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Reiki Level One Course

Learn to practice Reiki, an ancient eastern energy healing technique, to facilitate the healing of yourself and others
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Table of contents


During this course, you will be introduced to the Usui system of Reiki healing, which is both a popular personal and spiritual development system and also an energy healing technique.
The Japanese word Reiki means ‘universal life force energy’ and is based on the free-flow of this energy in a person. Eastern medicine has always recognised and worked with this energy which flows through all living things and is vital to well-being.
Reiki’s healing flow adjusts to the specific needs of each recipient, thereby promoting the body’s natural ability to heal. Because it engages on many levels of being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – it helps to balance the body’s energy centres and brings them into equilibrium. Reiki can be likened to a free flowing river. This river is like energy flowing easily down through the body. Occasionally a pebble or a rock may fall into that river making the flow of water a little more difficult. These pebbles can be compared to human emotions such as worry, fear and anger, with each pebble building one on top of the other. Soon there is only a trickle of water running in that once free-flowing river and at this point physical pain may also be experienced.
More energy is offered to the body when a person receives Reiki. This extra energy is like a flood that washes down through our rivers removing and dissolving obstacles in its way.
You will learn what Reiki is all about, the history of Reiki, the five Reiki principles and how to channel Reiki to yourself, friends and family and even animals and plants, as well as undergoing a Reiki attunement. You will also learn about the chakras and how to incorporate them into Reiki treatments.
This attunement may also assist with your spiritual transformation and personal development and help to enhance your intuition and outlook on life. In this way, it may present opportunities for a more resourceful and authentic state of being, more in touch with your true self.
There are yoga, meditation, biodynamic exercise and demonstration videos included, as well as lectures, opportunities for self-enquiry and further read materials.

You will learn

✓ Reiki
✓ Self-healing
✓ Healing friends and family
✓ Healing animals and plants
✓ Supporting health and wellbeing
✓ The 5 Reiki Principles
✓ History of Reiki
✓ The Reiki shower
✓ Chakras
✓ Yoga
✓ Gassho meditation
✓ Guided chakra balancing relaxation
✓ Biodynamic exercises to balance the chakras
✓ Giving Reiki treatments
✓ Adopting your own approach to Reiki
✓ Personal spiritual development
✓ Self protection
✓ Grounding yourself


• None

This course is for

• Those seeking to facilitate the healing of others
• Open-minded individuals to facilitate their personal and spiritual journey
• People looking to become Reiki practitioners
• Holistic practioners looking to introduce Reiki to their business
• Those interested in their own self-healing and transformation
• People wishing to increase their vibration
• Anyone looking to support their mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing
• Individuals seeking clarity about life path, direction and true purpose
• Those who wish to heal core wounds and patterns
• Parents who want to give Reiki to their family

How much does the Reiki Level One Course course cost? Is it worth it?

The course costs $12.99. And currently there is a 85% discount on the original price of the course, which was $84.99. So you save $72 if you enroll the course now.

Does the Reiki Level One Course course have a money back guarantee or refund policy?

YES, Reiki Level One Course has a 30-day money back guarantee. The 30-day refund policy is designed to allow students to study without risk.

Are there any SCHOLARSHIPS for this course?

Currently we could not find a scholarship for the Reiki Level One Course course, but there is a $72 discount from the original price ($84.99). So the current price is just $12.99.

Who is the instructor? Is Emma Després a SCAM or a TRUSTED instructor?

Emma Després has created 1 courses that got reviews which are generally positive. Emma Després has taught 4 students and received a — average review out of reviews. Depending on the information available, Emma Després is a TRUSTED instructor.
Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher & Ayurvedic Consultant
As a healer, teacher and writer Emma loves nothing more than sharing her passion for yoga, Reiki, Ayurveda, Vedic chanting and the sacred with others in whatever way she can. She is also keen to share the healing potential of nature and its medicinal plants, crystals, Bach floral remedies, the moon, the sun, ancient stones and dolmens and dowsing.

Emma’s life has been changed enormously by these practices and methods and she shares her experiences in her books Namaste and Dancing with the Moon. There are two more books on their way, The Family Yoga Book and From Darkness Comes Light, watch this space!

She knows without doubt that the body keeps score and that we all have the potential for healing if we create the right conditions – yoga, Reiki, Ayurveda and Vedic chanting can help with this, they are ancient practices with a spiritual and philosophical root, grounded in Sanskrit (the most ancient language in the world).

While Emma has travelled the world a few times over immersing herself in various training courses and approaches to yoga and healing, obtaining many qualifications in the process, she believes that her embodied experience of life itself has been her greatest teacher. She has learned that self compassion is key, and a dedicated daily spiritual practice, prayer, gratitude and humour help enormously too! She is currently ‘un-training’ herself with Louise Simmons who is a Scaravelli-inspired yoga teacher.


Emma began practicing yoga in 2003 and qualified as a Yoga Alliance registered teacher with the Integrated South Pacific Yoga Academy (INSPYA) in Byron Bay, Australia in 2005 before training with the Byron Yoga Centre. Emma is currently studying Vedic chanting and yoga philosophy with Helen Macpherson of TSYP and Scaravelli-inspired yoga with Louise Simmons (who studies with Diane Long, who studied directly with Vanda Scaravelli for many years)

She holds a Diploma in Advanced Yoga Teaching (Hatha Yoga) and a Diploma in Yoga Therapy from the British School of Yoga. She has completed Level 1 & 2 of the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy training, is registered as a 500 hour teacher with the Independent Yoga Network and is also a qualified Children’s Yoga Teacher and Pregnancy Yoga Teacher. She has a Diploma in Holistic Therapy CHA.

Emma is also a UK Reiki Federation Master Teacher (2006) and a qualified Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Nutrition consultant, having studied with the reputable Ayurvedic Institute (2019).

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 19m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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