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Recover Lost WordPress Password & add a secret backdoor!

Rest WordPress password via cPanel or FTP (any one), hide admin user, create a secret door & access files & database
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If you use the WordPress website, then you must know how to recover the login password regardless you have or do not have access to the admin email address. In this course, you will learn about various methods on how you can regain access to the site for the forgotten or lost password (doesn’t matter if you know or do not know the username or email address associated). We will be using cPanel or FTP access [any one suffices].

Additionally, we will also go through a few codes that will create a special entry (backdoor) to the WordPress websites via custom URL or simply hide the admin user from the backend. Useful for both freelancers (just-in-case) & Web owners (to find if there is a backdoor or not).
This course also covers – how you can gain full access to the Database using FTP (no cPanel access). You will also learn to access all your WordPress files & database without using cPanel or FTP only via WordPress Login.
All videos are independent of each other (in most cases) so that you do not need to go through all the videos in case you want to use any of the methods.
I hope this will be a valuable lesson for you. Please feel free to get back to me for any confusion.
The tutorial is short and to the point, and no lengthy explanations at all. I hope you will get something valuable out of this course.
Thank you.

You will learn

✓ 1. Various methods to recover WordPress Password: – When username or email address is known or when both username/password and email address is unknown.
✓ 2. Regain Access to WordPress using cPanel: – learn three methods (i) by adding a new user, (ii) via database or (iii) with a special .php file.
✓ 3. Reset WordPress password using FTP:- via database to reset the password, use a custom .php file or add a completely new user to the WordPress
✓ 4. Additional tips for Freelancers, Web developers, and Website Owners:- Understanding some codes on how a backdoor or hidden admin user is created
✓ 5. Hide Admin User: – Learn how anyone can hide an admin user from the WordPress Backend.
✓ 6. Create a Backdoor: – By using a simple code, understand how you or anyone can create a backdoor entry to your WordPress website
✓ 7. Gain Independent Access to the Database:- Learn how to get full control of the WordPress database without having any access to cPanel or FTP


• WordPress Website, cPanel or FTP access

This course is for

• Beginners, Intermediates & Freelancers basically everyone willing to learn something new
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 54m
Language: English
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