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Practical Color Theory For Portrait and Figurative Artists

Simplifying the complexities of depicting human skin tones
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This lecture series is intended to provide anyone interested in the human subject in art with a guide for assessing and understanding skin color. An added bonus is that the same concepts and ideas put forth in this course will help anyone in their understanding of nearly any color, not just skin tones. Although Color Theory is a vast and complicated subject, and this course narrows in on skin color, that is itself very broad and far-ranging, so is there is plenty to go through. The course focuses primarily on what is the most useful aspect of color theory as it applies to representational artists, which is using a simple language when talking about color. And that is: hue, value, and chroma. More specifically, we will learn how to use this language whenever considering or describing the very nuanced world of skin tones without necessarily relying, for example, on paint names or on any particular colorant. The concepts presented will be useful for artists in any medium.
Through lecture and demonstration, including some exercises that subscribers may wish to try on their own, this course will develop a theoretical framework for the artist. But, as the title implies, it will be more than theoretical because the knowledge gained can and, perhaps, ought to be put into practice and used every day.

You will learn

✓ Understanding how to think about Color as an artist, and not about paints or paint names (or other colorants)
✓ The “truth” about skin tones for the artist
✓ A simple, easy-to-use Color Theory that can work for most genres or themes, not just for human subjects.
✓ Better Portrait and Figure painting
✓ Practical understanding of color, which means using it in practice, not just in theory!


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This course is for

• Portrait Artist
• Art student
• Artist
• Illustrator
• Realist Artist
• Designer
• Comic Artist
• Matte Painter
• Concept Artist
• Sketcher
• Digital Painting Artist
• Figurative Art
• Figurative Artist
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Juan Carlos Martinez is a Multi-award winning Artist and Art educator for more than twenty years. Recognized as a Living Master by the Art Renewal Center, Juan is known for his Portrait and Figurative works. His works and commissions hang in public as well as private collections in Canada, US, and Europe. As an educator, Juan was a Senior Instructor at the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto and conducted workshops Internationally. He authored several articles for major art publications. Juan frequently lectures on technical or art historical and other matters relating to representational art and its grand traditions. Today, Juan continually develops his body of work and maintains an influence as a teacher and mentor, and as a commissioned portrait painter. He also welcomes inquiry regarding available work, commissions, or about instruction, lectures, and workshops.

Norman Choo is an Interactive Media Developer, Artist, and owner of 8D Studio.Together, we offer online learning at ThothStudio.
Platform: Udemy
Video: 5h 16m
Language: English
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