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Personality Psychology Big 5 Model and Fundamentals 101

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Table of contents


In the first section of this course we will cover personality and the Big 5 model on trait theory, which is the most widely accepted theory used today in order to identify someone’s personality.

Personality is an understudied subject matter in comparison to other psychological sub-fields, and has its roots in various past and modern theories.

In today’s world even large companies/corporations use personality assessment tests to evaluate and screen potential candidates for their company. Some employers utilize personality assessments to see if a specific individual is the right fit and can be grafted into their workplace culture, and ultimately find long-term job retention and meaningful employment.

There are many complexities and intricacies when dealing with human psychology, especially when it comes to personality because we both know no two individuals are exactly the same! – Fraternal twins may look identical from a biological or physical standpoint, however, their personalities are what makes them unique.

Join me as I take you on an enlightening journey on understanding the topic of personalities and its relevance in today’s world.

In the second section of the course we will go over the emergence of psychology, and cover topics such as theories, history, fundamentals  and the different domains of psychology.

Psychology only transitioned into the scientific paradigm rather recently during the 19th century, where initially it started out as a philosophical feat and later transformed into more scientific based inquiries and relied on empirical evidence. Therefore,  psychology and its sub-fields are a relatively recent phenomenon and is continuously expanding its knowledge base.

There have been so many benefits to psychology ever since the advent of its scientific enlightening and transition to more concrete empirical data and evidence based approach. Careers choices are endless and the knowledge of psychology is a universally applicable skillet that can easily be transferred over to almost any job dealing or interacting with people. 

•Defining personality
•Psychoanalytical theory
•Big 5 Model
•Free personality test
•And, much, much more!

Section 2
•Different types of psychology
•History of psychology
•Gestalt psychology
•Cognitive psychology
•Domains of psychology
•How language influences the way we think
•Careers in psychology
•And, much, much more!

You can access this course anytime and anywhere as long as you have a secure internet connection and have successfully enrolled. Study at your own pace and when you want!

Also, you have the freedom to choose to either start from section 1 of the course which covers personality psychology or section 2 which covers psychology 101 and its fundamentals including the emergence and history of it. It doesn’t matter at which point you start as this course was designed for your flexibility and convenience.

If you’re thinking of pursuing higher education in psychology and plan on attending university in the near future, than I highly recommend you take this course and get a taste of what a 4 year college program has to offer in a more condensed format. This is both an excellent preliminary course for those who are new and are curious to learn more about psychology or a concise refresher for those who are familiar with the subject matter already.



• No requirments or prerequisites.

You will learn

✓ Personality Psychology.
✓ Big 5 Model.
✓ History of Psychology.
✓ Structuralism.
✓ Functionalism.
✓ Gestalt Psychology.
✓ Behavioral Psychology.
✓ Application of Psychology.
✓ Domains of Psychology.
✓ And, Much, Much More!

This course is for

• Psychology students.
• Students contemplating on pursuing higher education in psychology.
• Anyone interested in understanding the vast field of psychology as a career and its emergence.
• General public.

How much does the Personality Psychology Big 5 Model and Fundamentals 101 course cost? Is it worth it?

The course costs $11.99. And currently there is a 87% discount on the original price of the course, which was $94.99. So you save $83 if you enroll the course now.

Does the Personality Psychology Big 5 Model and Fundamentals 101 course have a money back guarantee or refund policy?

YES, Personality Psychology Big 5 Model and Fundamentals 101 has a 30-day money back guarantee. The 30-day refund policy is designed to allow students to study without risk.

Are there any SCHOLARSHIPS for this course?

Currently we could not find a scholarship for the Personality Psychology Big 5 Model and Fundamentals 101 course, but there is a $83 discount from the original price ($94.99). So the current price is just $11.99.

Who is the instructor? Is Ahilan Chandran a SCAM or a TRUSTED instructor?

Ahilan Chandran has created 26 courses that got 414 reviews which are generally positive. Ahilan Chandran has taught 1,242 students and received a 4.2 average review out of 414 reviews. Depending on the information available, Ahilan Chandran is a TRUSTED instructor.

More info about the instructor, Ahilan Chandran

Business Owner, Publisher, Investor, Content Creator
Entrepreneur, instructor, investor and successful business owner. Ahilan has had ample  experiences running businesses ranging from both online and offline conventional styled businesses.Taught over 1000+ students internationally  in various subjects matters ranging from  sports nutrition, sports psychology,  criminal psychology, publishing, copy-writing,  marketing/sales, affiliate marketing,  interview/job skills and even philosophy!     Ahilan was caught up in the 9-5 rat race and sometimes even worked 7 days a week just to make a living. He discovered online E-commerce and with hard work, persistence and dedication was able to replace his full time income with his online business in under a year. Ahilan is also an advocate and passionate about holistic health, nutrition, and exercise. In his leisure time he enjoys learning more about health, nutrition and pushing the limits of both the human body and mind.You can follow Ahilan and his many online business ventures online on social media. Check out his YouTube channel, link located under his profile picture.


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Platform: Udemy
Price: $11.99
Video: 1h 29m
Language: English
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