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Relationship Coaching Toolkit: Transform, Heal & Grow Love

How To Heal Love & Grow More Love With Your Partner, Children & Significant Others. Simple Tools, Powerful Outcomes!
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Grow Love With Ease!
Are you tired of trying in relationships? Would you like to feel that your relationships flow with ease and love, that appreciation and joy grow from them instead?
This course will help you achieve this with your partner, your friends, your children and your family members…in fact anyone that you choose to love.
You may be single and wanting to start afresh in your pursuit for love…
You may be in a relationship which is loveless and you want to get that love back…
You may be a parent who is struggling to understand and connect with your children…
You may want to resolve conflict with a friend, family member or colleague at work…
You may purely want to explore how you can open up to unconditional love for others…
You are in the right place…I would like to share with you some simple, yet very powerful techniques that I have learnt over the last 20 years. These are proven tools that will raise your awareness of your own personality behaviours; help you identify your own relationship needs and enhance your communication style with others so that love grows.
In the UK, there is a phrase…”you need to work hard at marriage”. I don’t agree with this statement.
You need to CHOOSE to nourish a marriage, you need to CHOOSE to nurture your children, you need to CHOOSE to spread loving kindness to others. It is purely about CHOICE. We are all capable of love, even if we have not been loved ourselves.
YOU hold the power to transform everything in your life. All you need to do is believe it and hold clear intentions about what you truly want. Yes there is some ‘spring cleaning’ to do in the process. But it is all possible.
The goal is for you to become well equipped to navigate any relationship in life and to know yourSELF. This Toolkit provides you with the tools – so what are they?
1. I will teach you how to check your understanding in any communication dialogue with any person, so eradicating the first signs of misunderstanding – the root of most conflict.
2. I will show you how to release negative or constrained beliefs (stereotypes) and invite in a new, more collaborative perspective, which will feed (rather than stifle) your relationships.
3. I will offer you a ‘first aid kit’ tool to repair damage in any relationship, by engaging conscious active listening and compassion. This will clear unfinished business, allowing you to start afresh.
4. I will explain the theory of personality preference (Jung’s theory) and how this awareness can be used as a tool ‘to speak another person’s language’, build respect and trust.
5. I will share how love is specifically expressed in life – ‘The 5 love languages’ and how you can identify your primary and secondary love language, together with your partners (or significant other) so you satisfy each other’s needs on a daily basis.
6. I will offer fun practical exercises so you can keep your significant other’s ‘love bank account’ in credit (and in return request deposits in your own ‘love bank account’) so your vital energy and enthusiasm is nourished.
7. I will teach you how to engage a new pattern of behaviour (archetype) into your love life which brings in a fresh, young and playful attitude and set of behaviours.
8. I will guide you in creative ways to plot out and create the desired outcome for your chosen relationship (with partner/child/friend/chosen other) and use the law of attraction to manifest  this effectively.
Incompatibility, life changes & challenges and misunderstandings are inevitable in life, but given self awareness and tools, we can CHOOSE to consciously grow through these transitions and come out the other side stronger, more aware and evolved.
I invite you to adventure, explore and learn about your own relationship with love and how you can grow more of it with the significant others in your life.
I do so hope you join me 🙂
Sonya X
PS automated captions have been enabled for this course (so making it more accessible for foreign students), however some words may not translate correctly.
Also, remember if you wish to gain a personal certificate of completion from me you will need to complete 100% of the course, email me at [email protected] a copy or image of your Udemy certificate (which you should receive automatically on the system when you complete 100% of the course) and then I will email you my own Certificate of Completion accredited by the Neya® Academy.

You will learn

✓ Understand what YOU need in order to grow all types of loving relationships in your life
✓ Identify what ‘love language’ others speak, so you can understand & satisfy each other’s needs
✓ Understand the difference between ‘in love’ & ‘true love’ experiences and the nourishing value in each
✓ Understand personality preference so you can compliment your communication style with others
✓ Learn how to accurately & truly hear what the other is saying so misunderstanding is erased
✓ Learn how to create & manifest your desired relationships using powerful intention setting tools


• An open, curious and courageous heart!
• The willingness to look at yourself honestly, then adapt & evolve
• And finally…to allow your heart to be playful :-)

This course is for

• Everyone who is in any kind of relationship with anyone else! There is something for everyone in this course!
• Couples and singles who want happy, healthy, fulfilling relationships and seek useful tools for support and guidance
• People needing help, support and guidance in order to repair and heal their relationship with their chosen partner
• Anyone who feels they have ‘fallen out of love’ with their partner, isn’t ‘in love’ anymore, or seeking answers
• Single people wanting to fully prepare for the best relationship outcome in advance!
• Any Parent who has a challenging dynamic with their children or dependants and wants to grow closeness and love
• Parents wanting to connect with their teenagers better (balancing the give and take aspect!)
• Anyone who holds conflict with someone else and wants to restore peace, harmony and understanding
• Everyone wanting to develop their interpersonal skills and increase their emotional intelligence
MBTI Coach, Crystal Therapist, Reiki Master, Trainer, Author
Sonya has always had a passion for people, art & nature. She qualified with a BA (Hons) in ceramics after leaving school and then went on to qualify in many valuable tools relating to personality and self development.
She started her journey in personal development and holistic studies 20 years ago when she was a ‘People Development Consultant’ for Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals. In this role, she qualified in Carl Jung’s personality model ‘Myers Briggs Type Indicator’ coaching (MBTI). She used this to help people better understand themselves and work more effectively within teams. She observed powerful results and gained a huge foundation of knowledge during this phase of her life.
She soon blended this expertise with holistic studies, and is currently qualified as a Reiki Master in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki and in Crystal Therapy. Today she uses her knowledge of Jung’s personality theory, Reiki, Crystal Therapy and ‘Quantum Field’ knowledge to assist people in their quest for personal transformation and healing.
She acts as both a conduit of healing energy and a catalyst for change, to help people realise their true potential, awaken their innate intuition and ultimately realise their Soul Contracts in life.
In recent years, she has been inspired and guided by world leaders in spirituality, quantum physics and mindfulness, fortunate enough to have travelled to places from as far as Arizona to London, while taking part in inspiring professional development courses. This continues to enrich the knowledge she can offer YOU for your life going forward.
She regularly practices as a holistic consultant from her therapy centre ‘Quantum Healing Quest’ in the UK and is also a passionate graduate ceramic artist producing nature inspired pottery from her home ‘Sonya Ceramic Art’. This creative outlet is Sonya’s own personal therapy, allowing her to ground and connect with her innate gifts and the power of the natural elements.
Sonya is a published author, having written ‘Gathering Insights’ in 2018 which is a fun, insightful book, encouraging people to answer enlightening questions during social gatherings. This idea then lead to her current podcast, also called ‘Gathering Insights’, which explores insightful learning, to use in our every day lives.
Her mission is to empower others to heal themselves and their lives. To spread loving kindness and to awaken our true innate potential within.
Today, Sonya practices as a holistic consultant for Quantum Healing Quest and is also a part-time pottery professional, fusing her love of healing with nature and creating with clay.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 6h 33m
Language: English
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