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Pitch Yourself! Learn to Ignite Curiosity + Inspire Action.

Learn to speak about your work with clarity, ease and authenticity. Never fear the question, "What do you do?" again!
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What makes a person compelling?  In this chaotic,  over-stimulated environment, what makes people stop in their tracks, perk up  their ears, and hunger for more?  If you’re interested in selling your organization, the art of communication is  critical.  I will teach you how to grab  the listener’s attention so they stay engaged and curious.
Your marketing campaign begins with your ability to speak with confidence, pitching yourself and your business.  While it may be uncomfortable at first to  promote yourself with passion and enthusiasm, this one act alone will fuel your business success.  Do you have a dynamic and compelling elevator  pitch at a moment’s notice?  Once you  take the time to learn how to communicate confidently, you will shine brightly  and ignite curiosity in everyone you meet.
In  this course about how to speak with confidence, I will teach you:
1.  How to connect to the passion you feel for your business or organization.
2.  How to identify and remove negative thoughts that have been holding you  back.
3.  How to find the spark of your story so you can ignite the curiosity of the  listener.
4.  How to craft a dynamic elevator pitch.
5.  How to seek opportunities to connect with new prospects.
6.  How to capture the hearts and minds of your audience at any presentation.
Who should attend?
This presentation training course is ideal for anyone who has ever answered the  question, “So, what do you do?”.  If you have ever experienced the slightest  bit of hesitation, then you are missing the single biggest marketing  opportunity to sell yourself and your business.   Learning how to LOVE sharing your  vision with the world is easy.  Learn  how today.
These video tutorials help you transform yourself from reluctant  promoter to passionate communicator and teach you how to speak with  confidence.
You were born to shine brightly, the trick is learning how!
Dive in.  Explore the free lectures and ENROLL NOW.  You have a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days.  No risk, huge rewards.  Learn to pitch yourself brilliantly today.

You will learn


• An open mind, a desire to grow and a dose of compassion along the way.

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• This presentation training course is ideal for anyone who has ever answered the question, “So, what do you do?”. If you have ever experienced the slightest bit of hesitation, then you are missing the single biggest marketing opportunity to sell yourself and your business. Learning how to LOVE sharing your vision with the world is easy. Learn how today.
Speaker, confidence coach and entrepreneur
As a speaker and coach, I’ve worked with CEOs and everyday people, small nonprofits and complex global corporations … and do you know what they all have in common? Invariably, their greatest untapped resource is their own light.
My expertise – my mission – centers on how to access that light practically and daily, and how to create real change from within – whether for an individual, a team, or an organization. How did I come to specialize in this pursuit to ignite what I call “All 1000 Watts” of the power that lies within people? Here’s a bit of my own story…
In years past, you might have seen me on the TV shows NCIS, Lie To Me, Numb3rs and Bones, or one of about a million television commercials. While studying at the Yale School of Drama, and as a professional actress, I met hundreds of individuals who felt “held back.” I saw that well-known movers in the industry and fledgling actors alike shared a common struggle to make their deepest goals tangible, and to overcome internal barriers to living at and working at full wattage. Speaking boldly on camera is one thing; speaking your truth in your daily reality is entirely another. I discovered I had an unmistakable ability to help people tap into their own brilliant light and manifest real change.
So for the last five years, I’ve dedicated myself to doing just that.
I teach executives, teams, and companies of all sizes how to connect more fully to themselves and each other. From Trader Joe’s and SONY, to Dress For Success and the National Charity League, to an appearance on The Today Show – I’ve empowered thousands of individuals and teams to land new clients, focus their vision and articulate their goals, engage more meaningfully with customers, and communicate better with each other. Our work together sometimes involves the intangible, but the outcomes are staggeringly tangible.
At the heart of it, I help people see their greatness. Through coaching, plus a powerful experience I created called Wishbeads™,  I help them unearth the thing they’ve always wanted to do – the highest goal they can dream – and then find the courage and means to actually start. I crystalize why they want it, who they are meant to serve and how to articulate it clearly. With that, they light up and the world takes notice.
If you’re ready to connect – with your deepest purpose, with those you serve alongside, with more clients, more customers, more friends – I’m ready to help.
Stay connected and get free weekly video tips and inspiration at my website!
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 43m
Language: English
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