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Play Ukulele Now

Learn to play ukulele, make your own music in your own way on the ukulele and have fun doing it.
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The diminutive ukulele, born of a marriage in Hawaii in 1879, iscurrently in its third wave of worldwide popularity. It’s a charming, friendlyinstrument and ultimately easy to play. But there are treasures hidden in itsdepths.
If you want to learn how to playukulele, in this course an aficionado of the ukulele for 50 years and teacherof it for 20, will hold your hand as you learnto play ukulele, learn its parts, its lore, its tuning, and show you how tosteer it into the world of harmony, melody, rhythm and song.
Written lectures are often backed up with video presentations. And theinstructor is available via email. This course is appropriate for absolutebeginners trying to learn how to play ukulele, guitar players who wish tomigrate to the ukulele, and accomplished ukulele players looking for newchallenges.

You will learn

✓ Explore the ukulele and learn to play it
✓ Identify and clarify the musical options afforded by the ukulele
✓ Provide not just the basic techniques, but challenge students to develop their own styles
✓ Provide encouragement throughout the entire learning process
✓ Relish the history, lore and future impact of the ukulele, the music it makes and players who perform it
✓ Keep it fun


• Software to read PDF files, view video and hear audio
• Ukulele, tuned GCEA
• Electronic tuner, pitchfork, piano or a good ear for pitch recommended
• Penchant for fun

This course is for

• Absolute beginners
• Advanced beginners
• Advanced players
• Students of culture and music of all kinds
• All ages: children to retirees
• Anyone who wants to learn music
Ukulele Performer and Instructor with 60 years’ experience
A ukulele performer since 1961, Scanlan returned the ukulele to its ancestral home of Madeira Island, Portugal in 1998 in the historic Father and Son Reunion, a project that reunited the ukulele with the rajão and braguinha and united Madeiran and American players in performance, including a live telecast from the Lisbon World’s Fair. For the past 17 years Scanlan has been teaching a weekly ukulele class that doubles as a performance group that performs at least once a week at fairs, schools, hospitals, retirement and convalescent homes. The group, the Strum Bums, received a standing ovation at the second annual New York Ukulele Festival. They performed at the Santa Cruz CA Ukulele Festival, and twice at the Honolulu International Ukulele Festival.
Before he started the Strum Bums, Scanlan led the Vokuleles ukulele group in Chico CA, for the last seven of its 37 years. . 
Scanlan’s ukulele workshops and performances have been highly acclaimed at festivals at the Ukulele Hall of Fame Museum, Santa Cruz, Southern California, Tahoe Area, New York, Auburn CA, and the Liverpool, Nova Scotia, International Ukulele Ceilidh, where he serves as emcee. In 2008 he gave the initial ukulele workhop in Dublin, Ireland, to a group that became Ukuhooley, Ireland’s largest ukulele group and presenter of the annual Ukuhooley Ukulele Festival.
Scanlan’s ukulele has supported the efforts of Cindy Sheehan, Julia Butterfly Hill, U. Utah Phillips, Judi Bari, Daniel Ellsberg and other peace and justice activists. He and his ukulele have fronted several bands, including Flathead, the Self-Righteous Brothers, Jukolin, Top Quark, and Cool Hand Uke and the Enablers.
In 2017 Simon and Schuster publishing asked Scanlan to write How to Play Ukulele after checking out this course. The book was released on  June 2018 and is a good companion to this course.
“Dan Scanlan has more talent in his little finger than he has in the wholoe rest of his body.”  — Utah Phillips

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 5h 55m
Language: English
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