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Sales Skills Training: Consultative Selling Master Class

Sales Training - Professional B2B Selling Skills for Consultants, Entrepreneurs and all Who Bring in the Business!
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Sell in the Spirit of Service, seek to solve problems and build lasting relationships. This is Consultative Selling Skills,  the anxiety free way to sell million dollar contracts.
Selling is an essential skill in our economy and for your personal development. To earn your full potential you must be able to sell your self, your ideas, your product or service. Consultative Selling reduces the anxiety of selling by focusing on shared problem-solving and building trusting relationships. Those who become partners or principles in professional service firms (consultants, lawyers, etc.) are those who bring in the business. This course describes exactly how to bring in high value contracts by building trusting relationships with clients. To succeed as an entrepreneur you must have the selling skills taught in this course.
The instructor was CEO and owner of a consulting firm for more than thirty years and sold multi-million dollar consulting contracts to companies like Shell Oil Company, Texaco, Honeywell, Merck, Coca-Cola, Bacardi, Corning, and others. He explains exactly how to build your own brand, establish credibility in the marketplace, build awareness, interest, and lasting relationships.
Transactional selling is like a one-night date. Consultative Selling is like a marriage, a partnership with your clients, in which you share in identifying problems and co-creating solutions. Consultative Selling skills take you from the earning potential of a skilled professional in your field to the million dollar plus earning potential of a partner or business owner.
The topics covered include the following:
1. How Do High Performing Sales People Behave? – A Study of the Stars. This is actual field research conducted by the instructor for a client on the dozen most successful sales people out of many hundreds selling for a major commercial truck manufacturer.
2. The Process of Consultative Selling: The Antecedents that Lead to the Sale. The instructor describes the process of creating a “sales funnel” that starts with knowing your market, creating awareness, personal and company branding.
3. The Consultative Conversation. This section describes the factors in “likeability”, the process of dialogue (thinking together), problem solving models that enable you to immediately start adding value by helping the client diagnose their problems and co-create solutions that incorporate the features and benefits of your service or product. The instructor shares a detailed actual proposal of his consulting services that sold for more than a million dollars. He also shares a case study and suggest possible proof statements that enable the closing of the sale.
4. Service the Sale: Many sales courses end with the famous “close”. However, this instructor insists that the initial close of a contract is only the beginning of a relationship and describes the process of post sale service and quality control that leads to additional sales opportunities.
5. The Essential Communication Skills: The final section of the course is training in the fundamental communication skills of asking open-ended questions, reflective listening, and expressing empathy that are essential to all quality relationships and are essential for Consultative Selling.
There is nothing theoretical about this course. It iis entirely based on the instructors many years as the principle rainmaker of a successful consulting firm.
Larry Miller has more than thirty-five thousand online students, sixteen courses, a numerous best selling courses. He has also published eleven books, two of which were on the NY Times Best Seller list.
Comments by previous students:
“The course exceeded my expectations, its content is of quality and delivered beautifully. I could start applying things that I have learned tomorrow morning and I probably will. Thank you!” Andrei Nechifor
“Yes, Lawrence Miller explains everything in detail. Very good to know what to expect and why. Also, very informative with coaching and dealing with individual vs team performance. The lines are laid out pretty clearly. There was a lot of great material, including feedback and open-ended questions techniques that are definitely useful in coaching and management.” Deanne Duncan
“An outstanding leader and an amazing teacher. This teacher transformed the way I am doing business. He made me by far a better business consultant and executive coach. All the respect and love for him. Once you take one of his courses, you will be addicted to his teachings and courses.” Nabil El Hady
“This course is fantastic, and I say that as someone who is very familiar with lean. I’m now using this course as part of my consulting practice to help my clients learn lean management, quality improvement, and the kata of high performing teams. The quality of instruction is outstanding on every front, and all the more so considering the low cost at which it can be accessed here on Udemy (whether purchasing it for myself or for others who need the material). Larry, thank you for what you have created here. This is an excellent resource for the direct practitioner, as well as the coach/consultant who is seeking to help clients learn, implement, and master these methods. I truly appreciate what you’ve done.” Josh White
“The course was very informative, with proper guidelines and activity involved to practice. Miller is awesome in explaining things with right choice of words. Thanks again.” Divya
“I love it! is concise, easy to understand even for me. I am just a beginner, but the explanations are very clear. He is a great teacher! Although it is a lot of information I did really enjoyed this course. Lawrence is amazing.” Maria Vargas Figueroa

You will learn

✓ How to sell consulting and other high value services in the spirit of service
✓ How to Sustain a Lasting Professional Relationship with Clients
✓ Building Your Personal Brand
✓ Mastering the Art of Building Trust for High Value Sales
✓ Engaging Your Client in Co-Creating Solutions that Meet His/Her Needs


• Only a desire to become a professional who creates lasting relationships and value for your customers

This course is for

• Any professional who desires to influence others and build a lasting business relationship.
• Professionals seeking to become partners, principles, or high earners in their company.
• Entrepeneurs who have to sell their ideas to prospective investors or partners.
• Any sales professional wishing to increase the value of their sales and their relationships
Best Selling Instructor, Author & Leadership Coach
Larry Miller is now teaching more than one-hundred seventy thousand students in 200 countries on Udemy, is the author of eleven books, and has forty years of experience consulting with major corporations. Several of his courses on management and leadership are best selling courses in their category and have been adopted by major corporations as part of their leadership development and lean culture implementation process.
For the past forty years he has worked to improve the performance of organizations and the skills of their leaders. His expertise is derived from hands on experience creating change in the culture of more than a hundred organizations.
He began his work in youth prisons after recognizing that the learning system in the organization had exactly the opposite of its intended effect – increasing, rather than decreasing, dysfunctional behavior. For four years he worked to redesign the prison system by establishing the first free- economy behind prison walls, where each inmate had to pay rent, maintain a checking account, and pay for everything he desired. This was his first organizational transformation.
He has been consulting, writing and speaking about business organization and culture since 1973. After ten years with another consulting firm, he formed his own firm, the Miller Howard Consulting Group in 1983. In 1998 he sold his firm to Towers Perrin, an international human resource consulting firm and became a Principal of that firm. In 1999 he left that firm to focus on solo consulting projects.
He and his firm were one of the early proponents of team-based management and worked with many clients to implement Team Management from the senior executive team to include every level and every employee in the organization. The Team Management process created a company of business managers, with every employee focused on continuous improvement of business performance. In addition to directing the overall change process, Mr. Miller personally coached the senior management team of many of his clients.
The implementation of Team Management led to the realization that the whole-system of the organization needed to be redesigned to create alignment so all systems, structure, skills, style and symbols support the same goals and culture. From this realization he developed the process of Whole System Architecture that is a high involvement method of rethinking all of the systems, structures and culture of the organization. Among his consulting clients have been 3M, Corning, Shell Oil Company, Amoco and Texaco, Shell Chemicals, Air Canada and Varig Airlines, Eastman Chemicals, Xerox, Harris Corporation, McDonald’s and Chick-fil-A, Merck and Upjohn Pharmaceuticals, United Technologies, Metropolitan Life and Landmark Communications.
Mr. Miller has authored eleven books, among them American Spirit: Visions of A New Corporate Culture, which was the text for Honda of America’s course on their values and culture; and Barbarians to Bureaucrats: Corporate Life Cycle Strategies, which draws on the history of the rise and fall of civilizations to illustrate the patterns of leadership and evolution in corporate cultures. Most recently he authored Getting to Lean – Transformational Change Management that draws on the best change management practices such as socio-technical system design, appreciative inquiry, and systems thinking or learning organizations to provide a road map to transforming organizations. He has also authored Team Kata –Your Guide to Becoming A High Performing Team, the core human process of lean organizations. Most recently he published The Lean Coach that corresponds to his course on Coaching Leaders for Success. He has appeared on the Today Show, CNN, made many appearances on CNBC, has written for The New York Times and been the subject of a feature story in Industry Week magazine. He was recently the subject of articles in Fast Company and Inc. Magazine.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 5h 58m
Language: English
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