
• People with food allergies to Soy, Peanut, Nuts, that are often hidden in spice mixes.
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