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Qualitative Research- From Design to Implementation

Fundamentals of Qualitative Research
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In this course, you will gain a good understanding and knowledge about fundamentals of qualitative research. In this course, my aim is to teach you, both the theory, including different types of interviews and interview questions, and practice – including Postpositivist Worldview, Constructivist Worldview and Transformative Worldview. Moreover, we will learn about different research design like Phenomenology, Ethnography, Grounded Theory and Narrative Inquiry.  Research Problem, Theoretical Framework development, conducting literature review and Sample Selection are cores of this course.
While doing so, I also point to specific sources in the literature, so that you can find them and support your arguments with academic references.

You will learn

✓ Qualitative Research Design
✓ Philosophical Worldviews
✓ Phenomenology and Ethnography
✓ Mixed methods and Action Research
✓ Topic Selection
✓ The Research Problem and Theoretical Framework
✓ Reviewing the Literature
✓ Sample Selection


• Research Method Basic

This course is for

• Anyone wishing to develop their interviewing skills to conduct a professional interview-based study
• Academic students and teachers
• Research assistants, research associates and research consultants
• Doctoral Students, Graduate and Undergraduate Students
• Anyone who is to learn fundamental about qualitative research
Researcher, Editor, Trainer and Life Coach
Dr. Muhamamd Shakil Ahmad is an Research Mentor, Public Speaker, Trainers and an Assistant Professor of Business Administration and an established academic writer. He is known as Impact Factor Publication trainer across Pakistan. He also act as mentor for foreign students and participate in PhD Colloquiums globally. 
Since 2008, he is working as consultant and trainer; guiding student about freelancing, writing research articles and conducting workshops on academic publishing, and now ‘teaching online’ which became his true passion. In his Udemy courses, he combined his extensive knowledge of ‘Lessons learn during workshops’ and his passion for ‘Publishing in high ranking journals’. 
To date, Dr. Shakil has published 30+ manuscripts in top-tier academic journals including  Social Indicator Research, Decision Management, and Applied Research in Quality of Life. Dr. Shakil has extensive experience in writing, publishing, and reviewing manuscripts and in working with novices in learning how to navigate the publishing process. Few of his publications are as follow:
Systematic Literature Reviews:
1. Tariq, S. , Jan, F. A. , Ahmad, M. S. (2016) “Green Employee Empowerment: A Systematic Literature Review on      State-of-art in Green Human Resource Management”, Quality      and Quantity:      International Journal of Methodology, 50(1), 237-269  

2. Ahmad, M. S. (2019) Parenting styles and aggression among young adolescents: a systematic review of literature. Community Mental Health Journal

3.  Ahmad, M. S. (2015), Parenting styles and academic achievement of young adolescents: A systematic literature review, Quantity and Quality

Journal Articles:

Ahmad, M. S. et al. (2020), “Using food choice motives to model Pakistani ethnic food purchase intention among tourists”, British Food Journal, 22(6), 1731-1753

Memon, M., Ting, H. & Ahmad, M. S. (2020) “Performance Appraisal Satisfaction and Turnover Intention: The Mediating Role of Work Engagement”, Management Decision, 58 (6), 1053-1066

Faisal, A., Ahmad, M.S. (2019), “Health Practitioners interaction with Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives: Impact on Prescription Behaviour”, Community Mental Health Journal, 56, 456–463

Cho, K. W., Brower, R., & Ahmad, M. S.      (2018). Factors that Influence County Government Expenditures and      Revenues: A Study of Florida County Governments. Lex localis-Journal of Local Self-Government, 16(1), 47-76.                                                                                                                
Zahid, M. M., Ali, B., Ahmad, M. S.,      Ramayah, T., “Factors Affecting Purchase Intention and Social Media      Publicity of Green Products: The Mediating Role of Concern for      Consequences”, Corporate Social Responsibility      and Environmental Management, 25(3), 225-236                            
Ahmad, M. S., Abu Talib, Noraini (2017), “Barriers to empowerment:    Assessment of community-led local development organizations in Pakistan, Renewable      and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 74, 1361–1370                    
Uzma, T; Ahmad, M.S. (2017) “Impact of      Islamic Work Ethics on organizational Citizenship Behavior among Female  Academic Staff: The mediating role of employee engagement”, Applied Research in Quality      of Life,  12(3),      693-717                                                                      
Wahab, A. , Ahmad, M. S.      (2017), “Student Well-Being in Chinese Adolescents in      Hong Kong: Theory, Intervention and Research”, Applied Research in Quality of Life,  12(3), 761-763

Bhutto, A.W., Ahmad, M. S.      (2017), “Forecasting the consumption of gasoline in transport sector in      Pakistan based on ARIMA model”, Environmental      Progress and Sustainable Energy, 36: 1490–1497                                

Khalid, S., Ahmad, M. S., Jadoon, I. K,      Bilal, S.,Farooq,, N., “Exploring Resources, Life-balance and Wellbeing of      Women who work in a Global Context, Applied Research in Quality of Life,       12 (4), 1029-1031                                        

Ahmad, M. S., Abu Talib, Noraini (2016), “Analysis of community empowerment on projects sustainability: Moderating role of sense of community”, Social Indicators Research, 129 (3), 10391056                                                                                           9. 

Ahmad, R., Azmi, N., Ahmad, M. S.      (2016), “Effect of Multidimensional Top Management Support on Project      Success: An Empirical investigation”, Quality and      Quantity: International Journal of Methodology, 50(1), 151-176                                                               
Masud, Hamid, Ahmad,      M. S., Jan, F. A. ,      Jamil., A. (2016) “Relationship between parenting styles and academic      performance of adolescents: mediating role of self-efficacy.” Asia      Pacific Education Review, 17, 121-131                                                                                                                
He is also member of several societies and associations of worldwide repute including; American Society of Public Administration (ASPA); Community of Inquiry Framework, University of Calgary, Canada;  Associate Regional Director at International Institute of Marketing Professionals, Canada.  
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 52m
Language: English
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