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Physics: Thermal Properties of Matter

for students in Secondary School
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This course is on the topic of Thermal Properties of Matter and is for students in Upper Secondary School taking Physics.  There are notes and worksheets to print out and the solutions to all the questions are explained in the videos.
Master Thermal Properties of Matter through Problem Solving
Many students have said that they understood the concepts, but when it came to answering the questions, they did not know how to apply the concepts to the questions. This course is designed to be interactive, with lots and lots of problem solving, so you will get,
• Explanation of the important concepts•Guidance through the problem solving strategies for different kinds of questions•Help with using the right words and phrases in written explanations•Strategies for solving the difficult questions from the topicCourse Content
•Internal Energy•Boiling and Evaporation•Heat Capacity•Heat of Fusion and Heat of Vaporization•Examples•A standard level difficulty worksheet with solutions explained•A more difficult worksheet with solutions explained•A section for advanced students: Introduction to Thermodynamics including notes and examples•Conclusion going over key skills to take away from the course

You will learn

✓ Answer school test questions on the Physics topic of Thermal Properties of Matter


• You should have covered the topics of Energy, Kinetic Model of Matter and Heat Transfer before doing Thermal Properties of Matter
• Students should have taken algebra.

This course is for

• Students taking Physics in Upper Secondary School
Science Tutor, Ph. D. and test prep book author
Hi! My name is Daniel Milton and I have tutored more than 500 students in secondary school in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. I conducted live tutoring classes in Singapore from 2010-2017 to prepare students for the O-Level, A-Level, IB, AP Physics and IGSCE exams.
I decided to produce video courses that would capture all the experience I have in explaining the concepts and the important problem solving strategies that will allow students to ace those exams!  
My courses include notes for each topic, worksheets to give you plenty of practice, and videos explaining the solutions to all the questions. The worksheets and sections increase in difficulty level as you go through each course.
I have a M.S. in Physics and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of South Florida, U.S.A. I have also written books on solving physics problems and test preparation including “How to Solve Physics Problems” with McGraw-Hill and the physics section of the Medical College Admission Test prep guide with Barrons. Combined sales of the books are over 100,000 copies.
I think video courses can be the best way to learn for a lot of people, particularly those that are more independent minded and want to learn things on their own.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 49m
Language: English
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