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Really Easy Yoga

Simple yoga practices for health and wholeness
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You may be thinking about starting Yoga as a daily health and well-being practice but think you are not flexible enough, strong enough or maybe you have a disability.  This course was created at a time when I myself was experiencing the medical injuries of the medical device mesh.  I experienced a great deal of pain, my mobility was dreadful and recording the videos was a great feat of pure determination.  I believe that these yoga practices, simply and easy, supported me up to the point of surgical removal of the medical device in 2019.  There was no guarantee after that surgery how I would be physically.  It has taken almost three years to regain enough physical well-being to return to my Yoga practice.
I wondered if I should re-record these videos, but I have chosen to leave them as they are.  They are testament to what can be achieved with belief and persistence.  Yoga, shared here, is only one aspect of a holistic approach I took to help myself.  It is hoped this will inspire you to consider this as a way to regain control over your body, your mind and your soul.  Firstly though consider a few questions
How do you start your day?  Are you able to sleep soundly at night?  Do you experience aches and pains?  Does your body feel stiff, tense and tight?  Or does it feel relaxed and flexible?  Do you suffer migraines, headaches and indigestion or other stress responses?  
We live such busy lives; hectic and hurried and often we have no time to release the tension from our body and our mind this causes energetic blockages and disconnects us from our inner and outer Divine.  This course will help you develop a deeper sense of inner divinity and assist in your spiritual growth as tension, pressure and stress releases and gently falls away.  Build your confidence and self esteem gently and naturally as you open your energy channels and release blocked energy.
And this course, Really Easy Yoga, aims to help you to take time to start your day and end your day through the application of easy practices that are ancient but have proven benefits; these benefits are observed in the yogis and yoginis who apply these methods every day all of their lives – just look at how healthy they are.  
With your instructor, Deborah, to share with you what she has learned you will cover five key areas of yoga;
•Breathing practices and we take a brief look at air purifying plants too!
•Mudras and Mantras
•Really easy yoga poses
•Eye mudras
•Morning and Evening meditation.
Course Certification
Students will receive a Udemy course certificate of completion., there is also an opportunity to obtain a certificate of completion from ourselves.
So join the course, and have lifetime access to the practices that will help you to start and end your day the most peaceful and blissful way… and of course you will gain automatic access to all updates and additions… 

We so look forward to seeing you on the other side…

You will learn

✓ Students experience easy yoga postures
✓ Students learn basic breathing methods to energise and calm the body
✓ Students learn mudras
✓ Students access soothing meditations for the morning to start the day and the evening to help relax and ease the body before sleep.


• Students will need computer/mobile app for access to Udemy site and internet access. Students will need space and time to practice the activities in the course and PDF software to download documents that supplement the course.

This course is for

• Students interested in alternative and complimentary approaches to health, wellbeing and personal development and growth.
• Students who want to experience easy, basic and simply Yoga will enjoy this course.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 1m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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