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Personal Branding

Invent and rebuild yourself
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What is Personal branding and what does it have to do with you and your job search or career development? You might think of Personal branding as marketing speak or as a buzz word, but consistently presenting yourself professionally and dynamically is becoming more important in the increasingly competitive job market and the world of work. The sooner you learn how to develop and build the right personal brand for you, the more successful you can be as you move along in your career.
A personal brand isn’t that much different from a business brand. Instead of marketing a store or product, you’re marketing yourself.
Building up a personal brand has a ton of benefits, both personally and professionally, and it can help open many doors for you in the future.
In this course we will learn, why we need to build a brand. Getting started with branding yourself and how to market. We will also learn how we can do Online brand building through social media.
A personal brand explains the why in what of a person. In short, these are the things that motivate and drive people to success. Building personal Brand makes people feel comfortable while interacting or working. It also establishes trusts to the colleagues.
In our module 2, we will learn not just what to say, how to say. How to create a strong presence In-front of others, power words, how to strike a crucial conversation, public speaking, non verbal communication and few quick etiquette for Teleconferencing and video conferencing.
Individuals can also gain confidence while they are developing their brand. The gain of confidence will come from their positive qualities and strengths that they could share publicly. If people know that they have something which they can offer, their self-esteem will soar. A well done personal branding will emphasize the strengths of an individual and can give direction as to where he or she can use those strengths.
In our module 3, we will learn the art of creating first impression. Few essential components to making a good first impression; namely dressing well, taking care of personal grooming, we should not ever underestimate the importance of our dressing, or manners and etiquette; these can speak volumes.

You will learn

✓ What is Personal branding and what does it have to do with your job search or career development.
✓ How to develop a strong personal brand. How to approach networking events with strategy, skill and less anxiety.
✓ How to interact with business people in an engaging and polished manner. Why your executive outfit is important for making a great first impression.
✓ How to dress for your industry. How to start, continue and end a conversation. How to sound intelligent and competent in a business conversations.
✓ How to manage your online presence and reputation. Western business etiquette, Dining and Wine etiquette Skills you won’t learn in formal education or business school.


• A desire to build a solid and valuable professional reputation.
• A desire to feel more confident in business situations.
• A desire to be an excellent business person, not just an average one.
• A computer, tablet, or smartphone to watch the videos and headphones for audio.

This course is for

• New graduates who want to establish a professional reputation from the first day on the job.
• Early-stage professionals (junior to mid-level) who want to strengthen their personal brand and build better relationships with coworkers and clients.
• Senior leaders who want a refresher on how to create an elevated reputation and build strong relationships with coworkers, clients and stakeholders.
• People who want to work in the western business world and want to learn western business etiquette so they can assimilate better.
• People who aren’t confident in business situations and want to build up their self-confidence with better social skills.
• Entrepreneurs who want to develop their brand, get noticed by and win over potential clients.
• Students, lawyers, accountants, marketing or advertising professionals, sales people, executive Assistants, engineers, entrepreneurs and small business owners.
Training Consultant l Learning and Development
Supriyo Chakraborty is an International Coach Federation (ICF) certified Coach and a licensed Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) trainer. He is an exceptional coach for Gen Z with almost a decade of experience in training and coaching. Passionate to empower the young minds by maximizing their potential to help better themselves often bridging the gap between them and previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.
An author, a successful entrepreneur and an award winning educator whose positive aura reflects in everything he does. Being a hospitality professional and having been an educator who has changed numerous lives over the years, he is the perfect choice for this generation as a life and success coach. His clientele spread ranges from aspiring students to successful professionals and he has personally trained and mentored many throughout his career.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 20m
Language: English
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