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SAP : Plant Maintenance (PM) Certification Preparation

Be quickly prepared to become PM certified (C_TPLM30_67, C_TS413_2020, C_TS413_1809 & C_TS413_1909)
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This Plant Maintenance certification preparation exercise has been especially designed for following official SAP Plant Maintenance Certifications:
– C_TPLM30_67
– C_TS413_2020
– C_TS413_1809
– C_TS413_1909

•Who is this preparation for?
In a general way, this Plant Maintenance preparation exercise is intended for all SAP consultants wishing to formalize their skills on the module.
You already have Plant Maintenance skills or you have just acquired through various trainings, it’s time to test what you’ve learned! This is the best way to really know your degree of expertise and if you can be considered as a real SAP PM consultant.
In addition, once you have successfully completed this preparation exercise, you will be ready to register for the official certification. On the other hand, if official certification is not your ultimate goal, this exercise will allow you to properly assess your knowledge of PM module and also in general maintenance. Indeed, this exercise is an excellent complement to any PM training followed.

•What does this preparation include ?
As mentioned on the top of this description, this preparation has been especially designed for official SAP Plant Maintenance Certifications:   C_TPLM30_67 (ECC), C_TS413_1809 (HANA v1), C_TS413_1909 (HANA v2) & C_TS413_2020 (HANA v3).
To match with these official certifications, this preparation is composed of six different parts:
– Corrective & Preventive Maintenance
– Technical Objects, Organizational Units & Master Data
– Breakdown, Refurbishment & Project-oriented Maintenance
– New Technologies & Mobile Maintenance
– Analytics
– User Interface, User Experience & General Usability
Each part is composed of several questions which deal with the concerned subject.

•Why use this certification preparation ?
SAP certifications are a real asset in order to enhance your knowledge. It is, in a way, a matter of formalizing one’s expertise. Moreover, in order to put all the chances on your side during an interview, proving your theoretical skills through an official certification is a real advantage. This is what could make you the ideal candidate!
In addition to the theoretical aspect, this preparation exercise was designed by an experienced SAP Plant Maintenance consultant, having a real process / functional background and best practices. All these bonuses have been integrated into this certification preparation. You will therefore gain business experience in a very fast way.
Since official SAP certifications are expensive, it is best to pass them on the first try. That’s why this preparation was designed. Thanks to the latter, you will be able to practice at your own pace on typical questions.
This preparation is not just yes/no questions! Indeed, our SAP PM consultant spent time to construct sensible questions. In addition, the answers are constructive, with screenshots and detailed explanations.

•Two examples of question ?
Question 1:
On which technical unit can a default Control Key be configured that will be automatically transferred to the operations of a task list / order?
a. Work Center
b. Planner Group
c. Plant Section

a. Work Center
Neither the Planner Group nor the Plant Section allows a default Control Key to be set.
The Work Center, on the other hand, does.
This configuration is done in the “Default Values” tab of the Work Center view.
Note: transaction codes needed:
– IR01: Create Work Center
– IR02: Change Work Center
– IR03: Display Work Center

Question 2:
Why create a sub-order rather than just adding a new operation?
a. Because another reference object has to be assigned.
b. To confirm, approve or close it independently.
c. To budget it differently.
d. To assign a different Work Center.
e. There is no particular reason.

a. Because another reference object has to be assigned, b. To confirm, approve or close it independently & c. To budget it differently.
Indeed, Suborders rivals the creation of new operations.
Many PM users wonder whether it is better to create a Suborder or to add one or more operations in the existing order.
Suborders are useful in several cases like for exemple assign a separate reference object, separate order budget or also use an independent approval.
In the other hand, different Work Center can be assigned to operations inside a same Order. Consequently, that’s not a reason of creating a Suborder.

Warning: This course is regularly updated according to new questions raised by the community.

We want to be close to our community, and above all, to support you in your success.
“What you are tomorrow depends on what you do today”.
So take the plunge. Don’t hesitate. The best investment you can make is to invest in yourself!

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This course is for

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• SAP consultants in general
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