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Phase Lock Loop System Design Theory and Principles RAHRF469

Complete phase-locked loop online course Rahsoft RF Engineering Certificate - A System Design Approach of PLL Course
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This course focuses on phase locked loops (PLL) theory and behavioral modeling. PLLs are one of the most important blocks in RF communication transceiver systems. PLL systems exist in variety of high frequency applications, from simple clock circuits, to local oscillators (LOs) for high performance radio communication links, and ultra-fast switching frequency synthesizers in vector network analyzers (VNA). This course explains different types of PLLs with detailed explanations on individual sub-blocks. It includes PLL design and calculations with lots of examples and homework. There are also system level simulations and behavioral design using Advanced Design System (ADS) software. Phase noise of PLL is discussed in this course using equations, systems analysis, and there are tutorials that guide you to simulate the behavioral phase noise model of PLL and observe the system impact on VCO phase noise. There are also discussion about fractional PLL  concept and features in this course.
It is important to remind you that this course covers the behavioral analysis of PLL sub-blocks however, it does not include any transistor level simulation and this topic will be covered on different course which will be released by Rahsoft in the future.

Prerequisites and topics you need to be familiar with for this course are:
•Electronics and analog circuit design (intermediate level)
•Control Theory (basic level)
•ADS software
Concepts such as:
•open and closed Loop gain
•Open loop – close loop systems
•Transfer function
•Phase margin
•CMOS transistor
•Basic op amp
•Laplace transform

•Please be advised that this course contains more math than previous courses.
•PLL system design requires an understanding of transfer function derivations and stability analysis which needs system calculations and involves university level mathematical calculations.

You will learn

✓ A complete system overview of Phase Lock Loop Topic


• RAHRF152 Modulation for Communication systems
• RAHRF101 RF Basic Concepts and Components
• Circuit theory
• or have taken similar courses on the topics above

This course is for

• Electrical Engineers
• Communication Engineers
• RF Engineers
• Communication Enthusiasts
Radio Frequency Engineering Certificate
Rahsoft RF Certificate has Ata Sarrafi as Lead Instructor and Ahsan Ghoncheh as Program Advisor. Below are a quick biography:
Ata Sarrafi RF and Analog Design Engineer at Rahsoft
PhD student at Arizona State University, Ata has a proven track of Analog and Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design. Ata is an RF design engineer at Rahsoft and an Electronics engineering graduate with specialization in Radio Frequency and Analog/Mixed Signal Design. He is experienced with designing various classes of integrated CMOS power amplifier. He has designed and fabricated different types of Low Noise Amplifier including low power, variable gain and UWB LNA and voltage controlled oscillator.
Ata completed his bachelor’s degree in University of Tabriz in the field of electronics engineering . He started his master’s degree with focus on Analog/mixed signal IC design. Since 2016, he is designing RF modules with such as power amplifier at Rahsoft.
Ahsan Ghoncheh RF Microwave Design Engineer and CEO at Rahsoft
Ahsan is Founder and Technical Adviser at Rahsoft. He has worked on the latest technologies in the top semiconductor companies, Broadcom and Qualcomm. His expertise is in RF System, RF Test mainly working on WLAN and Bluetooth RF Characterization . Transceiver, Switches, WLAN and Bluetooth Chips Ahsan as a team member has worked on  many devices and projects which results can be found most devices in any home or office and has ended up being used in development of products of  companies such as Apple., Samsung, Panasonic,LG , Amazon and Google. He also has a great portfolio in the Aerospace and has been a member in the design team working on hardware designed to be used in the Consumer Aircraft of different airlines as well as satellite component design.
He also is the founder of Rahsoft which is a one stop solution for hardware/embedded system and RF solutions and Staffing Services servicing startups in the Orange County Area,Career Coaching as Well as Professional Education. The Professional Education Division has had over 5000 students enrolled and is one of the few complete online and onsite RF Certificates in the industry.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 6h 16m
Language: English
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