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Rational Emotive Cognitive Behavior Therapy – REBT + CBT

REBT + CBT skills training for Coaching, Life coaching, Psychotherapy, Counselling, better Mental Health and Training
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•Are you curious how to get ahead of your problems quickly and easily?
•Are you a mental health professional, working in an organization or business, a coach or in a profession that requires conversing with others?

Rational Emotive Cognitive Behavior Therapy(REBT+CBT) is a wave of thinking and an approach to conversations that strategically empowers both helping professionals in their personal lives and those they help.
By fusing the best practices of CBT and REBT, this highly effective combination of therapies brings with it a simple, yet powerful set of techniques that will not only enhance your skills to improve your own life, but radically help in any professional context where you may be involved in interacting with others.
RECBT is a versatile approach, helping people with a wide range of psychological and life issues.
The beauty of RECBT lies in it’s easy to understand, scientific and proven-simplistic approach that works like a form of therapy in a wide variety of settings and actually helps achieve powerful results quickly!

Who is this for?
The contents of this program are best suited for you if:
•you struggle with dealing with problems.

•know someone who struggles/struggles managing their problems to find empowering solutions.

•if you are involved in coaching, life coaching, public speaking, medicine, psychotherapy, counseling, social work, human resource management, law, business and entrepreneurship, teaching and training, or any other profession involving working with others and looking to add something powerful to your conversational tool belt.

What’s included and how you’ll get it:
The comprehensive video lessons,multiple resources and exercises shared here are designed to help you become more proficient and confident in life. Additionally you can enhance your self-awareness, remove emotional obstacles and achieve your full potential.
All of this will be brought together using belief transformation, philosophical therapy, the ABCDE model and more and action-oriented approaches in your conversations and life.
You’ll also get Q&A with me!

Sign up NOW and learn powerful new ways to deal with any problem you may face in life or help provide amazing care  to anyone that is currently struggling with problems to give them a powerful new perspective in a very-short period of time!

You will learn

✓ Learn the basic concepts of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) paired with CBT
✓ How to conduct REBT – The assessment and therapeutic techniques
✓ Know the practical applications of RECBT (REBT+CBT)
✓ Understand how to strategically handle any personal difficulty or life challenges in a constructive way


• No prior knowledge required. Just a keen interest in RECBT(REBT+CBT) and how you can apply it in your life and that of your clients’

This course is for

• Trainers, Coaching specialists, Mentoring guides among other training professions.
• Social Workers, Teachers, Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Mediation experts, Nurses among other health care and mental health professionals
• If you are looking to explore Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy(REBT) and it’s application in your own personal life
The King of Self-Help | Empowerment Psychologist
Vikramadithya (Vikram for short) is a psychologist and certified sexologist. His goal is to help inspire you become the best version of yourself, impacting your life on a deep level.
He specialises in teaching people mindset training, psychology and habit formation.
Life not a straightforward journey and multiple obstacles come our way. It demands focus, discipline and openness to change.
After more than a year of putting out videos on YouTube (Self-Help Yourself), coaching and training others regarding the unlimited power of the human mindset, Vikram’s goal is to do more than just motivate. The desire is to inspire you to make lasting changes and lead a fulfilling and happy life.
Message to you:
“Expect nothing less that the complete truth from me. I derive my teaching expertise from a strong passion to teach as well as help others achieve what they set out for. Taking my courses, expect yourself to get inspired and start acting. Moreover, you’ll get practical strategies that you can start implementing in your life and make changes a reality. Remember, the journey of self-help starts and stops with you. I can give you the best advice in the world, but it’s up to you to use it and use it wisely. Allow me to share my knowledge and expertise with you, and I promise you won’t regret it”. 

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 4h 9m
Language: English
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