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PMI ACP Exam Simulator + Quizzes + 1-on-1 Doubt Clearing

Includes live mock test analysis sessions for up to 6 Hours with the instructor
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Table of contents


Your preparation for the PMI ACP exam is not complete unless you take some mock tests and do a thorough analysis of the exam to solidify your concepts. This mock test and quizzes are designed to help you do that effectively.

Key Features
a. One full-length mock test for PMI ACP exam preparation
b. Quiz for all domains
c. Live discussion session with the instructor

How to navigate through this course?
Begin with the sectional quizzes. Attempt each sectional quiz first and target 90% accuracy with no foundation-level mistakes. Once you are confident, take the mock test with a fresh mind at roughly the same time during the day when you are planning to take your actual PMI ACP Exam.

Why discussion sessions?
PMI ACP exam requires you to apply your knowledge in hypothetical situations. The best way to hone your skills and prepare yourself is to analyze questions and their possible variations. During the discussion session your instructor will help you with the following:
a. Analyze the question type and how PMI can tweak it
b. Analyze each option and help you acknowledge how the best answer is different from the other options
c. Build your capability to better apply agile mindsets in your projects

How to schedule a discussion session?
You can schedule the discussion session by dropping a note/email to the instructor at the following:
WhatsApp +91 86021 89847
Email: [email protected]

You will learn


This course is for

• Agile practitioners who want to prepare for PMI-ACP Exam
• Agile practitioners who want to enhance their knowledge of Agile

How much does the PMI ACP Exam Simulator + Quizzes + 1-on-1 Doubt Clearing course cost? Is it worth it?

The course costs $14.99. And currently there is a 50% discount on the original price of the course, which was $29. So you save $14 if you enroll the course now.

Does the PMI ACP Exam Simulator + Quizzes + 1-on-1 Doubt Clearing course have a money back guarantee or refund policy?

YES, PMI ACP Exam Simulator + Quizzes + 1-on-1 Doubt Clearing has a 30-day money back guarantee. The 30-day refund policy is designed to allow students to study without risk.

Are there any SCHOLARSHIPS for this course?

Currently we could not find a scholarship for the PMI ACP Exam Simulator + Quizzes + 1-on-1 Doubt Clearing course, but there is a $14 discount from the original price ($29). So the current price is just $14.99.

Who is the instructor? Is Shriwant Choudhary a SCAM or a TRUSTED instructor?

Shriwant Choudhary has created 1 courses that got reviews which are generally positive. Shriwant Choudhary has taught 9 students and received a 5.0 average review out of reviews. Depending on the information available, Shriwant Choudhary is a TRUSTED instructor.
Agile Practitioner
I am in the business of helping firms improve their people’s productivity.

As an agile coach, I help professionals inculcate agile values and principles and apply them in life: business, career, or personal development.

As a tech entrepreneur, I help businesses measure their employee experience and generate insights to tailor HR interventions, reduce attrition, and align the individual, team, and organizational goals for long-term success.

I bring to the table rich industry experience working across industries and organizations both MNCs and Startups. The common thread connecting my decade and a half long journey is my passion to connect with people and nurture them for business growth.

By training, I am a Mechanical graduate, an MBA, and an Agile Certified Practitioner.

I talk about #Startups; #agile #employeeexpereince and #spiritualgrowth

Thanks for showing interest in my profile. Feel free to drop me a message to discuss and collaborate at [email protected]

Shriwant Choudhary


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Platform: Udemy
Language: English
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