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SALSA Shines & Footwork: Vol 3 (Our SHINES BUNDLES Concept)

A well structured & detailed guide to make your SALSA Shines & Turn Patterns Musical, Attractive & Graceful (All Levels)
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Table of contents



Wait No More and learn an amazingly effective method of learning SALSA SHINES & FOOTWORK so that you can remember, recall & recreate all the SHINES that you learn when you hit the Salsa Social Dancing floor.

What do we mean by Shines & Footwork? Why do we need these? What are the benefits, advantages and takeaways from Shines/Footwork?
Solo Dancing or Shines & Footwork, are well-worth learning & is helpful for many reasons in Partner dance styles. ‘Shines’ are usually referred to patterns, steps & footwork beyond just the basic steps. ‘Footwork’ is generally means any kind of Footwork including basic steps & Shines. Learning basics is one thing, but footwork & shines, surprisingly is an extremely important factor in learning partner-work & improving your whole self dance in general. This applies to all partner dance styles, including Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha, Bachata & yes even Kizomba.

Advantages: Dancers who spend allot of time on shines or footwork have quite a few advantages; they can have a more fun with social dancing because they have more tools in their tool kit. They can break away from their dance partner and freestyle with shines they have learnt and even create new ones of the fly. This allows them to express in ways that many don’t. It you are confident enough to dance without the rules of partner work, allow your partner to express themselves in new ways, and generally increase the variety in your movements. Their body-movement is better, they can turn quicker when executing turn patterns that required them to turn, ‘male or female’. They look better because of their own personal style, fluidity of movement, body movement, styling, musical interpretation and their technique, timing and speed. While social dancing it also adds more variety to the dance and there are sections in the music that can require solo dancing.

Benefits from Shines & Footwork: Timing, Musicality, Control, Expression, Foot speed, Weight shifting & Transfer, Foot placement, Styling, Flavor, Fluidity, Posture, Mastering basic steps, Body position & angles, Acceleration & deceleration, Directions Changes, Sharp vs Smooth movements, Move more easily, Body Movement, Muscle memory, Grounding & Floor Pressure, Solo dance technique, Turns, Pivots & Spins, Balance, Confidence, Learning Routines Faster and…..Finally having fun!
Most of these benefits above, you can’t learn from partner-work alone and only benefit your dancing a whole.

You do need a good chunk of above such as body movement, speed, styling, flavor, Fluidity, etc. Once you make these building blocks muscle memory, through practice and repetition, your dancing will grow massively to the point you can express in a way that relates to the music, known as musicality.

Unfortunately, a lot of beginners & unexperienced dancers, or not well trained ones, tend to dismiss shines and think that they are a waste of time. They will never be used and should be for performing only! They also may believe that learning partner-work should be the main focus of on learning to dance. This just shows a lack of understanding of these dance styles. You actually need both!

So in a nutshell, if you want to be a great partner-work dancer or even a well balanced dancer, you really do need shines & footwork!

Now, Once you have read the above details about SALSA SHINES & FOOTWORK, Do you wish to learn these the right way, in extremely detailed manner, step by step? Or to improve your Salsa Body Movements / Language & Musicality? Did you always want to make your Shines, Turn patterns, Partner Work look much more smoother, richer, fluid, graceful, attractive & inspiring to people who are looking at you while you dance in Salsa Socials or in stage performances?

Do you feel you have been dancing Salsa for a while, have been taking lessons, doing shines and partner-work classes, attending workshops & Latin Dance festival but still you feel that there is something missing and your dancing is not as smooth, technically correct or attractive as much as you want it to be? Then Perhaps, Salsa Shines & Footwork is one thing that you might be lacking in your skillset !! Why not explore it with us, in this course?

Anuj Sukhija started dancing & teaching Salsa professionally in 2009 & has developed a teaching methodology which is well structured, disciplined and easy to understand and thus can make anyone learn dance in a short span of time.

Sign Up Today and take anything and everything you so in Salsa to next level sooner than soon !! 🙂

Best Practices to extract the maximum out of this course:
•Do not skip lessons or jump videos. Learn in the order in which various Sections & lessons appear in this course.
•Practice, Practice, Practice !! Whatever you learn from a video, Practice it well before going to the next video. Practice it well and if needed watch the video again and again.
•We have listed a lot of practice exercises – Slow Counts, Faster Counts, Count Music, Song Practice. Refer to all these again and again till the content of the lesson you learnt enters your muscle memory.
•Have a lot of fun learning from this course & implementing your learning into your dancing ! Remember why you started learning Salsa 🙂

You will learn

✓ A completely NEW LEARNING & TEACHING CONCEPT / METHODOLOGY called SHINES BUNDLES to efficiently learn, practice & remember Salsa Shines & Footwork
✓ SHINES BUNDLES Method also significantly improves your efficiency to recall & recreate Shines in your body the magic of rich and beautiful Salsa Music & Songs
✓ 20+ Shines & Footwork Variations – With Proper Broken Down techniques – Taught Systematically on Music, Counts & Provided Extremely in-Depth Explanation.
✓ 6 Practice Combinations – Again broken down & Taught Systematically on Music, Counts & Provided Extremely in-Depth Explanation.
✓ A BONUS Shines Choreography taught in extremely detailed manner (including the Shines taught till now) – On one of the classic Salsa Songs – Guantanamera
✓ Detailed Whole Body Warm Up Exercises (Separately for Upper Body & Lower Body)
✓ A lot of practice exercises to choose from – On Slow Counts, Faster counts, Music, etc
✓ Important Tips on Technique, Styling, Choices of variations, Musicality & Body Movements involved in learning these shines & Salsa Dancing in general


• An “I CAN and I WILL” attitude as well as enthusiasm & knack for learning & studying the in-depth, proper & correct details of Salsa Dancing or anything that you start learning.
• Time (and a commitment) to practice: Learn to dance require time and dedication. Human body needs time to adapt to new movements (muscle memory) so it is important to practice until you are able to perform the step and move to the next one.
• Learning anything should be fun and should not be a pressure or nightmare. So take your own time and practice as much as you need between each video, but more important, enjoy all the process. Feel the magic of the movement and music and keep a positive attitude towards what you can achieve. We don’t know about life but this course will surely change your Salsa & will take it to next higher level !!

This course is for

• Any Level of Salsa Dancers (Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced) who have the desire to make their Salsa Shines, Partner-work, anything and everything you do in Salsa to look much more smoother, richer, fluid, graceful, technically correct, attractive & inspiring to people looking at your dancing.
• People who want to correct their Salsa Basic Posture & Fundamental techniques & make these better.
• Anyone who does not have a great vocabulary of Shines & Footwork Steps and are willing to enhance their shines vocabulary to express themselves to the amazing Salsa Rhythms & Tunes hidden at various places in beautiful Salsa Songs.
• Anyone who wants to be more efficient in remembering, recalling & recreating shines with better success percentage while you are on the Social Dance Floor
• Anyone who wants to feel & become more confident to break away from their partner to do free styling & Shines
• Anyone who wants to understand how to create shines variations on the go while social dancing.
• Anyone who still counts in his/her head while dancing & can’t connect to the Salsa songs or music in terms of Salsa Rhythms & Instruments
• Anyone who wants their Salsa Body Movement & Salsa Musicality to improve.
• Even if you want to be a great partner-work dancer or even a well balanced dancer, you really do need shines & footwork!

How much does the SALSA Shines & Footwork: Vol 3 (Our SHINES BUNDLES Concept) course cost? Is it worth it?

The course costs $14.99. And currently there is a 57% discount on the original price of the course, which was $34.99. So you save $20 if you enroll the course now.

Does the SALSA Shines & Footwork: Vol 3 (Our SHINES BUNDLES Concept) course have a money back guarantee or refund policy?

YES, SALSA Shines & Footwork: Vol 3 (Our SHINES BUNDLES Concept) has a 30-day money back guarantee. The 30-day refund policy is designed to allow students to study without risk.

Are there any SCHOLARSHIPS for this course?

Currently we could not find a scholarship for the SALSA Shines & Footwork: Vol 3 (Our SHINES BUNDLES Concept) course, but there is a $20 discount from the original price ($34.99). So the current price is just $14.99.

Who is the instructor? Is Anuj Sukhija a SCAM or a TRUSTED instructor?

Anuj Sukhija has created 4 courses that got 44 reviews which are generally positive. Anuj Sukhija has taught 88 students and received a 5.0 average review out of 44 reviews. Depending on the information available, Anuj Sukhija is a TRUSTED instructor.
Salsa Teacher, Co-Founder & Partner at Heels Dance Academy
Anuj Sukhija (A.k.a. Salsa Monk), based in Pune, India – is one of India’s upcoming Salsa & Afro Cuban Performer & Instructor. After completing his Graduation Degree in Electronics & Communication, He came to Pune in 2006 to join a job of a Software Developer at Amdocs (a well established MNC). It was along with this job that he started learning Salsa in 2006 itself and immediately fell in love with the dance for.

In 2009, he started teaching Salsa part time along with the IT Job when he, along with his dance partner Komal Degwekar, founded a Dance School with the name Heels Dance Academy.

With great beginnings & solid foundations and Driven by the sheer love for Afro-Cuban & Salsa Dancing, Anuj trained with many National & International artists and teachers and kept growing by enhancing his knowledge and working & honing his skill set and technicalities with every passing year. He travels around the world in salsa festivals and takes countless workshops and trainings with a lot of national & international artists, dancers & teachers, such as Fernando Sosa, Tatiana Bonaguro, George Tsi, Elena Nafplioti, Pablito Stellato, Adolfo Indacochea, Eddie Torres, Michael Fonts, Johnny Vasquez, Tania Canarsa, Magna Gopal, Katia Verreault, Oliver Pineda, Fadi Fusion, Alien Ramirez, and more.

Later on after working as a software developer for 8 years, Anuj quit his IT job in 2014 to pursue Dance training, teaching & performing career full time. Along with Salsa, Anuj is also trained in Afro Orishas, Cuban Rumba, Rueda De Casino, Ballroom Rumba, ChaChaCha, Merengue, Pachanga, Jive & Kizomba but his first love has always been Afro Cuban & Salsa.

He has taught hundreds of students since 2009 developing a teaching methodology which is well structured, disciplined and easy to understand and thus can make anyone learn dance in a short span of time.

Dance is a form of expression, it’s a way of life. Teaching others what he learnt through years, fulfils him as a dancer and person also. Apart from Dancing, Anuj loves to read, create short films, Deejaying, playing guitar and drums.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 4h 3m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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