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Programming for Beginners: Thinking & Writing Great Programs

Learn How to Think and Write a Computer Program
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Welcome to Programming for Beginners course. This is a course that is designed to teach the basics of computer programming, offering a solid foundation that can be used to learn almost any programming language. If you’re brand new to computer programming and/or you are lost in countless books and tutorials, then you had come to the right place. This course is best suited for you!
If you know the basics and you want to consolidate them and/or just to have easy access to them, for whatever reason, I suggest to enroll as well. A good knowledge of the foundations can easily correct many problems that may occur in your computer programs, so a little rehearsal does not hurt.

This course is valuable not only because it teaches you the basics of two programming languages but, more importantly, because it teaches you how to think correctly about the way you will write a program, way called algorithm. The actual programming is only the tip of the iceberg and a lot of work behind a good program will never be seen. Many programmers know how to write software, but they learned this only by practice, through trial-and error. They have little to no theory to back up their practical knowledge. This leads to a few major disadvantages:
•They waste a lot of time discovering by themselves what others had discovered before them;•They have difficulties in finding out why a piece of program works or does not work (it is also important to know why a program works, not only why it doesn’t work);• They have trouble explaining in detail what they had done;•They cannot adapt to new circumstances. For them, small changes into what a computer program must do can translate to major, mostly unnecessary modifications in the program;Although I don’t know you personally, I know that you are better than this!
At the end of this course you will be able to do the following things:
•You will be able to think correctly about how to conceive an algorithm. An algorithm is the base for the future program;•You will be able represent an algorithm using logical schemes, these are intuitive and make any algorithm simple to understand;•You will be able to write simple programs, using one (or both) of two very used languages: Pascal and C++. Of course, you can use other programming languages if you want.
The lectures that will be presented here are logically structured, beginning with the simplest concepts and notions and ending with the most advanced ones. Each concept is built on the previous, making everything much easier to understand.
Because theory is worthless without practice, I shall present and explain in detail many examples of simple exercises. You can also solve them on your own, then you can compare them with my version. Who knows? Maybe you will find another (correct) way to solve that particular exercise.
If you have questions, please feel free to contact me. I shall answer every question as soon as possible.
Feel free to take a free preview of this course to see if it’s a good fit for you. Remember, you have a 30 money back guarantee with this course so if for any reason you don’t like it, you can get your money back. There’s no reason not to sign up!
Thank you!

You will learn

✓ Understand the basic notions regarding algorithms
✓ Correctly use the basic structures of the algorithms
✓ Know what are subalgorithms, when and how are they used
✓ Correctly use logical schemes to represent any algorithm you choose
✓ Correctly write simple programs using Pascal and/or C++


• Basic PC knowledge
• A pen and a paper
• A programming language. In this course, two programming languages will be offered for download, to offer the student the best head start
• An open mind
• Patience and perseverence

This course is for

• People that do not know programming and want to learn the basics
• People that have a grasp of the basics and want to consolidate what they learned
• People that need a quick and valuable reference of the programming foundations
University Lecturer
I am 37 years old from Ploiesti, Romania. I am a lecturer at Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti. My main expertise is Computer Programming, but I also specialize in Numerical Methods and Optimization Techniques.

My style of teaching is focused on two main things: quality and clear explanation of the facts. This is one of the reasons I like to use examples from the real world to explain my point. I like to use my own words in explaining what I teach. 

I also believe in a firm and sincere communication between teacher and student, because I am aware that and holding back from the student can have negative consequences for him in the long run.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 54m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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