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PHP MVC Framework CodeIgniter Tutorial for Beginners Project

Learn how to use the Most Popular PHP MVC Framework and create the best applications, easily, securely and fast.
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UPDATED as of March 2016
BIGGEST CodeIgniter Course in UDEMY!
Hands on Real Life Project inside!

Do you want to really master PHP dynamic applications and website development?
Then this course will speed up the process by allowing you to learn how to use the most popular PHP framework in the planet, “CodeIgniter”.
Coding in PHP or any other language can be time consuming, especially for common tasks. Using a framework is the best way to apply common tasks, like:
•Security•Form validation•Database configurations•Database queries (CRUD)If you want to be a head of the competition and get paid more, then using a FRAMEWORK is the way to do.
High paying jobs require knowledge of frameworks, since speed and accuracy are crucial for the development team and company.
Having knowledge of using frameworks will allow you to find a hight paying job, or find a job easier than not having the skill at all.
My Personal Experience
My first job interview required a codeigniter knowledge and because I did not have the skill, I did not get the job even though I knew how to code in PHP.
That jobs started at 75K per year in the US and that could’ve propelled big time in my career, it wasn’t until after I acquired this skill that jobs were pouring in from everywhere.
I created this course with the intention to provide you with the knowledge you need to use codeigniter to develop applications fast and efficiently. I also create this course to help you provide a great skill that will propel you in your web development career.
Why Codeigniter?
Because is the most popular PHP framework and is on demand for jobs and freelance projects.

You will learn

✓ Learn to use CodeIgniter
✓ Learn to build Web Applications
✓ Have a new PHP Skill that would increase income


• Basic OOP PHP

This course is for

• This is meant for students who want to developer PHP dynamic applications and websites faster
• This is meant for students who have basic Knowledge of OOP in PHP
• This is meant for students who want to become better at PHP
• This is meant for students who want to improve their careers or get a better one
Web Developer & Premium Instructor – 800,000 students
Edwin Diaz is a software and web technologies engineer, a life coach trainer who is also a serial entrepreneur with multiple online businesses, ranging from online jewelry shops, affiliate websites, application development and consultations services, personal online schools, etc.
With over one million students, and clients growing by the thousands a day, Mr. Diaz lets the numbers speak for themselves.
Founding multiple online companies have allowed Mr. Diaz to have the time to teach others. He currently teaches web technologies on different online platforms. He also teaches life coaching sessions to help others achieve a high level of success in many areas of life.
For Mr. Diaz, there is nothing more rewarding than helping others become successful.
His ability to transmit energy, enthusiasm, and complex knowledge allows him to do what he does best “Teach”.
Teaching is not just a job for Mr. Diaz but a way of life that continues to flourish every single day.
Apart from teaching he enjoys spending part of his time with his family.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 10h 39m
Language: English
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