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REVEALING – How to Build Your Business without Working Hard

The Step by Step Delegation System for Entrepreneurs to Scale Productivity and Profit–With NO Hard work & More Free Time
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Updated on 5 July 2015!
OVER 1,700 STUDENTS HAVE TAKEN & SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED THIS COURSE. JOIN THEM! Management and Entrepreneurship for: Small Business Owners – Family Owned Business – Home Owned Business – Side-business Owner – Solo-Entrepreneurs – Business Start-ups – Business Expansion for Small Businesses
Working in your business day in day out? Not having much of a life except the business? Finding it hard to delegate responsibility because you’re afraid they’ll mess up? This is when entrepreneurs become prisoners in their own business.
Feeling burned out? Are you a talented, ambitious, and energetic entrepreneur running out of gas? Do you insist on tackling all aspects of your business’s operations by yourself? Is your business growing? Are you starting to feel overwhelmed and are wondering what to do?
Are you using too much of your time and energy on routine or unimportant tasks? Have you failed to take the time to look at the vital aspects of your business? What about your company’s future, the strategic plans, long term budgets and all the marketing campaigns you keep thinking about?
Do you objectively review which tasks can be delegated to others and focus on the tasks that require the experience and skills that only you possess?
Discover how delegation is a true power within the context of entrepreneurship and self-employement. You will learn how to accurately use other people’s talents, expertise, time and effort to start-up, build or expand your business. It will lead you to increase your business income while focusing on the most important aspect of your business.
You Need To Learn To Delegate Professionally When:
•You want your small business to expand and make more income. After all you can’t do everything by yourself. •You are now aware that entrepreneurs don’t just make money. They create Wealth for themselves and others. •You want to own several businesses and work ON your Businesses and not IN your businesses. Learn how to use delegation as a core skill for establishing and developing your businesses in a fast paced, confident and influential way. It can make others work very hard to your benefit.
What Makes this Course Valuable and Different
•COMPLETE SYSTEM: from Start to Finish. You will never find a complete delegation strategy for entrepreneurs on the net or in any book (or eBook) •You will learn the little known ‘secret steps’ to delegate like a professional entrepreneur and get the results you want. •You will learn how successful entrepreneurs plan their delegation. Drawn from my practical experience after spending years studying successful entrepreneurs. •Up-to-date strategies. Strategies that WORK. This is 2015. Avoid learning from old books on outdated strategies written decades ago. •How to use this delegation system to make your business work for you and How to avoid the trap of working for your business for the rest of your life. •You will get to create your own system and decide on what to delegate and why! It is not haphazard work! •How to use this delegation system to create wealth for you and others. That’s more than just making money. •How mastering this delegation system will allow you to create any type of business – Not just the ones you’re familiar with. “He’s big on delegation,” the Microsoft founder said in a packed theatre at a TED conference about Warren Buffet.
Master the PROVEN and POWERFUL delegation SYSTEM to increase your achievements and realize your business ventures.
•Enlist the best people to help you achieve your targets •Learn the true evaluation steps for what to delegate and what to keep. •Prepare to delegate to get exactly what you want •How to monitor delegation results to get what you want when you want it Extreme delegation — giving away every task that is not in your area of special competency — can be the recipe for extraordinary riches.
Ever wondered how somebody can own several businesses and seems doing very little? Learning how to delegate using this well-structured system will put you ahead of the ordinary entrepreneur and the self-employed. When you apply the delegation system within this course you will get the results you want from almost anybody you need to work with. You will be using the same skills that made true entrepreneurs prominent and rich.
You will discover how to lead a delegation meeting to get commitment and obligation from almost anyone. How to establish milestones and to accomplish your targets quickly, on time and accurately.
Learn before you pay a dire price.
If you think there is too much to do, so many tasks, small tasks, long term ones, important ones to achieve, before you get your business up and running or that expansion is too much work and you cannot handle it: You are wrong. It is at this moment that you need to learn this true and powerful delegation system before you start giving up and letting go.
The aim of this course is for you to acquire the skill of: “How to make people happy making you rich”
What’s in this course and how it will get you to become a master delegator.
The most important question is ‘What’s in it for you?’ and this this were we will start. You will discover the importance of delegation within the context of entrepreneurship or the self-employed.
You will go through the advantages and disadvantages of delegation and most importantly you will have the chance to draw your own conclusions to establish how YOU can ultimately benefit from delegation and draw on its influence on other people.
Defining delegation and its process will be our starting point to launching you into learning the process and what steps to take to establish a strong, outcome oriented, yet flexible delegation.
The concise and efficient 4-steps of delegation will be covered thoroughly with examples and methods of their application. You also get couple of homework and quizzes for you to anchor your learnings and establish motivators to learn the skill even better.
Results is what you’re looking for in your business. You will have the opportunity to acquire several methods for effective feedback – a master skill – that will help in all other endeavour in your life.
Finally you will go through the guidelines for successful delegation and how to become a good delegator.

You will learn

✓ You will understand the true essence of delegation within the entrepreneurial context
✓ How you can use delegation to start-up, manage and expand your own business, while staying focused on your own strengths
✓ On a practical level you will master the 4-step process for effective delegation
✓ How to prepare to delegate to get ultimate results
✓ You will learn how to practically manage a delegation meeting
✓ How to give better instructions for better delegation results
✓ Recognize common delegation pitfalls and how to avoid them
✓ How to monitor delegation results to get what you want when you want it
✓ How to give effective feedback and get people motivated
✓ The key points for becoming an effective delegator
✓ And other concepts and practicalities


• You need to know about your targets and the ideal future you think you can achieve and be determined to build lucrative businesses

This course is for

• The course is mainly for entrepreneurs seeking ways to attain results faster, consistently, accurately while ensuring their workload is kept to the minimum.
• The course is mainly for aspiring entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs seeking ways to attain results faster, consistently, accurately while ensuring their workload is kept to the minimum.
• You Must take this course if you are overwhelmed with your work and about to give up. It is a life savior to decrease your stress, upgrade your productivity and return same sanity and free time to your life.
• When you want to enhance your own productivity and focus on your crucial goals while others take care of the necessary tasks according to your targets and standards.
• When you need to immediately embark on projects that demand serious hard work and you need specific help
• When your team needs to grow its performance and achieve higher results
• This course is only for those who have a definite understanding that success, wealth and power are always a shared effort and you are just leading the way.
• Please do not take this course if you believe you can achieve any kind of success single handedly, by yourself.
• This course is not for you when you believe you are the only one who can produce the results you want.
Entrepreneurship Specialist, Management Consultant, Coach
Ultimate Results Group is the Creation of Louay Zambarakji. An Avid Entrepreneur with diverse skills and passionate coach and mentor.
From 30 years plus of business experience, more than 15 years experience in training people to succeed in their personal life, career and entrepreneurial undertakings and as an avid entrepreneur, Louay believes that the right personal development is fundamental to accomplishing the very best in anything that one is committed to, passionate about and driven to achieve.
The personal development concept comprises; managing one’s emotions, always being in an up state, creating empowering beliefs, increasing one’s mental energy, surmounting internal and external challenge and so much more.
Mastering, training and practicing this concept and NLP immensely augmented his personal success and wealth while studying, understanding and modelling successful people gave him deeper and invaluable insight into diverse personal and professional realities.
Passionate about helping others find and claim their most fulfilling lives, Louay trained a large number of staff – who became a workforce of massive output and consequently grew business bigger and better. This outcome fuelled his desire to help more people live life without restriction, without limitation, exceeding all expectations negative or otherwise, by inspiring them to personal success.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 1m
Language: English
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