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Predict the Market with Harmonic Elliott Wave Analysis

Learn How to Nail Tops and Bottoms in Any Market
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Every day traders and investors try to guess what will be the next move in prices for the assets they trade.
And every trader and investor hates uncertainty and dream about being able to predict the next move in price
What if I tell you that it is possible and that you can learn how to do that?
You will discover how to turn total uncertainty into 2 – 3 high probability scenarios. And how to use rules to validate or discard scenarios.
You will know how to predict most likely future path of price and calculate potential target of that move.
In this course you will learn about fractals. Fractals, are repeating patterns that can be easily found on any price chart. There are different patterns for trending and corrective markets. I will explain why those patterns get repeated again and again. I will teach you to monitor general market sentiment. You will see that each rally and each correction is driven not by press releases important data or some secret insights but by ever changing sentiment of investors. In the course of unfolding rally sentiment changes from disbelief and doubts, to cautious hope, then optimism, and finally reaches euphoria right at the time when price reaches its highest point.
Second you will learn the basic yet the most important five wave structure. Any major rally follows that structure. You will learn six clear and simple rules that will help you to identify a trending structure, set a high probability target for the final top or bottom in just 5 minutes. Moreover, you will learn about natural pulse of the market. It’s like a rhythm in music. Every rally is followed by a corrective countertrend move. And Any correction is followed by another rally.  It’s like a dance when you make simple move one step forward and one step back. And by repeating those simple moves in different combinations you create a performance.
If you identify and track a fractal you will not longer be surprised by a sudden change in market sentiment when powerful rally suddenly turns into painful quick decline the very next day. You will learn to anticipate those reversals, be prepared for them and make money on corrections while your peers will be freaking out.
We will review all different types of corrective moves. When other folks will be praying for price to come back to their purchase price just to dump their holdings without loss you will be enjoying great entry points at cheaper price. Correction will turn from a painful experience into long expected sale season!
I will explain how correctly use retracement tool and show real life examples how that technique helped to nail bottoms. That simple yet efficient tool lets you anticipate at what level price may find support and complete correction move.
The next big topic of the course is projection tool. You will learn that waves inside the five wave fractal and even inside of corrective A-B-C fractal relate to other by repeating ratios. I will show you the ratios I use every day. We will study how to use those ratios, make projections and build clusters of fibs to predict high probability reversal zones for rallies and corrections.
Whether you trade or invest in stocks, futures, options or crypto currencies you deal with a total uncertainty. And our brains hate that feeling of uncertainty. We feel anxious and being unable to make rational decisions under pressure. Harmonic Elliott Wave provides you with a framework that you apply to decrease uncertainty to 1, 2 or three major possible scenarios. That gives you a sense of control and puts you back into a driver seat. You come up with scenarios, check if they follow the rules and discard the one that gets invalidated. That is a process, that is a business rather than gambling. That calms you down and brings back your self confidence.
I will explain the whole process in details and provide you with step-by-step guide on how to count a chart from scratch, how to recognize patterns and then check if they follow the rules to validate them.
There are around one hundred short videos in the course each 1 – 4 minutes. And there is a pdf file with charts, my comments and key takeaways for each lesson. Udemy app lets you download videos and pdf files to your phone, tablet or desktop and study them even when you are on the road or do not have access to internet.

You will learn

✓ You will be able to quickly recognize major patterns in the stock charts that get replayed in either a trending or sideways markets. And the full analysis of a chart will take you just 2 – 5 minutes
✓ You will know how to distinguish trending market making new highs or lows from sideways or corrective market moving in countertrend direction
✓ You will be armed with clear rules that work on any timeframe, from 1 minute to monthly and for any instrument including stocks, futures, commodities like gold and crude oil, currencies and crypto currencies
✓ You will be able to identify critical support levels in a bull market and resistance levels in bear markets that should become your hard stops
✓ You will be able to recognize topping and bottoming patterns and learn what is the most dangerous time to pick tops and bottoms and when it becomes a valid and reasonable trading strategy
✓ You will know at what stages of a rally to buy breakouts is a good idea and when it is too risky


• You do not need to have any knowledge either in technical analysis or in the classic Elliott Wave theory
• You will be able to perform the analysis in any charting platform including free Tradingview

This course is for

• Beginner stock and futures traders who look for a reliable instrument for predicting markets. Experienced practitioners of the classic Elliott Wave theory will discover a different, more precise and efficient methodology in comparison to the one offered by the classic Elliott Wave theory.
• Experienced analysts and traders proficient in the classic Elliott Wave theory will discover a different, yet more precise and efficient methodology in comparison to the one offered by the classic Elliott Wave theory
• Long-term investors who would like to better time their entries and exits. You will be able to set long term targets for multi year rallies and find high probability reversal zones for temporary corrections
• Start the course today if you feel tired of losing money by following market gurus. You spend hours sitting in private traders chats or watching CNBC looking for expert insights. You try to best guess what recommendations to follow and make a number of good trades but then give them all back in one or two bad trades. Learn to invest and trade based on your own analysis following clear rules
trading for a living and educating others
When I was a student and studied finance I got a half day job on a trading floor. It was in 1997! Pretty fast they promoted me to a position of a Portfolio Manager. I was 20 years old, but had authority to make trades for millions of dollars.
Back then we traded like blinded monkeys. No process, no analytical software and no great understanding of what and why we do what we do. That was a purely emotional trading based on gut feeling. That is why three years later I quit and found a job on the corporate side. In four years I grew to CFO position and in four more years was promoted to CEO position.
In 2014 I retired and decided to give a chance to financial markets again. That time I decided to do that right. I read probably all the books about trading I could find. I studied candlesticks and indicators. I learned to code and coded probably 500 different indicators and automated strategies. I tried all the ideas I could find. But nothing worked well enough for me.
And then in 2015 I came across Elliott Wave theory that was  introduced by R.N. Elliott in 1930s and popularized by Robert Prechter. The cornerstone of that theory is that markets are driven by sentiment of market participants. Our brain has not evolved enough since the prehistorical times when the major reaction to outside events was “fight or flight”. We still make the vast majority decisions subconsciously rather than by the process of logic thinking. Because traders and investors alike are driven by fear and greed the crowd sentiment and consequently the price keeps following specific repeating patterns.
The more I practiced that analytical tool the more I liked. However, pretty soon I stumbled upon limitations of that theory. I noticed again and again that price at some stages of impulsive rallies and declines deviated from fractals originally proposed by R.N. Elliott. That was a problem for trading because the main assumption of the theory is that rally will get completed once the fractal gets played out including all its parts. R.N.Elliott was aware of that shortcomings and he acknowledged that sometimes an impulsive wave may get “truncated” or “extended”. What that meant is that he acknowledged that price may significantly deviate from the model fractal.
I kept digging around trying for any better tools. I kept asking any professional trader to refer me to trading books of his choice. And finally I was referred to a book by Ian Copsey. That analyst who had been covering currency markets proposed a slight modification of a structure of an impulsive wave. If under the classic theory each impulsive wave 1, 3 and 5 are themselves composed of small five waves, Ian Copsey suggested that all the five waves in the Five Wave fractal are subdivided into three waves a-b-c.
The first time I read a book about the proposed modification it did not resonate with me. I kept practicing the original five wave fractals. But I started to notice that rallies tops out with the very last move to a new high in a-b-c structure rather than an ideal five wave micro structure. The same happened with impulsive structures looking down. The very last move down making a nominal new low and completing the structure was clearly shaped as a-b-c rather than five waves.
At that point I decided to switch to the modified fractals and I have been using them up to now. I have not seen any other methodology that provides you with a complete set of rules to be easily converted into an efficient trading strategy.
In the process of practicing that methodology I made a lot of new discoveries about repeating rations between different parts of fractals. I plan to record and publish another course where I will describe all the findings and improvements I was able to make.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 9h 24m
Language: English
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