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RESTful API with Laravel: Build a Real API with Laravel

Build a RESTful API for a market system using Laravel and dominate the most challenging features of APIs with Laravel
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So you need to build a RESTful API for a project, but you do not know even where to start? Do not worry I will guide you through the whole process to build a genuine RESTful API using Laravel.
Join the more than 5.000 students already taking this course, building their RESTful APIs using Laravel, and enjoying every single class!
Note: You can take, and in fact it is recommended, to follow the course using the most recent version of Laravel. Additionally, the course includes extensive sections about how to upgrade your project to different versions of Laravel, in case you decide to use any previous version.
Build your RESTful API with Laravel, using a complete marketplace as the case of use. With Laravel, creating every component will be a breeze. You will have a project with users, sellers, buyers, transactions, products, and categories. Explore all types of relationships, one to many, many to many and much much more using Eloquent the Laravel ORM.

The full guide for creating a real RESTful API with Laravel. You can follow the course using the latest Laravel version (it is recommended).
You will not find a Laravel course like this. This course explains everything you need to develop a RESTful API using the Laravel framework.
At the end of the course, you will have a RESTful API with Laravel, for a market system, where users can purchase and sell different products with different categories and transactions. Inclusive, the same user can be both a seller and a buyer (you will take advantage of inheritance for this).

¡Do Not wait anymore! Become a master in the development of genuinely RESTful APIs with Laravel. Join the course now and see you in class
Remember: The course has been constantly updated to use the latest versions of Laravel. So feel free to use the version you like (especially the latest version of Laravel).

In this course, you learn how to develop a realistic,  fully implemented, and professional RESTful API with Laravel.

Laravel is the most popular PHP framework, with more than 20 million downloads along with lots of enterprise and personal projects worldwide. Additionally, it includes fantastic features to implement a RESTful API easily. Laravel is RESTful friendly.

What is a RESTful API?
A Web API is like a web service that works entirely with HTTP. A RESTful API must follow the REST (REpresentational State Transfer) practices, allowing to orientate the design to the resources, provide standard responses based on the different HTTP status codes, and the corresponding according to Hypermedia Links in responses (HATEOAS).

Why Laravel?
Because Laravel is a framework made by programmers for programmers, expressive, simple, intuitive, and powerful. Laravel provides useful features for web projects including RESTful APIs.
Each new Laravel version includes many changes that make this framework even better, simple, programmer-friendly, and at the same time much more powerful. In fact, the latest versions of Laravel included a lot of new features to help to develop RESTful APIs in the right way.
During this course, you will master the complete structure of Laravel, along with the new features included in the latest version of Laravel to develop an actual RESTful API.
You will learn this about the development of a RESTful API with Laravel:
•Using the Laravel PHP artisan for code and components generation
•Usage and creation of middleware on Laravel
•The Laravel Resource routes and controllers (ideal for RESTful APIs)
•Fully supported JSON format responses for a JSON RESTful API
•Validation of requests directly from the Laravel Controllers
•Handling all types of exceptions and errors from Laravel handler
•Complex operations involving up to three resources/models for a specific operation
•Usage of Laravel dependency injection and model binding
•Generation of the database structure using Laravel migrations
•Automatic insertion of fake data into the database through “faker,” using Laravel factories, and seeders
•Laravel Sessions and access_token authentication for the RESTful API. Yes, Both!
•Using Laravel Passport to protect the RESTful API with OAuth2
•Pagination of results using Laravel collections
•Using URL parameters to execute actions (the RESTful approach)
•Sorting results based on URL parameters with a RESTful approach
•Filtering results using URL parameters
•Caching responses using Laravel Cache System
•Limitation of requests using the Laravel middleware
•Implementing HATEOAS on Laravel (a pure RESTful API must use HATEOAS)
•Using PHP Fractal for transforming responses
•Usage of CORS on the API responses to allow JavaScript-based clients and web browsers.
•Use the Laravel Policies and Gates to handle the user’s authorization layer.
•Much more!!

You can take a look at the full list of contents below. You will finish with a complete RESTful API and understanding a lot of Laravel skills.
You will create an actual RESTful API from scratch and step by step using Laravel. Follow the REST architecture and build appropriate URLs to identify actions and resources using the Laravel best features and learn Laravel in the way.
Take full advantage of tools like Sublime Text 3, Git, power shell, Laravel, Composer, PHP artisan, and be more productive for agile development.
Note: In few classes of the course I use Windows (only for the first classes), but I included specific directions in the case you use Linux or Mac and all the tools used are cross-platform, so you will no have any problem.
You will have lifetime access to the current classes and the classes that I will regularly add (take a look at the last section to see what is coming).

At the end of this course, you will be able to develop your pure RESTful API with Laravel in an efficient way with the best practices, taking advantage of the facilities provided by Laravel for the proper implementation of your projects and your RESTfulAPI.
Do not wait any longer. Join the course and see you in classes.

You will learn

✓ Create your own projects with Laravel (not only RESTful APIs)
✓ Make the most of your work tools (Sublime Text 3, Git, Github, Composer, PHP artisan and Laravel)
✓ Generate and maintain the structure of the database in an automated way with Laravel and the PHP Artisan console
✓ Use PHP Artisan effectively and be much more efficient
✓ Create and configure your own local development environment
✓ Properly configure your development environment for all your projects
✓ Hone the main HTTP methods/verbs for HTTP and RESTful APIs
✓ Use free professional tools to improve your productivity


• Very recommended a fundamental domain of Object Oriented Programming
• Fundamental knowledge about PHP (classes, functions, methods, traits, inheritance)

This course is for

• This course is for all web development and PHP lovers
• This course is for all those who need to develop their own API completely RESTful
• If you want to build your own fully functional and step-by-step RESTful API
• If you need to keep your skills up to date and be competitive
• If you want to do a complete development of your projects and your RESTful API with Laravel
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 14h 49m
Language: English
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