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SaaS Metrics Fundamentals for Managers, Founders & Investors

The Most Comprehensive Course on SaaS Metrics: Bookings, ARR, Churn, Retention, LTV, CAC, Unit Economics and Dashboard
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June 2021 Updates
•All Course Notes in One Downloadable PDF (close to 200 pages!): Lecture presentation slides for all the lessons are now available for download in one single PDF. This is a great reference tool for you to review the course materials anytime in the future. Access the resource in the last section of the course.

•New 1-Pager SaaS Metrics Cheat Sheet: I created this cheatsheet so you have all the key metrics and their formula all in one place! Access the resource in the last section of the course.

•New Quizzes and Assignments: 7 quizzes and assignments have been added/refreshed in various sections of the course.

Are you:
•Working at a SaaS company, but you secretly don’t understand SaaS metrics?
•Confused by terms such as bookings, revenue, ARR, retention rate, and unit economics?
•Looking for a career opportunity at a software company and you need to impress your interviewer with a solid understanding of SaaS?
If any of these applies, then you have come to the right place!
This SaaS Metrics Fundamentals course will give you the right tools and skills to be successful.
My name is Jimmy, and I have over 10 years of consulting, strategy and finance experience in technology companies in Silicon Valley.
If your professional work is related to software, whether you are a company founder, a sales executive, product manager, a financial analyst, a business leader, a product manager, or an investor, you will need to how to measure and analyze a SaaS business with the right metrics.
The most valuable software enterprises today are SaaS companies. With the number of job opportunities at these companies, mastering SaaS metrics is going to be immensely valuable for your careers.
The course starts with the basics of the SaaS business model, take you through the metrics to measure business growth, product stickiness, unit economics and financial performance.
Ultimately, you will be able to impress your team with a metrics dashboard and presentations that tell the right story.
This course is packed with the following to enhance your learning:
•High quality videos
•Real life examples
All the beautiful spreadsheets and dashboards are included for free so you can save hours of your time and make these tables and charts your own in a matter of minutes.
By the end of the course, you will be able to:
•Measure the right SaaS metrics
•Analyze trends from metrics performance,
•Articulate its meaning at your next meeting.
•Know more than your colleagues
•Take your career to the next level.
So are you ready to take your career at a SaaS company to the next level? If so, jump in, and I will see you in the course!
Course Content
•Course Intro
•SaaS Business Model
Business Growth
•Bookings: TCV, ACV, Contract Term
•Bookings: Offer Type
•Bookings: New vs Renewal
•ARR Analysis
Product Stickiness
•Churn: What and Why?
•Retention / Churn Rates I – Intro and Count Based
•Retention / Churn Rates II – Dollar Based
•Renewal rate
•Cohort analysis
Unit Economics
•Unit Economics
•Customer Life Time (LTV)
•Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Payback Period
•SaaS magic number
P&L Metrics
•P&L Financial Model Walkthrough:
•Profitability (Gross Margin, Operating Margin and Free Cash Flow Margin)
•Rule of 40
SaaS Metrics Dashboard
•SaaS Metrics Dashboard Output
•Make your own Metrics Dashboard

You will learn

✓ Measure and Track the Right SaaS Metrics **FREE DASHBOARD TEMPLATE INCLUDED**
✓ Articulate the SaaS Business Model
✓ Analyze SaaS Business Trends
✓ Interpret SaaS Metrics Performance and Discuss Meaning and Implications
✓ Draw Insights and Conclusions from SaaS Metrics Performance
✓ Break down ARR Momentum Trends: New, Expansion, Downsell and Churn
✓ Present SaaS Metrics in a Beautiful Dashboard that Tells the Story
✓ Answer Questions at your Next SaaS Company Interview
✓ Bookings (TCV/ACV)
✓ Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)
✓ Revenue
✓ Retention and Churn Rates (Customer vs Dollar-Based, Gross vs Net)
✓ Renewal Rates
✓ Cohort Analysis
✓ Customer Life Time Value (LTV)
✓ Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and CAC Payback Period
✓ LTV/CAC Ratio
✓ SaaS Magic Number
✓ SaaS Financial Model
✓ Profitability, Gross/Operating/Free Cash Flow Margin
✓ Rule of 40


• Basic financial analysis knowledge would be helpful, but not required
• Basic knowledge of Google Sheet/Excel would be helpful, but not required

This course is for

• Financial Analysts at SaaS companies
• Business and Operation Leaders at SaaS Companies
• Software Company Founders / Investors
• Candidates Seeking Employment / Interviewing at SaaS Companies
• Product Managers
SaaS, Cloud & Software | Finance, Strategy & Data Analytics
Built on 10+ years of finance, consulting and strategy experience working in Silicon Valley, my courses are focused on:
· SaaS / Software Business Strategy & Operations Management
· Data Analytics
· Microsoft Excel / Google Sheet
· Microsoft PowerPoint / Google Slides
· Cloud Financial Management
My approach is to make complex topics simple to understand, and teach through real life examples so you can apply the skills on your job.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 34m
Language: English
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