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Reprogram your Facebook or any other WebApp!

Use JavaScript, HTML & CSS with WebExtensions to do as you please with FACEBOOK!
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In this course student will learn howto extend or modify WebApps with the use of JavaScript, HTML &CSS. As an example we will use facebook(dot)com to show just howpowerful WebExtensions are. Student will learn to remove elementsfrom the page and add new once. As an example we will removesuggested posts which mostly are unwanted ads. This course usesHTML, JavaScript and CSS to do all the work. Some basic info isstored in JSON files and those will be explained as well. In no wayis this course an exhaustive explanation of HTML, JavaScript and CSSbut it will show you how to approach such an project.HAVE FUN!!!

You will learn

✓ Student will learn how to control facebook and any other WebApp
✓ Student will wrok with JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS
✓ Student will learn how facebook page is put together
✓ Student will do some reverse engineering to make the project work
✓ Add motif styles to facebook
✓ Remove ads from facebook pages
✓ Use new ECMAScript 6 JavaScript
✓ Publish WebExtension for distribution


• Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS & JavaScript

This course is for

• Anyone willing to learn & wanting a deeper know how when it comes to building WebApps
Ideam Hominis
I started working with programming and technology way back in the 90’s when a 200 MHz Pentium 1 was a speed demon; things sure have changed since. As programming and hardware matured over time so did I working with it. This gives me a unique prospective on what it is that really matters when it comes to programming. Over the years I have seen a few technologies come and go but a few basics have stayed and I am sure those basics will be with us a 100 years from now. I hope that as you take my courses I can relay those basic truths to you. A programming language is nothing more than a tool, like a hammer to a carpenter; it is not the hammer that makes quality furniture but the carpenter.  Over the course of my career I have worked on many different projects, which led me to work with many programming languages from C/C++, C#, php, JavaScript/JScript, asp.net, python, Lua to name just a few.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 6h 8m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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