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Progressive House Music Production with Logic Pro

A step by step guide to producing Progressive House Music in Logic Pro
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Table of contents


Course Description

Learn how to produce a Progressive House music tune following my step by step instructions where we will start with a blank project and work our way through the stages of completing a tune.  I will also provide information about what to do once your track is complete.
Essential production techniques for Progressive House
•Mixing elements for balance
•EQing elements for space
•Fast arrangement technique
•Chord progression patterns
•Vocal sample placement
•Layering samples
•Sound design for sound effects

Everything you need to take your music to the next level
We will start from a blank slate and guide you as we create a Progressive House tune together.  Learn how to organize your projects to work more efficiently, create a balanced sound through panning and EQing, layer samples for a more interesting effect, create your own sound effects using Logic’s ES2 and speed up your arrangement process with simple tips.

Content and Overview
If you’re new to music production or just need more information on how a progressive house tune is constructed, then this course is for you.  I designed this course for beginners to easily understand the concepts of music production.
We’ll cover basic mixing techniques to get your tune to sound balanced, use Logic’s effects such as EQ, Modulation, and Delay to create space in your mix as well as go over creating your chord progressions and patterns.
Included in this course is a completed Logic Pro project file complete with all of the sample files as well as 5 additional chord progressions for you to use and learn from.

You will learn

✓ Be able to construct their own progressive house tunes from scratch
✓ Use EQ and effects to create space and interest in your mix
✓ Research the right record label for their music
✓ Understand what mastering is and is not


• An interest in electronic dance music production
• Some musical knowledge would be helpful, especially knowledge about chord progressions in general
• Knowledge about general music production and basic understanding of midi
• iMac or Macbook
• Logic Pro 9
• A midi keyboard controller
• Desktop Speakers

This course is for

• This course is for anyone interested in creating Progressive House Music using Logic Pro
• This course is not suitable for those with limited knowledge in basic music theory such as chord progressions or for those who have no interest in creating electronic dance music.
EDM Producer
Hi this is Mbase.  I’ve been writing and producing electronic dance music for over 7 years.  My music is supported music labels such as Sunset Melodies, Elliptical Sun Recordings, Progressive House World Wide, and has also been supported by Chicane on his podcast.  Electronic Music is my biggest passion and I want to help others to achieve their best when it comes to production.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 13m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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