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Practical dowsing for everyday life

Everything from checking the vitality of foods to finding most effective remedies
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My dowsing fundamentals course is suitable both for beginners and experienced practitioners.
In this foundation course I will show you how everybody can start using dowsing skills in their everyday life.
The course covers the foundation blocks of dowsing with examples of how to practice and implement your learning. 
I will show you how you can make your own dowsing tool, rather than buying an expensive specialist one.
My course looks at
•What is dowsing and the different available dowsing tools
•Defining your Yes/No question
•Your first steps for checking vitality and earthly energy
•Practical examples of testing household products
•Checking for disturbances
•Self healing emotions
Whatever the dowsing tool you are using, this course will help you develop and enhance your knowledge. Not only for checking water lines but how it can be applied in a practical way.
•Have you ever thought that you could check out which supplements/remedies are most suited to your energetic level?
•Do you believe expensive produce has better energy qualities?
As a healer, my interests is to re-balance energies, so I use dowsing for my daily healing purposes. I check a lot of energetic disturbances of geopathic stress, psychic energies and entities for better healing to occur. I check energy levels in layers and re-balance them.
The course builds a solid foundation to start your dowsing journey.
If you would like to learn more, advanced course will be following for those who work with energy.

You will learn

✓ What’s dowsing?
✓ What’s energy?
✓ How to dowse and how to apply in your daily life
✓ Fun and practical way to practice your skill
✓ Various dowsing tools and its use
✓ Some dowsing charts to be shared


• No prior knowledge needed.
• No expensive tool needed – will show you how to make them

This course is for

• Interested in any energy work
• Who would like to use dowsing in daily situations
• Who want to confirm good quality of foods by dowsing
Tarot reader/teacher, Healer, Yoga instructor/Counselor
I am a qualified social worker from Japan.
In 2004, after completing my training as a healer I begun my journey of studying Tarot at the College of Psychic Studies in London.
As we moved around London, Tokyo, Mumbai(India), New York for last 10 years, I started teaching Tarot. The more I teach, the more I want to spread this beautiful, amazing and unique way of reading Tarot.
In India, I realised that my spiritual journey was to meet Yoga. Yoga philosophy integrated me to understand spirituality in a much deeper level, so my Tarot reading became even deeper.
I never ever thought I would be calling myself a Tarot reader, as I was never interested in anything illogical. Now that part of me is one of my strengths in reading Tarot.
I offer very practical, logical and holistic Tarot reading for healing and I cannot wait to share my all learning and experiences with you through these courses.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 13m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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