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Physics of Pranayama

What we understand, we Master!
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This course takes the student on a journey of deeper understanding of the mechanics of the three-stage Pranayama as taught in the Art of Living SKY Breath Workshop.

We take a look at the physics governing the (not-so) simple process of Breathing. We link this understanding from Physics to how it applies to the process of Pranayama.

We further refine the hand positions and introduce some subtle corrections to the practice of the Pranayama process to experience it’s deep benefits.
This course is broken in 10’ish minute segments that could be learned at your own pace. Each section has an accompanying Quiz to refine our understanding of the section.

You will learn

✓ In all these years have you wondered how Three Stage Pranayama (as taught in the Art of Living SKY Breath Workshop) actually works?
✓ What are the common mistakes that we make that prevent our Pranayama practice from bring its most effective?
✓ Why do we use Ujjayi breath for the Pranayama?
✓ How do the Sudarshan Kriya (SKY), the Sahaj (Meditation) and the Hollow & Empty (H&E) meditations on the Silence Program work together?
✓ We will look at all of the above in this session!


• This session will draw upon the techniques that you have learned in the Art of Living SKY Breath Workshop (formerly known as Happiness Program) or the Yesplus program. If you have not taken any one of these two programs, you are welcome to listen-in but you may not follow precisely enough what is being said.

This course is for

• Those who are looking for a deeper understanding of the Pranayama technique.
• Those who have a Science slant of mind and are curious to know the Why behind the What.
• The sincere YOGA practitioner.
Dr. Sandeep Karode is by training a PhD Chemical Engineer from IIT Bombay; By passion a volunteer Meditation Instructor with the Art of Living Foundation.
Has been working to solve real-world problems by bringing to bear the full force of Science. He is the THEY they speak about when they say, “They put technology on commercial airplanes to prevent the fuel tank from blowing up” or “They invented technology to remove greenhouse gases like CO2 from US Landfill emissions”.Lives life at the intersection of Science & Spirituality; and shares his insights on the Science of Spiritual things on Medium. 
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 15m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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