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Python Bootcamp 2021:Complete Python Programming Masterclass

Learn Python by doing real Python Projects. Complete Python Programming masterclass for beginners and intermediates.
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This python programming masterclass is a practical course for complete beginners as well as existing programmers. This course has more than 100 hands on, assignments and projects. We have designed this course in such a manner that at the end of this Python Bootcamp, you can apply for jobs as Python Developer, ace your Python interviews and start working on a real-life Python projects.
As part of working on various projects, you will create your own,
•Interactive phonebook using Python Lists
•Do Financial File reconciliation  with Python Files
•Employee Salary Processing for Bonus Calculation
•Tracker by monitoring the Timekeeping and Logging using decorators
•Weather Forecasting Web app
•Payment gateway Integration using Razorpay Python SDK
As of now, no Python programming course on Udemy teach payment gateway integration during a Python Programming Masterclass.
Python is one of the hottest skills in demand. According to the Stackoverflow developer survey 2020, python is the most wanted programming language by the professional developers. Python is also ranked way above the other traditional programming languages as on July 2020. Top employers such as google where Python is one of the official server side languages and Instagram which runs the largest deployment of python web framework and many other top employers hire python developers
No wonder then, python developers earn average $119,053 per year as per a report by Indeed.
Today, python is used for Web Development, Mobile app development, Data Science and Machine learning, Game Development, Cloud and various other automations.
All these opportunities and high paying jobs will require a detailed knowledge of Python as well as some real hands on of working on Python projects in real life environment. This course will teach you just that.
At the end of the course, you will be able to apply for jobs as well as work on real projects.

Will I get enough core knowledge of Python with Hands on?
Absolutely YES. This Python Bootcamp will teach you right from Python basics as well as advanced Python concepts. Because Python is used in variety of fields, you require some common core Python skills using which you can then advance in respective fields. With this course, multiple opportunities will open for you. Every concept follows with a very comprehensive hands on, starting simple and slowly increasing in complexities. You will also have various assignments and quizzes to test your knowledge. This will surely build your confidence.

Why should I enroll in this Python Bootcamp?
That’s a very valid question to ask. Most of the courses on Udemy simply teach basics of Python. Even for advanced concepts, they provide basic examples and never really explore the depth of the topics. While I will start with the very basic and simple explanations, I have made sure that you will learn some complex Python programming skills. As we progress through the course, I will make sure you come out as a seasoned Python programmer even though you may have never programmed a single line before taking this course.
I have more than 20 years of experience in the technology field and have worked with various fortune 500 companies as well as governments across the world. I do not just teach but has been working as a professional for more than 20 years. So you get the best of the real-world commercial applications. I will teach you not just Python but how the real programmer should think and apply the programming in practical scenarios.

How this Python Bootcamp will help me build my resume and apply for jobs?
Well, every employer looks for the knowledge and practical skills you can bring to their organization. One of the major factors for that is the demonstrable theory as well as hands-on skills in Python. You will work on various projects as part of this Python Bootcamp. These days, almost all the real-life projects require integration with multiple systems. Some of the notable ones that you will build, are, your own weather forecasting application as well as Payment Gateway integration for ecommerce. Both these projects require advance Python integration skills as well as complete database management knowledge. I will teach you that for sure. When you showcase these projects, it will surely increase your employability as well as make you stand apart from the crowd. Apart from that, you will also get the course completion certificate that will further boost your resume credibility.

What Python topics are covered in this course?
If you are completely new, you may or may not understand every word of this paragraph but I promise you, it covers all that it takes to learn and master Python.
We will start by showing how to install the Python development toolkit on all the three platforms of Windows, MacOS and Linux-Ubuntu. Then you will start learning and gaining the expertise of the Python programming skills as follows,
•All the basics and essentials – In this section, we will start from the basic data types in Python such as integer, Float, String. It is important to learn them as data types are used to store and classify data in Python. We will also go through various Python built-in functions and how we can deal with the Python Basic Datatypes.  You will learn various Arithmetic Operators, Math functions, Python String indexing and slicing, Split the string, string formatting and much more. After this section, you will be much more confident of handling the data as well as data processing using Python data types.

•Python control flows – In this section, you will learn how to handle the control flow or conditional statements in Python. I will explain using basic flow charts as well as how to create these flowcharts for better development using Python. We will learn, normal IF-ELSE blocks, shorthand IF, how to debug the code and test conditions, nested IF-ELSE blocks, elif as well as the conditional statements with various Python operators such as AND, OR, IN.

•Python Loops and iterative statements – In this Python Section, we will go through the For and While loops in Python. We will not only learn how to build repetitive functionality but also various Python functions in loops such as range, enumerate, nested loops as well as how to continue and break a loop. At every stage, you will be provided with hands on exercises and assignments for every topic.

•Advance data types and their functions and methods – In order to master the true depth of Python, it is absolutely essentials to learn the advance data types such as List, Dictionary and Tuples. At this stage, we will also build a small project of Phonebook creation using everything Python, that we have learnt so far.

•Advance Python Concepts – Once we have mastered the basics with enough hands on and project, we will learn and master the more advance topics of Object Oriented Programming using Python. Every concept will be explained in great detail and simple to understand example. Many topics such as Python Modules and Packages, Python Functions and Decorations, Errors and exception handling in Python will be mastered. Most of the Python courses do not touch these topics or simply give basics of it. However, these are the most essential practical skills for Python developers.

•Complete database handling using Python – It is impossible to imagine any real-life Python project without a database. You must know at least one database with all types of SQL statements as well as how to connect and manipulate the database using Python. But sadly again this is one of the topics that is ignored by many courses. In this Python Bootcamp, we will install, get the refresher as well as code every SQL statement using Python and MySQL. That’s another skill you can add to your resume with just one course.

•Web Development using Python’s Flask Web Framework – Flask is one of the top two web development frameworks used with Python. We will learn some simple yet fully functional webapp and work on developing your own Python webapp. You will understand various nuances of web development using Python, how to create your homepage, how to write backend functionality as well as the frontend templating engine of Flask in Python.

•API Programming using Python and Flask – This is the most unique selling point of this course. As I told you, no real application these days can not exist without integrating with another application. This is achieved using Application Programming Interface or APIs. You will learn what is an API, how to code them as well as build real-time integration with OpenWeather weather information provider. We will build our own weather forecasting webapp as well as a real-time Payment Gateway integration for accepting the payment. I bet this is very rare on any online Python Programming Masterclass.

How do I interact if I have questions or doubts?
Udemy has Questions and Answers forum where you can ask any doubts, queries or if you have issues related to this Python course. I answer every question almost on a daily basis. So you will never be left alone. You will get completely dedicated and full support while you are going through the course. I promise it will be a smooth journey and you will never be stuck on any point. I have more than 25,000 students enrolled in various courses, and still have answered all the questions for so many years.

Is this Python course updated regularly?
Absolutely. I update all my courses on a regular basis including any changes that have happened in the technology as well as outside world. Once taken, you will always be up to date with any new changes. The technology world is changing fast. Many instructors simply release the course and never update them, even if the Python versions have changed. That’s never the case with us. Even if you complete this Python course now and if new Python versions are released in future, you don’t have to look elsewhere. You can come back and visit your Python Bootcamp to check all the new updates and learn them.

What if I don’t like the course?
With all the hard work and decades of programming experience that we are imparting in this Python course, we are pretty confident that you will love this course. However, if for some reason, we could not come up to your expectations, well, here is the good news. This course is completely risk free. This Python Bootcamp also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee from Udemy. So there is absolutely no risk in enrolling in this Python Programming Masterclass. You are free to take your refund and also keep all the Python artefacts and programs from this course.
In any case, there is only one possible outcome from this Python Bootcamp; you will become an awesome Python developer and climb up the ladder of a successful career.

So what are you waiting for you. Hit the Enroll button and I will see you inside the course.

Disclaimer: All images used in the videos are purchased under license from Shutterstock or from Pixabay

You will learn

✓ Complete mastery of Python programming
✓ Acquire the necessary Python skills to work on real projects.
✓ Learn Web development using Python
✓ Learn API programming using Python
✓ Create a weather forecasting app
✓ Create Payment Gateway integration for accepting payments in ecommerce
✓ Mater to use MySQL database in Python
✓ Build your own packages and modules


• Your zeal and enthusiasm to learn programming using Python and a computer (any of the Mac, WIndows or Linux). Rest is taken care of.No prior knowledge of programming is required.

This course is for

• Anybody who wants to learn and master Python Programming for real world
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Jitesh has worked with various fortune 500 companies and governments across the world.

As the Data Scientist and Anti-Fraud Expert, he was the member of the high-profile team to suggest tax reforms and amendments in VAT, Customs and Income Tax based on fraud pattern analysis, countrywide data mining and analysis, business process security analysis. This not only contributed to a revolutionary change in the tax processes but also reduced the tax and customs frauds. 

As a seasoned leader in Digital Transformation, Jitesh has developed and executed strategies that generated high top and bottom line revenue streams.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 21h 52m
Language: English
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