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Professional Barista Level 1 Cert. Program – Espresso Coffee

Getting Quality and Consistency with your Espresso & Specialty Coffee Drinks
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One of the most common and biggest issues with baristas and barista teams is a lack of consistency when making espresso and other specialty coffee drinks.  If a single barista is does not have a clear and proven method of producing a consistent and quality product, or just as bad, if the team only has one or two skilled baristas, then again quality and consistency in your coffee will be lacking.
This certification course is designed for coffee business owners, managers, and/or their baristas and is intended to be a tool that can be used for new baristas or barista teams to become consistent with their methods and quality of the drinks they prepare.
This program can also be a great start for new coffee house owners who are learning the business
This certification course provides expert instruction focusing on developing knowledge, methods, skills and best practices that each barista on a barista team should possess to ensure that every customer gets the best quality service and product every time.  From timing and calibrating espresso shots, to proper techniques for stretching and steaming milk for lattes, cappuccinos, and other coffee drinks.
The course is divided up into 6 Module with several sections in each module.  The sections consist of both lectures as well easy to follow  practical skill demonstrations. Each section is between 4 and 7 min long with a short quiz at the end of the lecture modules and an online test, provided at the end. 
Students who successfully complete the online exam and send in a very brief demonstration of calibrating an espresso grind as well as a 2 min video of them building a latte and cappuccino correctly will receive a certificate of completion from Umbria Coffee Roasters. 
Umbria Coffee Roasting Company integrates 3 generations of acquired coffee roasting secrets with the Italian traditions of coffee roasting.  Their award winning and critically acclaimed espresso roasts are a must for coffee enthusiast to try. 
While this course focuses on the Italian philosophy of making exceptional coffee, it is designed for whatever premium coffee you or your establishment are serving. 

You will learn

✓ Simple easy ways to ensure the entire barista team is using the same techniques that ensure quality and consistency.
✓ Skills needed to run operations of an espresso coffee bar in a café or other type of business that sells specialty coffees.
✓ Knowledge and skills needed to be a proficient professional barista or coffee expert.


• Interest in preparing quality coffee drinks at a professional level.
• Access to a working espresso machine and steam wand. Also recommended but not essential is an espresso dosing grinder.
• Additional equipment for training include, a tamper, a steam jug, premium coffee beans or ground coffee for an espresso grind and milk.

This course is for

• People who either own or run a coffee business, baristas, or people who are interested in becoming a barista.
• All baristas, regardless of brand of coffee they are using but especially baristas using Umbria Coffee Roaster Coffee.
• Coffee enthusiasts who own a home espresso machine who want to make the best coffee for themselves as well as their family and friends.
Training Consultant (Umbria) Operating Partner at 3DMedia.Ca
Dean Barnes – Relevant Experience
Current Positions – Training Consultant at Umbria Coffee Roasters & Operating Partner at 3DMedia.Ca
Dean’s Coffee/Education Industry Experience
With well over 20 years in the coffee industry, and 30 years in the education industry,  as a professional scuba instructor this program is a result of the culmination of that Dean’s experience in those fields, mixed with another former occupation, which is no longer former, and that professional photo/video production back in the late 80’s and early 90’s.
In terms of coffee, his initiation into the barista world started in the late 90’s when he helped a family member build and start a coffee house in the British Columbia interior. At the time he was on vacation while working in the Caribbean teaching dive programs. The experience inspired him to eventually do something similar. When he returned to his job in the Caribbean, he did so with a new goal, to one day own his own coffeehouse.
That dream became a reality in 2001 when he purchased a very successful coffee house, Bean Around the World in West Vancouver, BC, as it was celebrating 10 years of being in business. He also purchased the bakery next to the coffeehouse, B-Side Bakery. And as much work as it was, he knew he had found a passion.
As successful as the business was when he and his partners purchased the business, he and his team managed to reach several revenue records in the years that followed.
In 2008, he decided that he had other items to chase down on his bucket list, and made the decision to sell his shares of the business and pursue other opportunities in teaching and training relating to one of his hobbies during the years at BAW. Japanese Jujutsu.
He enjoyed working as an operations manager and staff instructor for Sensor Protection Group. There he spent much of his time teaching company and government certification programs in SPG’s security training academy. He enjoyed that position for several years, and trained large numbers of security personnel needed for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.
Shortly after the Olympics, as the company was being sold, Dean moved on to follow one more passion which was online trading. He had taken a number of programs and gained skills in trading Options, Futures and Currencies. Eventually that led him to working and teaching part time, running workshops on trading and investing while he traded and
In 2014, while trading, teaching and consulting, Dean met Peter Lee and took a position at Umbria Coffee Roasters as a Client Support Executive. His duties there were right up his alley as they included, attending to the needs of existing clients, helping new clients train themselves and their staff and his favorite, building education programs. This led to the in class version of the Barista Level 1 Certification Program, held in the coffee lab you see in the video lessons. Soon after came the Barista Level 2 Certification Program.
Fast forward to March 2020. Businesses were locked down and it became clear that the brick and mortar classes would not be able to continue, which meant that proper barista training would cease unless a solution was found.
Dean approached Peter Lee and his former business partner Henri Persaud with an idea to go online. The Barista Level 1 Online Certification Program and 3DMedia.Ca was born.

Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 23m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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