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QuickBooks Online For Attorneys

Quickest And Easiest Way To Master All QuickBooks Online Essential Attorney Necessary Features That Lawyers Would Need
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Would you like to go quickly from beginner to expert for everything that an attorney could need when using QuickBooks Online? This ground-breaking new course will give self-employed attorneys and lawyers in a law firms everything they need in QuickBooks Online to easily keep financial records of a law firm in a way that the bar association and state regulatory authorities requires.
Law firms, self-employed attorneys and their bookkeepers have unique challenges that relate to the bookkeeping and record keeping requirements set forth by their bar association of their state and other regulatory authorities.
I am assuring you that the procedures you will learn in this course will give you the ability to keep the law firm’s books in such a way that will show you the results of your law firm’s operations clearly and easily as well as be in compliance with all  the bookkeeping regulations for attorneys.
This course starts with the most basics of the set up and builds slowly until you are an expert in QuickBooks Online regarding everything an attorney could need when keeping financial records.
I have helped scores of attorneys with these helpful and easy to follow bookkeeping techniques. They are easy to understand and simple to execute. They will definitely work for you!! This QuickBooks Online course is guaranteed to show every possible type of transaction and situation that a law firm could need to enter into QuickBooks Online. It has basic, step by step directions that are fool proof!!
These special but smooth ways of using QuickBooks Online are methods that attorneys should and must use QuickBooks Online for their law firm. You must sign up with the “PLUS” version of QuickBooks Online. I will TRY to help you get the software for free during the course IF POSSIBLE.
The topics you will learn are:
Attorneys Needed Records
Creating A QuickBooks Online New Plus Version Account
Attorneys – Set The Settings In The “Account And Settings” window.
Attorneys Chart Of Accounts
Attorneys List Of Services
Attorney’s Clients Data
Managing Vendor Data
Receiving Advanced Payments From Clients
Creating Invoices For Client Services
Editing And Deleting Attorney Transactions
Applying Retainer Payments To Invoices
Managing Late Paying Clients
Adjusting The Receivables Account For Reporting
Attorney Reports
Allocating Cost – Per – Client
Allocating Clients Costs After-The-Fact
Billable Expenses To Clients
Giving Refunds To Clients
Collecting On Behalf Of Clients
Sales Receipt For Immediate Services
Writing Off Uncollectable Clients
Time Slips For Associate Attorneys
Time Sheets For Associate Attorneys
Billing For Associate’s Time
Adding Service Items To Time Sheets
Multiple Income Accounts For Billable Expenses
Decreasing Billable Expenses
Billable Expense Items
Expense Items From The American Bar Association

This special QuickBooks Online Course for lawyers is so amazing, that it even includes universal QuickBooks Online Features and Common Tools that any type of company may need when using QuickBooks Online. This way, the course is guaranteed to give you everything in QuickBooks online that you could possible need!!
The special extra QuickBooks Online topics are actually all separate mini-courses here on Udemy; it’s like getting several courses all in 1!!
I’m right here for you if you have any questions or need support. I answer student’s questions very quickly because I need to know my students are having a smooth and enjoyable learning experience.
I know you will learn well and enjoy the course.

You will learn

✓ How To Keep The Books And Records Of A Law Firm In QuickBooks Online
✓ How To Record Every Possibly Type Of Transaction A Law Firm Would Need
✓ How To Find And Fix Any Mistakes When Recording Transactions For A Lawfirm
✓ How To Address Bookkeeping Issues That Are Unique To A Law Firm Or Partnership
✓ How To Make Sure That Your Law Firm’s Financial Records Are In Compliance With Your State Bar’s Association’s Requirements For Attorney-Client Rrecord Keeping


• Middle School Level Knowledge Of Computer Usage
• No Prior Knowledge Of: QuickBooks. Acounting Or Computers Is Nessisary

This course is for

• Anyone Who Needs To Keep Financial Records Of A Lawfirm
• Any Beginner Who Wants To Become An Expert in QuickBooks In A Short Amount Of Time
• Anyone Who Wants To Enjoy Learning QuickBooks Deskt
Professor of Computerized Accounting
I have 2 decades of experience teaching Computerized Accounting. I have taught QuickBooks at A.S.A college in Manhattan New York. I have made my lessons available to job training schools for adult education and have helped place hundreds of students in good paying jobs using QuickBooks and other software that they learned in my class.
I am a permanently licensed teacher by the New York State Education Department. I am also a Certified QuickBooks Pro adviser for over a decade. I have made these videos by determining what my clients needed.
I wanted to help anyone using QuickBooks be prepared for the real-life, hands-on challenges that come with mastering the bookkeeping function of any company. I will prepare you for real life QuickBooks situations that can be challenging or frustrating if nobody shows the tips and tricks that will make using QuickBooks a fun task
I enjoy helping students turn frustration in to a feeling of comfort and satisfaction with QuickBooks. I’m always available to my students when they need me.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 9h 20m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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