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Relationship Ready: How to Get a Girlfriend or Boyfriend!

Learn from a Real Couple how Attract Your Perfect Partner with our Proven 7 Step Attraction and Relationship System!
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Be Prepared to Find Love by 2020! 

This is the ultimate relationship coaching course. If you are looking for dating tips of men or dating tips for women than we are here to help! This course will provide dating advice that could change your life.  If you are you tired of being single and ready to find the one than you should start focusing on relationship coaching with a course like this one. Are you dreaming about finding the perfect match and being in an amazing healthy relationship with your significant other? Are you frustrated with the dating scene and the difficult process of finding that person? You don’t have to feel this way anymore. This course will help you attract the love life you want with actionable dating tips for both men and women. 
        In this course you will learn dating techniques and go through relationship coaching that will have potential partners begging at your feet (no jokes!), you will learn the techniques that will allow a relationship to grow and become better with time, you will learn how to become emotionally ready for your next commitment and how to love the life you are living with your partner! 

  What are others saying about this course: 
  I really enjoyed the content of this course, a lot of practical information that you can apply not on your dating life but also you other side of personal life. The action items and worksheet really help me to actually apply the course to my life. Really helpful relationship advice! Beside I like how both of them present the content, very engaging. Overall an awesome course that you must take if you want to have great relationship. -Vigilius Tridian 
  This course is awesome. Johnny and Larissa know what they speak about. The course is great for the extroverted and the introverted. No matter where you fall on the social spectrum, their advice will help you in finding the relationship you want. The content was actionable and memorable. The production quality was also great. Well worth your time and money!- Kevin Douglas 

  After Taking This Course You Will: 
•Finally meet your perfect match!
•Break old habits that’s been preventing love from finding you!
•Feel Empowered with winning attraction formulas!
•Discover new hope in your love life!
•Have more confidence when dating!
•Enhance your overall love life and receive more love!
•Find solutions to age old problems!
•Develop success habits!
•Develop a criteria against which you can measure your perfect match!
•Know exactly what you want!
•Know how to find your perfect match!

  What’s in the course: 
        Through the use of video tutorials, Powerpoint presentations and real-world examples you will gain the tools needed to become relationship ready. 
        After the first 20 minutes of the course you will already have acquired the basic skills needed to start your journey on becoming the best catch. 
        In a series of quick 5 minute videos with one easy exercise at the end of each section you will breeze through this course and make you relationship ready in no time.

  You should take this course if: 
•You are ready for an amazing relationship.
•You are tired of being single.
•You want your next relationship to last a lifetime.
•You want to become the perfect catch.
•You want to learn the habits of people in successful relationships.
•You want to take control of your love life.
•You are looking for dating tips.
•You are looking to invest in personal development.
•You are looking to take the ultimate relationship coaching program!

    Scroll back up and join the course today. 
      We are excited to see you in the course! 
        -Larissa and Johnny 

You will learn

✓ By the end of this course, you will be ready to make the next relationship the best one you have ever had.
✓ In this course you will learn how to attract potential partners, how to become the ultimate catch and how to navigate a relationship in a healthy direction in order to make it last a lifetime.


• If you have an open-mind and a desire to meet new people, find the perfect match and be the ultimate catch than this course is for you.As long as you are ready to start dating and want to take your life seriously, this course is for you. This course is not for people who want to simply go out and have one night stands or a series of flings. This course is for those who want to attract the partner of their dreams, someone worthy to keep around for a lifetime.

This course is for

• This course is perfect for both men and women who would like to get into a healthy, exciting relationship and meet their perfect match.
• Take this course if you are single and have trouble finding the perfect partner or if you have been on a series of dates that lead no where. This course is designed to rebuild your foundation of love and start attracting, relationship material partners into your life!
Business Insider featured Entrepreneur and Coach.
Business Insider and Entrepreneur Magazine detailed Johnny went from having less than $200 in his bank account in 2013 to making over $100,000 a year from just a few of his online businesses. Now fast forward, he is on track to make over a quarter million has been featured in Forbes and wants to give back by teaching what has made him successful so others can follow his lead. Not only has Johnny been a featured entrepreneur, been a guest speaker on the topic of social confidence at Harvard University, he has also been on the The Independent UK’s top 100 list in Business, and has helped hundreds of new entrepreneurs replace their 9-5 salaries with online location independent businesses. “It has been an honor and privilege learning from Johnny, he genuinely cares about his students and holds nothing back when it comes to your success as a student.”
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 26m
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