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Recruiter Training – Hire Top Employees in under 30 days

5 Courses in 1: Proven recruiting formula to hiring top employees in a month. Used by EY, IBM, eBay & more. Free book!
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‘This was a very comprehensive and helpful training. I foresee myself referring back to this throughout my career.’ – Kelly Snyder
‘Well presented course covering all the necessary information needed!’ – Gemma Truelove
‘Well done. Useful information and easily to understand. The practical exercises using word/websites made this course to be on top. 5 stars’ – Dinu Panciuc
Do you want to hire top candidates quickly? Are you interested in freeing up your schedule from recruiting to focus on other aspects of your job? Are you interested in turning your hiring efforts into an efficient, repeatable recruitment system? Learn how we cut our time-to-hire to under 30 days, while at the same time improving quality of hire in our easy online recruiter training course. 
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Why Our Course Is Successful
•Real content from top, proven, successful recruiters
•Video updates (you own this course for life)
•Cuts time-to-hire significantly, while drastically improving on quality
•We share with you recruiting secrets that most headhunters keep secret
About You
You are looking to hire professional talent, fast. Perhaps you are looking for software developers, maybe finance professionals, maybe technical sales people. No matter the vertical, we can help.

•You are perhaps an in-house HR employee with a job title such as HR Manager, HR Executive, HR Assistant, or even Talent Acquisition Specialist. You have been tasked by a Hiring Manger (perhaps the CTO, VP of Sales or COO) to find a new employee to work for them, but using external recruiters is against company policy, or frowned upon.
•You might also be a founder of a growing startup. Your job title is perhaps CTO, VP of Sales, COO or CEO – you do not yet have any HR employees. Perhaps you have had seed funding, but not yet Series A. While your business is growing, you do not yet have the funds to spend on an external recruiting agency. In addition, you want to learn about recruiting in preparation for when you are in the position to hire your own HR team.
•You have begun working for a recruiting agency, and you need to learn your new trade. Fast. You want to improve your skills in your own time.
•You run a recruiting agency and need a cost-effective / time-effective way to train new employees on effective, ethical recruiting. Gift this course to them.
About Me

I have over 15 years experience in recruiting, interviewing, assessing and hiring top job candidates. I have successfully recruited and hired employees in a number of professions in the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland. I have spent a great deal of time working on how to (a) improve results while at the same time (b) shortening the length of the recruitment process. I have now turned this into a formal, repeatable system for you. 
Why am I an ideal instructor for this course? I am 8.7 times more likely to find a top employee than other recruiters (study completed Aug 2019). Also, I have verifiable testimonials from real clients on my LinkedIn profile – a rarity in my industry. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, trying craft beers, playing guitar poorly, yet enthusiastically, and walking my dog, Bob.
It’s time to take Action!
We have designed this course so that you can take action. The course is broken down into bite sized videos, with practical action points for each one. You can then go back to each video at a later date to review – you own this course for life!
This course is designed for everyone from those having absolutely zero recruiting experience, all the way up to seasoned professionals.
Keep reading…
Our method is simple, repeatable and broken down into manageable steps. This is a project-based course that will help you look good by making great hires quickly.
*Note: This is not a course on recruiting ‘hacks’ or other hiring shortcuts or tricks – these never work in the long term. This is a step-by-step course on how to find and hire top talent efficiently within 30 days using a proven, repeatable system. 
What We Cover

•How to create a talent ecosystem
•How to properly define the role and why
•How to define the hiring process and why
•How to write effective and engaging job descriptions that will make great candidates apply
•How and where to advertise jobs
•How to Headhunt candidates using effective Boolean search strings and multi-page social comparisons
•How to create a ‘Heavy Door’ application system
•How to conduct effective screening interviews
•How to assess candidates using tests, assignments, behavioral assessments and video assessments
•How to conduct final interviews
•How to negotiate salary, create a job offer and conduct effective reference checks.
•And so much more…
What You Get
•An instructor who really wants you to succeed and is here to answer your questions.
•A complete and thorough step-by-step guide on recruiting and hiring that is yours to keep.
What You’ll Need
•Internet access
•A laptop, tablet or computer
•A drive to learn new ways to recruit and hire
We believe in our course because the steps we have developed have made us extremely successful in the recruitment field. Just be willing to follow the steps, and follow it through to the end, and you will be able to hire top talent within 30 days.
In fact, we are so confident you will find this course to be useful, that we offer a full 30-day, no-questions-asked refund guarantee. You literally have nothing to lose!
What are you waiting for? Enroll with us today!

You will learn

✓ Become a hiring hero at your company by finding the right person in record time.
✓ Free up your recruiting schedule so you can focus on other important areas of your job.
✓ Free copy of my book for download, ‘The Lean Recruiting Toolkit’
✓ Learn about the ‘Heavy Door’ theory of job applications.
✓ Evaluate candidates using the ‘Cross-Platform Verification’ technique.
✓ Effectively headhunt candidates using Boolean search strings.
✓ Use the advertising industry’s ‘Rule of Three’ when contacting candidates.
✓ Create a Talent Pipeline that encourages great candidates to become part of your candidate pool.
✓ Properly define the role and get buy-in from colleagues ‘before’ beginning the search.
✓ Define the hiring process ‘before’ recruiting begins, and learn why this is important.
✓ Write an accurate, engaging and precise marketing document (aka Job Description), complete with Call-to-Action.
✓ Decide where and how to advertise job positions within your budget.
✓ Evaluate online profiles and resumes for the ‘paper test’.
✓ Effectively screen and assess candidates in the early stages.
✓ Decide what format final round interviews should take.
✓ Create a job offer, negotiate salary and check references accurately.


• You need to hire top quality employees.
• You must have a willingness to learn.
• You must have a computer and internet connection.
• If you have more than 2 years’ talent acquisition experience, also consider signing up for my strategy course ‘The Lean Recruiting Toolkit: Strategic Hiring Framework’

This course is for

• People who want to vastly improve company performance exponentially by making the right hire quickly.
• People who want to free up their schedule from recruiting to focus on other work duties.
• People who are recruiting for the very first time, or…
• People with moderate experience looking to gain real insights to improve their hiring skills.
• Internal recruiters and hiring managers, recruiters at recruiting agencies, and C-level execs at startups.
Author of ‘The Lean Recruiting Toolkit’
Craig Brown is the author of ‘The Lean Recruiting Toolkit: An Agile Blueprint for Creating & Executing Top Hiring Strategies’ (Amazon). He has been an instructor on Udemy for the last few years and has had thousands of happy students to date.
Over his career, Craig has gained almost 2 decades of recruiting experience; including everything from the evaluation of new roles, creating job descriptions that attract the right candidates, sourcing candidates with advanced Boolean searches, screening, assessing, interviewing and onboarding of new employees. 
Craig’s expertise in recruitment is complemented by having conducted years of corporate training, which has aided him considerably in the creation of his course content.
Craig is married with three kids and enjoys going for walks with his dog, Bobby.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 9h 48m
Language: English
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