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Profit Weekly in NIFTY With Just Three Tricks

NIFTY profitability strategies from a Chartered Accountant
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This course teaches how to make weekly profit by trading in Nifty 50 Options. I shall in quick sequence give you three tricks or strategies, which even a newcomer in the market can execute. Of all the options available in National Stock Exchange of India, Nifty 50 is it best. It has comparatively a lower volatility and has good volumes too. Nifty 50 offers both weekly and monthly settlement. We shall talk here only of weekly settlements. Rightly traded these options can give good return to capital. In this course I am going to teach you trading in Nifty 50 without losing sight of the risks. I shall discuss the strategy based as well as rule based trading. Extracts of transactions from my own trading account will also be shared,
To be successful in Option trading one must be able to build pay-off charts and forecast future option prices based on Black-Scholes Model. Besides Strategy based transactions, some traders also undertake rule based trading. I am not a great fan of rule based trading. But as a part of knowledge sharing rule based transactions will also be discussed.
Price of options are decaying in nature. I want to show how to take advantage of this price decay to make profit from options by simultaneously trading in two or more options at several strike prices. Overall you should aim at 3% to 4% monthly return on capital (i.e. margin money employed ) , which is a whooping 36% to 48% per year. But if your risks are not properly managed, you can end up losing money also. That is why you need training.
It is a known fact that the Option sellers make more money than the option buyers. But selling options require some more margin money than buying options. How to reduce the margin money requirement, even when selling options will also be discussed. The margin money that you employ in NIFTY 50 trading is fully liquid, at any time during trading hours you can square off your trade and the next day the margin money that you employed is credited to your bank account. You are free to withdraw that money, if you so like.
All in all after completing the course  you will have clear understanding of how to make money from trading of NIFTY 50 options.
I have learnt NIFTY 50 Options  by trial and error, trying at least 20 strategies over my professional life. . Some cases, I have lost money too and rejected those strategies. From all those strategies, I have filtered only three strategies or tricks, which are effective, time tested, mostly profitable  and simple to implement.
I am a trainer and not a financial  advisor. You are free to consult any SEBI approved Financial Advisor or Broker in a need based manner.
Please also read my statutory disclaimer also embedded in this training.

You will learn

✓ This course is meant for those who want to make money weekly by Trading in NIFTY 50 Options. Those attending the course will learn :
✓ Why can Options give regular profit keeping your capital fully liquid
✓ Three simple tricks to make weekly Profit in NIFTY 50 Options
✓ Concepts of Volatility and Nifty Option Pricing
✓ Concepts of Option Greeks
✓ Price decay in Options
✓ Limited versus Unlimited Risk
✓ How to use pay-off models
✓ How to predict future price of options by using Black-Scholes Model
✓ When to sit out of the market
✓ Few more points of risk management
✓ Special Characteristics of Nifty 50 weekly Option compared to Bank Nifty Options or Stock Options


• There is no prerequisite for the course. One must be able to follow lectures in English and must have ambition to make money from the stock market and become rich.

This course is for

• Any resident Indian following Indian Stock Market who has desire to make money from the stock market, but does not know how !
• Any student of Finance or Management who wants to have a quick grasp of how option market operates and how to make profit from it.
• Any resident Indian who has tried option trading half-hearted and have lost money and lost faith in the market.
• Any resident Indian who have lost his way through the Indian options market , because of the overload of jargon and strategies.
• Any one who is a self starter in the option market, has lost some money, but has still not given up hope.
• Any one who loves making money in the quickest possible way.
Chartered Accountant, LL.B. Expert in Finance/Investment/Law
Have four decades of professional experience in Finance , Controlling , International Taxation and IT gradually moving into strategies. Companies worked with include, Lovelock & Lewes, GEC India, ICICI, Indian Metals & Ferro Alloys Ltd , the Birlas ( Zuari Group ) , Nagarjuna Fertiliser and Chemicals Ltd, and ArcelorMittal (at Europe). Back to India has been COO of Servomax India Limited and later Executive Director at HBL Power Systems Limited. At this stage of my life I have immersed myself into the education field. I have written several books, have been publishing online courses, and by God’s grace, my hands are full. You may see shortly some more entities promoted by me, once the pandemic is over.
Specialties: Corporate Strategies; Taxation, Law, Project Management Corporate Finance, Controlling, International Taxation and IT.
I have written several non-fictions ( books and E-books ) at Amazon. I am a prolific writer, and in my sixties I plan to write even more.
Before venturing into my new journey, as an Edupreneur, I practiced teaching MBA students for five years at Institute of Engineering & Management (NAAC A GRADE) at their MBA division. I taught business law and various subjects of finance specialization.”

Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 45m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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