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Quantum Reiki: From Basic to Quantum Level At Your Own Pace

Level I, Level II, Master Teacher, and Quantum
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of this course:
In this course, you will learn about Level I, II, Master, and Quantum Reiki Instruction.
You will be able to work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home when your schedule allows.
You will listen to the audio /video, read and perform your assignments competently, read the industry articles so that you are learning about reiki in the real world and not just from written lessons, and you will take a chapter quiz after each section. You must do the work to get the most out of this course. Skipping steps to get the certification does not make you a reiki practitioner, practicing the art does.
The last portion of the course will teach you about how to use your new skills and incorporate those skills into a much higher frequency (quantum) manner that brings maximum results. To be a reiki master, you must actually associate yourself with reiki professionals in your area. To do that, I have provided you with a number of resources and Reiki associations to join so that you can succeed, grow, and learn.
As a bonus to this course, please be sure to see sign up for my FREE “How to start your reiki business” course that I teach , once you have fully completed this course.

Please understand: This course is aligned with college level types of teaching and it does require you to take it seriously and to perform all of the required tasks. For in person practical application, please follow the assignments in this course and do them with a reiki mentor in your area. you can find a mentor through our recommended global reiki associations.  Note: Covid Restrictions May Apply.
*This course includes three elements to it. (1) Video / Audio lectures (2) Your at home assignments to do, and (3) Articles from other professionals in the industry that guide you and keep you informed on the reiki field.  After each segment in this course you will take a quiz on what you have learned.  This course is not a composite of “articles” put together for the course. If you want to become a reiki practitioner you must learn (1) The history of it, (2) How to perform Reiki, and (3) Associate yourself with those in the field so that you can get on the job training based on what you’ve learned here in this course.
If you truly have a deep attraction for learning about using your own energy to impact the energy of others in a positive way, and you are willing to learn how to use your energy to benefit others, you will likely succeed in this course.  Like doing Tai Chi, Qi Gong, which also uses the shifting of energy, it takes dedication, practice, and consistent application. Taking a course alone will not achieve that level of mastery.


Thank you!
I wish you nothing but success in your journey.
Peace be with you, always.
Dr. Hume

You will learn

✓ Students will be enriched with an incredibly in-depth teaching of Usui Reiki level I, II, and Master Teacher levels
✓ Students will also get a more advanced teaching of Timelining Reiki and quantum reiki.
✓ Students will get a much more in depth course than any other course available on Reiki.
✓ Students will be asked to do practical exercises and to do quizes.
✓ Upon request only, students may receive a distance attunement.
✓ By the end of the course the students will become a Master and Teacher that is able to start their own Reiki practice and to also teach others.
✓ As a bonus, students are invited to take the “FREE” “How To Start Your Reiki Business” course that Dr. Hume offers.


• Reiki does not require any special knowledge, training, or background of any kind. It is available to anyone that wants to learn it.
• Reiki is not a religion. It has no dogma. It is universal and will be taught as such.
• Students must be able to read the text materials, do the assignments, and pass the quizzes.

This course is for

• Everyone, Psychics, Medical Professionals, Students, Anyone interested in learning Reiki
Usui Reiki Master and Teacher
Dr. Tiffani Hume DBA JD is a legal professional, intuitive, martial artist, and +20-year practitioner of Reiki.  Dr. Hume recently found her Reiki Master and Teacher here on Udemy, took her course, and became a certified level I, II, and Master /Teacher of Usui Reiki through Lisa Powers. Dr. Hume was inspired to also teach this particular style of Reiki to others because it is so easy to use and has tremendous benefits to anyone that uses it.
Although new to Udemy, Dr. Hume has successfully taught and worked with hundreds of individuals on their path to wellness. As a veteran of the United States Army with 10 years of service, Dr. Hume also has a vast history of working in the field of inpatient and outpatient psychiatry; Group Therapy; and is also certified as a well trained Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. Dr. Hume is known for her funny personality, making people feel lifted in spirit, and for her ability to see into her students and help them achieve their goals.
It will be my pleasure to meet you, teach you, and help you reach your goal of becoming a Reiki Master and Teacher!
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 25m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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